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Caleb Johnson Becomes The Latest Casualty Of The Diminishing 'American Idol' Franchise

8/25/2014 10:50am EDT
Caleb Johnson
The profitability and lucrativeness of the American Idol franchise in regards to its album sales seems to be done. It is finished people – F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D! It’s sort of like overcooking bacon…not very tasty and certainly not edible. Why this post now – well another Idol winner has fallen, epically. Technically, maybe you can’t fall before you ever ascended, but a recording career can definitely be done before it begins. Lately, this has been the disconcerting trend of American Idol.

Caleb Johnson has successfully stolen Candice Glover’s crown as the lowest selling American Idol wi...

American Idols, Where Are They Now?

4/10/2014 9:00pm EDT
kelly clarkson
Once known as the show that could instantly make you a star, "American Idol" has suffered lackluster ratings and has had as many "Idols" fail as succeed. Still, the winners that America voted for have not always stayed within the realm of music, some have spread their wings to the acting world as well. Some of the more popular winners are still in the spotlight, some have faded into obscurity, Here is the latest on what many of your favorite "American Idol" winners have been up to since winning.

Kelly Clarkson

Season 1

Undoubtedly the most popular and best-known of all the "American Idol...

Candice Glover's Troubling Album Sales Numbers

2/27/2014 9:03am EST
 Candice Glover - Music Speaks
I don’t blame her in the least – Not even an ounce! Candice Glover, like millions of others, went into American Idol with the dream of being a superstar. And the thing is, Glover has superstar talent, sporting one of the better voices to win the competition. But as has been proven time and time again, it takes more than talent to win over America… and I’m not talking about the American Idol viewing audience. By win over America, I’m referring to those near-extinct, extremely archaic things called album sales. Judging by the title, you can tell my girl’s sales are… “U-G-LY/ you ain’t go...

Review: Candice Glover, 'Music Speaks'

2/20/2014 10:55am EST
 Candice Glover - Music Speaks
After much delay, Candice Glover finally delivers her debut album

Honestly, it seemed like an urban-sounding artist might never win American Idol again, let alone a female contestant after a string of victorious males. Candice Glover became the first female victor since Jordin Sparks, though bad timing kind of killed her vibe. Glover was brilliant throughout a season where everything seemed dead WRONG. The judges’ panel lacked chemistry (and sometimes tact) while many of the contestants seemed, um, blasé. The ratings were down and despite a set summer 2013 release for Glover’s debut, i...

Eric Church Gets It Done At No. 1 Once More

2/20/2014 5:00am EST
Eric Church
Let the “Church” say yes… Corny, I know. But one of country’s rising stars, Eric Church, just continues to rise. The Outsiders gives Church his second no. 1 album, selling a healthy 288,000 copies. Sub 100K weeks are done, at least this week. How does The Outsiders’ numbers compare to the numbers that greeted Chief? Well ole boy “Doubled Up”… or nearly doubled up (145,000 copies). In a slow weak for new releases, well, Church was the bright spot. Compilations continue to do soundly though, as Frozen Soundtrack sold another 100,000 (no. 2) and Now 49 sold 77,000 copies after a no. 1 de...

Candice Glover Shines On 'Cried' – BUT Have People Heard It?

1/13/2014 9:45pm EST
Candice Glover
Candice Glover, the 24-year old victor of the 12th season of American Idol, sports nothing short of a fantastic instrument.  Vocally, Glover smothered the competition on the show’s least popular season.  What makes me sad about Glover’s feat to become the first woman to win the show since Jordin Sparks in 2007 (and only the fourth African-American victor) is abysmal timing – UGH! The pieces just haven’t fallen in place the way that they should have for such a talented musician as Glover.  Still, when you’ve “got it” like Candice does, you get the sense she’ll work her hardest through advers...

Album Delays Are NOT A Good Sign For 'American Idol' Winner Candice Glover

10/2/2013 10:30am EDT
Candice Glover

Here’s what is sad to me.  After years of waiting to support a person who I legitimately desired to win American Idol (yay Candice Glover), the bottom seemed to completely fall out from underneath the show the season it occurred.  The judging panel was a hot mess, the talent was also questionable (particularly them boys), and everything seemed to overshadow some exceptional talent, particularly within the top three.

Initially, the winner’s album was scheduled overconfidently early during the summer of 2013, something that seemed like a mistake in itself.  Thankfully, for the sake of C...

'American Idol' Finale Mega-Diary: Complete Recap of Candice Glover's Win

5/17/2013 10:11am EDT
Candice Glover is the Season 12 winner
This is it. This is the last one.

For years, I’ve been recapping the cultural touchstone that is the finale of ‘American Idol’ with the classic mega-diary treatment: A blow-by-blow recap of everything that went down on TV’s biggest night.

At least it used to be. Once Upon a Time only the Oscars and Super Bowl drew more viewers than this night, but the last couple year it’s viewership has slowly degraded to the point where one of this season’s results shows got beat out in the ratings by a repeat of ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

That’s enough to prove that the ‘Idol’ finale just isn’t anywhere c...

'American Idol' Recap: Candice Crushes Kree In The Finale

5/16/2013 12:10pm EDT
Candice Glover performs on AMERICAN IDOL
This is the finale recap that I never thought I’d write. One that didn’t include Angie. One that didn’t include the girl that was number one on my power rankings all year long.

It doesn’t feel right. It feels like this year’s victory will be tainted. Like Ang Lee’s Oscar win this year after Ben Affleck’s not getting nominated. That each of these girls should realistically be playing for second while Angie crushes them once again.

That isn’t how it turned out, and I suppose their careers will tell if that’s how it really should have happened, but, as far as I’m concerned here’s how the bat...

'American Idol' Recap: Angie Miller's Shocking Exit + Finale Preview

5/10/2013 8:31am EDT
Angie Miller is eliminated on AMERICAN IDOL
Since Kelly Clarkson, it's only happened once and this season it isn't going to happen again.

'American Idol' has developed a curious pattern over the years: That of never getting its winner right. Every year a clear winner emerges early, and every year that clear winner goes home before the finale. It doesn't pay to be the best in this competition.

After years of seeing this happen, it's become clear why the best contestant never wins: It becomes boring to vote for them. They peak too soon and after months of being on top and the clear favorite, it just seems unnecessary to keep voting f...

'American Idol' Recap: Signs Of Life From The Final Three

5/9/2013 8:21am EDT
Angie Miller performs on AMERICAN IDOL
It seems the theme of the past few weeks has been that of three “D’s”: Depressing, Dreary and Dull.

For weeks on end, the three remaining girls chose ballads for each performance. Dreadfully boring ballads that did little to entertain or really enhance their voices in any way. Just sad bits of beauty that are great for singers to mess around, but don’t show anything artistically about the type of singer the contestant could be or what they would record.

All the song choices serve is vanity as they’ve allowed each contestant to do as much vocal gymnastics as possible without having to worr...

'American Idol' Recap: Amber Holcomb Goes Home + Power Rankings

5/3/2013 8:45am EDT
Amber Holcomb is eliminated on AMERICAN IDOL
On paper, she was the best contestant, but that just never seems to win on this show.

Amber Holcomb should have had it all. She had the best pure voice on the show, she had the best look on the show, she had the most current persona of everyone. She was the pop star package this show was meant to produce when its producers brought it over from England 12 years ago. Amber is the winner this show's always wanted.

She also the winner they never seem to get. Other than Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks, there's never been that pure pop singing diva that could get into a room with a producer an...