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Robin Gibb Excluded His Four-Year-Old Love Child From His $39 Million Will

7/23/2013 4:19pm EDT
Robin Gibb
Robin Gibb excluded his love child from his will so the little girl will not receive any of his $39 million fortune.

The late Bee Gees star who died last year, following a long battle with colon and liver cancer, fathered a daughter, Snow, now four, with his housekeeper Claire Yang in 2008 and he bought her a house in Oxfordshire, England.

It has now revealed that Yang will be allowed to keep the house, but neither she nor her young childl were included in Gibb's will, meaning his $39 million fortune will be handed to his widow, Dwina.

The estate includes Gibb's British property as we...

Robin Gibb Laid To Rest In England

6/9/2012 12:09pm EDT
Robin Gibb
Robin Gibb's brother Barry and their elderly mother Barbara led the procession at the singer's funeral on Friday as family, friends and fans bid an emotional farewell to the Bee Gees star.

The legendary British singer passed away last month following a long battle with liver and colon cancer, and his loved ones gathered to pay their respects at a church service near his home in Thame, England.

Barbara Gibb, 92, was pushed in her wheelchair and accompanied by Robin's Bee Gees bandmate Barry as she travelled behind the late musician's coffin, which was topped with red roses and carried on a...

Robin Gibb's Family: Give Money, Not Flowers

5/30/2012 2:37pm EDT
Robin Gibbs
Robin Gibb's grieving relatives have requested that fans donate to charity in lieu of sending flowers to the family.

The Bee Gees legend died on May 20, aged 62, after a long battle with liver and colon cancer and it has now been announced Gibb will be laid to rest in a private funeral for close family and friends on June 8.

But the star's family are shunning flower donations in the hope that devotees put their money towards benefiting the Rebecca House and Wish Upon A Dream organisations.

A message on the singer's website adds: "The family have requested no flowers but donations can ...

Robin Gibb's Family Planning June Funeral

5/27/2012 5:35pm EDT
Robin Gibb will be remembered at a private family funeral next month and it will be followed by a memorial service in London in September.

The Bee Gees legend passed away last Sunday after a long battle with liver and colon cancer, and his son Robin-John has now revealed the family will gather friends and relatives together in Thame, Oxfordshire to pay their final respects in June.

The private service will be followed by a memorial at St Paul's Cathedral in London in September.

Robin-John tells the Sunday Express, "We have the private funeral to plan, which will be in June to give time f...

Robin Gibb Died Of Kidney And Liver Failure, Not Cancer

5/27/2012 1:29pm EDT
Robin Gibb
Robin Gibb's son has opened up about the star's tragic death, calling his passing "peaceful and dignified" and revealing it wasn't cancer that killed his father.

The Bee Gees star was in remission from colon and liver cancer at the time of his death last Sunday, and his son Robin-John has now explained the music legend suffered kidney and liver failure in his final days.

He also reveals he was with his dad until the end, along with his mother Dwina and his siblings.

Robin-John tells the Sunday Express, "The end was peaceful and dignified, there were no theatrics. It was only later that I...

Bee Gees Legend Robin Gibb Dies Of Cancer At 62

5/20/2012 7:33pm EDT
Robin Gibb
Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has died at the age of 62.

The British singer lost his battle with colon and liver cancer and passed away on Sunday, according to his family.

A statement reads, "The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, announce with great sadness that Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. The family have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time."

Born in the Isle of Man, Gibb began his music career as a teen when he joined forces with his twin brother Maurice and older sibling Barry to form the Bee Gees.

Robin Gibb 'Beat The Odds' To Pull Through Coma

4/24/2012 10:46am EDT
Robin Gibb
Bee Gees star Robin Gibb is in good spirits after waking from a coma and is even "laughing" and "joking" with his family just days after he was given a "10 per cent survival chance" by doctors.

The music legend, who has been battling cancer, recently contracted pneumonia and slipped into a coma at a London hospital, but he regained consciousness last week after a 12-day fight for life.

Gibb's son Robin-John has now revealed doctors didn't expect the star to come out of the coma and warned his family he had just a 10 per cent chance of survival.

Robin-John tells ITV News, "He is comple...

Robin Gibb's Doctor Stunned By Miraculous Recovery

4/23/2012 1:20am EDT
Robin Gibb
Cancer-stricken Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has stunned his doctor with his "iron will" and "deep reserves of physical strength" after defying the odds to wake up from a 12-day coma.

The "How Deep Is Your Love" singer has been fighting for his life in a London hospital after developing pneumonia and falling unconscious, just weeks after announcing his colon and liver cancer had gone into remission.

On Friday, his wife Dwina revealed her husband had awoken from the coma and was making a miraculous recovery - and even his doctor can't believe it.

Dr. Andrew Thillainayagam admits he had warned...

Bee Gee Robin Gibb Awakens From Coma After 12 Days

4/22/2012 1:23pm EDT
Robin Gibb
Ailing Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has woken up from the coma he slipped into nearly two weeks ago.

The singer has been in a London hospital battling pneumonia, brought on by a weakened immune system due to recent operations for a blood clot and chemotherapy treatment for colon and liver cancer, which had reportedly gone into remission last month.

Gibb's physician, Dr. Andrew Thillainayagam said in a statement that the singer is "fully conscious, lucid and able to speak".

"He is breathing on his own, with an oxygen mask. He is on intravenous feeding and antibiotics," the doctor adds.

Just ...

Robin Gibb Fighting For Life In Coma; Reportedly Gravely Ill

4/14/2012 12:35pm EDT
Robin Gibb
Ailing Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has fallen into a coma and is fighting for his life in hospital, according to a U.K. report.

The 62-year-old singer is believed to have been diagnosed with a secondary tumor, just weeks after he confirmed his colon and liver cancer had gone into remission.

He has also developed pneumonia, according to Britain's The Sun.

A source tells the publication, "Our prayers are with Robin. He has kept so positive and always believed he could beat this. Sadly, it looks like he has developed pneumonia, which is very bad in his situation.

"If there is anyone you would...

Robin Gibb Undergoes Emergency Surgery For Blood Clot

3/28/2012 10:55pm EDT
Robin Gibb
Cancer-stricken singer Robin Gibb had to undergo emergency surgery on Monday night to treat complications from a blood clot, just a day after having an operation on his intestines.

The Bee Gees star, who is battling colon cancer, was admitted to a London hospital over the weekend to allow doctors to work on his stomach.

Gibb's publicist released a statement on Wednesday morning confirming the surgery, but in a separate note to fans posted on his website hours later, a representative for the star revealed he had to undergo a second operation in as many days due to an "unrelated" issue.


Robin Gibb Wonders If Cancer Diagnosis And Loss Of Brothers Were Caused By Bad Karma

3/11/2012 3:31pm EDT
Robin Gibb
Bee Gees star Robin Gibb believes his cancer battle and the loss of his brothers are the heavy prices he has to pay for fame and fortune.

The star, who has been battling colon cancer for 18 months, was first hit with tragedy in 1980 when his younger brother Andy died. Gibb's twin Maurice also passed away in 2003 due to complications from a twisted intestine, a condition he also suffers from.

And Gibb wonders whether his disease battle and heartache are payback for his hugely successful career.

He tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "I sometimes wonder if the tragedies my family has suffer...

Robin Gibb Back In The Hospital

2/26/2012 10:40am EST
Robin Gibb
Bee Gees star Robin Gibb was hospitalized earlier this week after suffering a setback in his cancer battle.

The 62-year-old musician, who has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer, was admitted to the London Clinic on Wednesday and has spent three nights under the care of doctors.

A representative for Gibb has confirmed the star is back in hospital, but insists the stay is a routine part of his treatment.

The spokesperson tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Robin is at the London Clinic as part of his treatment and rehabilitation."

Gibb recently revealed his doctors ha...

Robin Gibb Pays First Visit To London WWII Memorial

2/19/2012 6:23pm EST
Robin Gibb
Robin Gibb put his cancer battle aside on Thursday to visit the war memorial he spent years campaigning to have built.

The Bee Gees legend, who is suffering colon cancer, has been behind a long-running fight to have the Bomber Command Memorial erected in London in memory of the aircrews of World War II.

The monument is currently under construction in London's Green Park and Gibb visited the site for the first time on Thursday, wearing a hard hat and climbing up the scaffold to get a better look.

The star admits he's incredibly proud to have won his battle for the memorial, telling Britai...

Robin Gibb's Doctors Pleased With His Speedy Recovery

2/5/2012 4:00pm EST
Robin Gibb
Bee Gees star Robin Gibb is celebrating a victory in his health fight after doctors told him his colon cancer is "almost gone."

