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Now Playing: Oslo, August 31st (Trailer) [FULL HD] 'Ghost Inside My Child': Scenes From Twin Tragedy and Family Agony
2014-12-14 'Ghost Inside My Child': Scenes From Death On The Farm and Parents Who Harm
2014-12-07 'The Haunting Of': Amazing Grace
2014-11-16 'The Haunting Of': The Real Deal
2014-11-16 'Ghost Inside My Child': Scenes From Killed By A Bomb and Bonfire Gone Wrong
2014-11-16 'The Haunting Of': Father Figure
2014-11-09 'The Haunting Of': Getting in Touch
2014-11-09 "Jessie" Set Visit with Debby Ryan, Karan Brar, and Skai Jackson
2014-11-08 'The Haunting Of': Grandma Knows
2014-11-02 'The Haunting Of': Guardian Angel
2014-11-02 'The Haunting Of': Skeptical Celebrities
2014-10-26 'The Haunting Of': Nadine Velazquez Opens Up
2014-10-26 'The Haunting Of': Supernatural Interference On Set
2014-10-26 'Ghost Inside My Child': Scenes From Unfinished Note and Attack on a Boat
2014-10-26 'Ghost Inside My Child': Scenes From Family Drama and Military Trauma
2014-10-23 'The Haunting Of': Gina Gershon's Rapist Ghost
2014-10-19 'The Haunting Of': Patrick Muldoon's Attempted Possession
2014-10-19 'The Haunting Of': Coco Austin's Incubus Encounter
2014-10-19 'The Haunting Of': Jack Blade's Home
2014-10-15 'The Haunting Of': Pennhurst Asylum
2014-10-15 Ghost Captured on Police Station Camera
2014-09-26 : Bet You Didn't Know: Halloween
2014-09-03 How Jack Black Hides in Plain Sight at Comic-Con
2013-08-26 'The Conjuring' Premiere: Are Ghosts Real? (Movies With Milan)
2013-07-22 Miley Cyrus' Recalls Ghostly Encounters in London Apartment
2013-05-08 New Website Helps You Avoid Ghosts in Your Neighborhood