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Label: Fanfare Cincinnati
Release Date: 2013-09-24
Duration: 055:38

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1Spider-Man (Arr. J.D. Price For Orchestra): Spider-Man: Main Theme (Arr. J.D. Price For Choir And Orchestra) 03:33
$0.99 Buy Song
2Captain America (The First Avenger) (Arr. R. William For Orchestra): Captain America (The First Avenger): Captain America March (Arr. R. William For Orchestra) 02:25
$0.99 Buy Song
3The Dark Knight Suite (Arr. P. Anthony For Orchestra) 05:12
$0.99 Buy Song
4To The Rescue! (A Tv Superhero Theme Medley) (Arr. P. Rebecca) 05:48
$0.99 Buy Song
5Supergirl: Supergirl: End Credits 04:04
$0.99 Buy Song
6Superman: Superman: Superman March 04:25
$0.99 Buy Song
7Thor Suite (Arr. R. Pellett For Choir And Orchestra) 05:50
$0.99 Buy Song
8Iron Man 2 (Arr. R. Pellett For Choir And Orchestra): Iron Man 2: I Am Iron Man (Arr. R. Pellett For Choir And Orchestra) 01:25
$0.99 Buy Song
9Captain America (The First Avenger) (Arr. T. Berens): Captain America (The First Avenger): Star Spangled Man (Arr. T. Berens) 02:47
$0.99 Buy Song
10The Launch: The Launch: Conduktor's Theme 04:51
$0.99 Buy Song
11X-Men (The Last Stand): X-Men (The Last Stand): End Credits 04:59
$0.99 Buy Song
12Iron Man 2 (Arr. T. Berens): Iron Man 2: Make Way For Tomorrow Today (Arr. T. Berens) 01:56
$0.99 Buy Song
13The Avengers (Arr. R. Pellett For Orchestra) 01:57
$0.99 Buy Song
14The Incredible Hulk (Arr. J. Spangler For Orchestra): The Incredible Hulk: The Lonely Man Theme (Arr. J. Spangler For Orchestra) 02:59
$0.99 Buy Song
15Iron Man (Black Sabbath) (Arr. T. Berens For Orchestra) 03:27
$0.99 Buy Song
Album - Superheroes! $8.99 Buy Album