The 62-year-old singer insists he is close to being fully recovered after undergoing months of intensive chemotherapy to beat the disease.

He tells BBC Radio 2 host Steve Wright, "The prognosis is that it's almost gone and I feel fantastic and really from now on it's just what they could describe as a 'mopping-up' operation. I am very active and my sense of well-being is good."

Gibb admits even the doctors treating him were surprised by his speedy progress, addi...

Robin Gibb: Chemotherapy Results Are 'Spectacular'

1/23/2012 11:15am EST
Robin Gibb-SPX-007926.jpg
Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has spoken out about his battle with colon and liver cancer to dismiss reports he's been "at death's door" - insisting the results of his chemotherapy sessions are "spectacular".

The singer was hospitalized in November just weeks after he was treated for abdominal pains and inflammation of the colon. Subsequent reports suggested he had been diagnosed with liver cancer, but Gibb refused to shed light on his condition.

His spokesperson revealed last week that the star is undergoing chemotherapy sessions, used to kill cancer cells - and now Gibb has addressed the on...

Robin Gibb 'Feels Good' Following Chemotherapy Sessions

1/22/2012 6:15pm EST
Robin Gibb
The wife of Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has dismissed rumors he's fighting for his life as he battles cancer, insisting he's "doing brilliantly" and "feels good" following chemotherapy treatment.

The singer was hospitalised in November, just weeks after he was treated for abdominal pains and inflammation of the colon, and subsequent reports suggested he had been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Gibb originally refused to shed light on his condition, but his spokesperson revealed earlier this week that he is in fact undergoing chemotherapy sessions, used to kill cancer cells.

His representative,...

Ailing Robin Gibb Plotting Music Comeback

11/27/2011 4:03pm EST
Robin Gibb
Sick Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb is eager to hit the road with his brother Barry when he overcomes his health battle, according to the star's former record company boss.

The veteran musician was hospitalized earlier this month, just weeks after he was treated for abdominal pains and inflammation of the colon. A flurry of unsubstantiated reports subsequently suggested the star is battling liver cancer.

Gibb recently took to his blog to thank fans for their support, and his ex-label chief David English has now revealed the singer is already discussing his future musical plans.

He tells Brit...

Robin Gibb Reportedly Diagnosed With Liver Cancer

11/20/2011 12:59pm EST
Bee Gees legend Robin Gibb was admitted to the hospital again this week as he fights ongoing health troubles.

The 61 year old sparked concerns when he was hospitalized last month with abdominal pains and treated for inflammation of the colon. The singer subsequently canceled an appearance at a charity event in London on October 27 citing ill health.

Gibb was reportedly rushed back to hospital by ambulance on Tuesday, but was allowed to return home after five hours at the medical facility, according to Britain's Sunday Mirror.

The news comes amid a flurry of unsubstantiated reports which ...

Robin Gibb Thanks Fans For Support Following Hospitalization

10/14/2011 5:51pm EDT
Robin Gibb
Bee Gees legend Robin Gibb is receiving treatment for inflammation of the colon after he was hospitalized on Thursday with stomach problems.

The "Night Fever" hitmaker was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England, after suffering acute abdominal pains at his home in Oxfordshire.

Doctors are keeping the star under observation, and Gibb has thanked his fans for their ongoing support.

A post on his website reads, "Robin Gibb, accompanied by his wife Dwina, was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford on Thursday 13th October 2011 to undergo tests for abdominal pain and is...

Robin Gibb Hospitalized Again For Stomach Problems

10/14/2011 1:30pm EDT
Robin Gibb
Bee Gees legend Robin Gibb was back in the hospital on Thursday due to his ongoing stomach problems, according to a U.K. report.

The "Night Fever" hitmaker sought medical attention after suffering acute abdominal pains at his home in Oxfordshire, England, reports Britain's Daily Express.

The newspaper reports Gibb was taken by ambulance to a specialist stomach unit at a nearby hospital.

A source tell the publication, "An ambulance rushed over to pick him up. His wife was with him and she obviously looked very worried. He looked in severe pain."

A friend added, "He would never go to hosp...

Robin Gibb Hospitalized With Abdominal Pains

4/5/2011 8:14am EDT
Robin Gibb
Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has called off a string of gigs in Brazil after he was hospitalized with abdominal pains.

