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Guided By Voices Albums

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Cool Planet
Motivational Jumpsuit
English Little League
Noble Insect
Xeno Pariah
Live From Austin Tx
Down By The Racetrack
The Bears For Lunch
Class Clown Spots A Ufo
Let's Go Eat The Factory
Doughnut For A Snowman
King Shit And The Golden Boys (Parental Advis…
Same Place The Fly Got Smashed
Devil Between My Toes
Suitcase 2
The Grand Hour (EP)
I Am A Scientist EP
Half Smiles Of The Decomposed
The Best Of Guided By Voices: Human Amusement…
Human Amusements At Hourly Rates - The Best O…
The Best Of Jill Hives
Get Out Of My Stations
Earthquake Glue
The Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet
Back To The Lake
Universal Truths And Cycles
Everywhere With Helicopter
Isolation Drills
Selective Service
Suitcase - Failed Experiments And Trashed Air…
Hold On Hope EP
Do The Collapse
Vampire On Titus
I Am A Tree EP
Mag Earwhig!
Plantations Of Pale Pink
Sunfish Holy Breakfast
Cut-Out Witch
Bulldog Skin
Under The Bushes Under The Stars
Under The Bushes Under The Stars (Bonus Track…
The Official Ironmen Rally Song
Alien Lanes
Bee Thousand
If We Want/Red Chair
Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia