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A Sober Ghostface Killah Readies New Album; Wu-Tang Clan Reunion Tour

February 1st, 2006 12:16pm EST
Ghostface Killah
With his signature gold eagle cuff and oversized medallions, his impeccable collection of robes, his Mexican wrestling masks and his infamous alter ego - Tony Starks a.k.a. Ironman - Shoalin's favorite son, Ghostface Killah, is hip-hop's resident superhero. And don't think he doesn't know it: this spring he is set to release a limited edition 9" tall action figure of himself, complete with real 14 karat gold jewelry. But true hip-hop fans know Ghostface as much more than the hyper-animated character he portrays onstage. They know him as one of the game's most talented and beloved MCs, a gif...

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