The 61-year-old singer was taken to a hospital in Britain on Sunday after he suddenly fell ill and doctors have advised him not to travel. He was due in Brazil to meet with the country's president and perform in cities including Sao Paolo and Brasilia.

A spokesperson for Gibb says, "In the early morning he had terrible pain and he was feeling very ill. A paramedic came out and he was taken to hospital. We are not sure what's wrong with him at this stage and are worried. We ...

The Temptations Return With 48th Studio Release

11/5/2007 7:30pm EST
The Temptations
With 2006's Grammy-nominated Reflections, The Temptations performed the Motown classics they always loved but never had the chance to previously record. Now, with Back To Front (New Door Records/UMe), released October 23, 2007, you'll find these Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and one of the most popular and enduring singing groups of all time performing some of the biggest Pop and R&B songs in history.

For Back To Front, their 48th album of new recordings, and second for New Door Records/UMe, The Temptations put their incomparable stamp on such classics as "Never Never Gonna Giv...

Deluxe Reissue of the Bee Gees' Multiplatinum Collection Available September 18

9/11/2007 7:00pm EDT
The Bee Gees
LOS ANGELES -- The Bee Gees were already established hitmakers in the U.S. and the U.K. when the group became an unstoppable musical force in 1975. In four short years, Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb rose to international superstardom as they recorded a string of worldwide hits, sold 180 million records worldwide and helped define an era with the Grammy-winning Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The Brothers Gibb capped their amazing run in 1979 with the multiplatinum Bee Gees Greatest, a double album spotlighting the group's meteoric run of R&B dance hits between 1975 and 1979.


Celebrity Appeal: Tony Blair The Political Showman Mingled With The Famous

5/10/2007 5:08pm EDT
Tony Blair
LONDON (AP) - From vacations at Cliff Richard's Caribbean villa to a stay in Bee Gee Robin Gibb's Miami home, Tony Blair has enjoyed the company of celebrities throughout his political career.

But in the wake of the Iraq war, many showbiz figures turned on the British leader, and his holidays at the homes of the famous became cause for embarrassment over whether he had paid for his stay.

Blair was elected on a surge of popular enthusiasm in 1997 _ a political star for the era of Britpop and ''Cool Britannia.''

He hosted Downing Street receptions for the stars of fashion, musi...

Matthew Fox, Gwen Stefani & Others To Appear on 'SNL' This December

11/27/2006 2:46pm EST
Matthew Fox
Saturday Night Live warms up December with top-tier talent from screens big and small and music superstars. On December 2, star of the Emmy-winning hit show Lost Matthew Fox hosts the show with musical guest the greatest band on Earth Tenacious D (Jack Black & Kyle Gass).

On December 9, it's a pair of leading ladies headlining "SNL:" Oscar and Emmy nominee Annette Bening with musical guest Gwen Stefani.

Finally, on December 16, Justin Timberlake returns to "SNL" to once again do double duty as host and musical guest after his memorable turn in 2003 (which featured Timberlake as a...

First-Ever Upgrade Of The Bee Gees' Catalog Begins With "The Studio Albums 1967-1968," Nov. 7

11/1/2006 3:07pm EST
The Bee Gees
The Bee Gees' phenomenal success in the 1970s often obscures the fact that by the time the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack redefined R&B dance music, the trio already had more than ten albums and a string of worldwide hits under their belts. The November 7 release of The Studio Albums 1967-1968 - the initial installment of the first-ever catalog upgrade for the group - shows that The Brothers Gibb possessed the musical Midas touch from the very beginning.

The Studio Albums 1967-1968 is the definitive collection of the five-piece Bee Gees lineup that rocketed to fame in the late 1960s: ...

Robin Gibb's House Is Haunted

3/30/2006 10:12am EST
Bee Gees
Bee Gee Robin Gibb's house is haunted. The singer is convinced he's sharing the 12th century mansion in Thame Park, Oxfordshire - which used to be a monastery - with the spirit of a gardener that keeps playing tricks on his family. He revealed to Daily Record newspaper: "He mysteriously fills up the water in the font old chapel, which we converted into a dining room.

"There is also the spooky sound of a clock being wound each night around midnight in the room where a clockmaker - who lived in the house in the 17th century - kept his gear."

Robin - who sang Giving Up The Ghost on t...