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Lily Collins Shocked To Become As Famous As Her Father Phil

4/4/2012 12:53pm EDT
Lily Collins
Actress Lily Collins experienced a "weird shift" in her life after realizing she has become better known to some members of the public than her musician father Phil Collins.

The rising star, who plays Snow White in new movie Mirror Mirror, was told by a friend that a DJ referred to the Genesis legend as "Lily Collins' dad" after he played a track - and the 23 year old insists it was "the weirdest thing" she has ever heard.

She tells Britain's The Sun, "Someone told me they were listening to the radio and they were playing classic hits. At the end the DJ came on and said, 'For all of you...

Rush Join The Rush Limbaugh Boycott

3/7/2012 2:16pm EST
Canadian rockers Rush have joined Peter Gabriel in a creative boycott of popular broadcaster Rush Limbaugh's talk radio show.

Gabriel demanded that his music be removed from the conservative talk radio star's daily show after learning his song Sledgehammer was used during the broadcaster's attack on a student who had testified at a Congressional hearing on contraception.

The rocker was "appalled" to learn the track was part of Limbaugh's radio rant, in which he called Georgetown, Washington, D.C. student Sandra Fluke a "slut" and "a prostitute" for arguing that her university's health i...

Peter Gabriel Asks Fans To Help Him Celebrate 'So' Anniversary

12/27/2011 11:24am EST
Peter Gabriel
Rocker Peter Gabriel has called on fans to help him celebrate the 25th anniversary of his landmark So album by providing images, journal notes and memorabilia from the tour he launched to promote the release.

The former Genesis star will release a re-mastered version of the 1987 album next year and he hopes to include a time capsule booklet to remind fans of the late 1980s.

In a post on his website, Gabriel asks devotees to dig out anything they may have that is relevant to the 25th anniversary.

He writes, "We would love to see your memorabilia from back in 1986. Do you have any origi...

Music Talk: Get To Know Jon McLaughlin

12/15/2011 11:00am EST
Jon McLaughlin
If you only know Jon McLaughlin as the guy who performed the hit song from Disney's Enchanted, you've only scratched the surface.

The Indiana native is thankful for the recognition that the Academy Award-nominated "So Close" brought him, but wants you to know that it's not his whole repertoire. "It hasn't gotten old yet," he says of the association when we meet in San Diego before a recent gig. "The only thing is that it's so different than what I actually do. When there were some people who only knew me from that movie, they would come out to shows expecting a Michael Buble kind of a th...

Peter Gabriel Almost Joined Phish For 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' Spectacular

9/28/2011 10:16pm EDT
Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel and rockers Phish once talked about teaming up to perform landmark Genesis album "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" in its entirety.

The jam band was planning to revisit the classic 1974 double album for a concert and approached Gabriel with the idea of fronting them for the prog-rock spectacular.

Gabriel tells, "They (Phish) do these projects where they take an old record and do it. I had a conversation about The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway with them at one point.

"They were thinking about it. That didn't go anywhere, but... I sort of thought about it."

Peter Gabriel Enticed By Baldness Cure

7/30/2011 10:30am EDT
Peter Gabriel
Veteran musician Peter Gabriel is considering undergoing a radical medical procedure to cure his baldness.

The former Genesis frontman has been gradually losing his hair over the past 10 years and he's recently discovered a doctor in Boston, Massachusetts who boasts of finding a cure.

The medic reportedly alters the body's rate of blood cell production, enabling him to control around 70 common disorders - and Gabriel is tempted to undergo the process to restore his locks.

He tells Mojo magazine, "Next time you see me I might have a full head of hair... Can I be bothered at my age? I r...

Phil Collins Says He's Quitting Music To Be A Full-Time Father

3/9/2011 8:34am EST
Phil Collins
Phil Collins has set the record straight over conflicting reports he's set to retire from music, insisting he wants to "call it a day" to look after his young sons.

The former Genesis frontman hinted about plans to end his career due to health problems, but a spokesperson subsequently dismissed speculation about an official retirement.

Now the drummer has taken to his official website to clear up the confusion and deny rumors he's quitting due to bad reviews and poor album sales.

He writes, "Many of the articles printed over the last few months have ended up painting a picture of me that...

Happy 60th Birthday Phil Collins!

1/30/2011 12:16pm EST
Phil Collins
Drumming legend Phil Collins has lived to enjoy "Another Day In Paradise" - the superstar sticksman is 60!

The former Genesis star, who went on to become a best-selling solo artist, celebrates his big day on Sunday.

The Brit is able to look back at a career which sees him as only one of a handful of stars to sell 100 million albums both as an individual and as part of a group.

To honor his stellar life, we have looked back and found 10 fascinating facts about the man who made it "Against All Odds."

Happy Birthday Phil!
- Collins first started drumming after getting a kit for Christmas w...

Phil Collins: 'I Was Cocky And Annoying, I'm Sorry'

8/9/2010 10:00am EDT
Phil Collins
Phil Collins struggles to watch footage of Genesis onstage at the height of their 1980s success - because he was so "annoying".

The rocker reveals he recently started work on an archive of all his performances and was embarrassed by his over-confident persona while the band was selling out the world's arenas.

He tells Mojo magazine, "The persona onstage came out of insecurity. (Former Genesis frontman) Peter (Gabriel) had his mysterious traveler vibe, and I didn't have anything. So I thought, 'What can I do?' So I overdid it. There was a time and a place for it, but it seems embarrassin...

Phil Collins Wanted A Serial Killer Role

8/4/2010 4:30pm EDT
Phil Collins
Phil Collins has a burning ambition to play a serial killer on the big screen - but his only chance to fulfill his dream was scuppered by his wife.

The former Genesis rocker has enjoyed several movie roles, including a cameo appearance in Hook and the lead role as Great Train Robber Buster Edwards in 1988 film Buster.

As his movie career developed, he received an offer to play Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo - but his wife at the time, Orianne Cevey, refused to let him accept the role.

Collins tells Q magazine, "I get sent a script from HBO. There was a Russian serial killer wh...

Phil Collins Stunned By Hall Of Fame Honor

6/16/2010 10:24pm EDT
Phil Collins
Veteran rocker Phil Collins was left dumbfounded when he learned he would be receiving the Songwriters Hall of Fame's highest honor this year - because he was convinced he was not "qualified."

The former Genesis frontman will be presented with the prestigious Johnny Mercer Award, in recognition of his lyrical prowess on classics such as "Against All Odds" and "In the Air Tonight," at a ceremony in New York on Thursday.

Collins admits he was taken aback by the honor - and initially assumed he was simply being called on to present the prize to another artist.

He tells the Associated Press,...

ABBA, Hollies, Genesis, Iggy Pop Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

3/16/2010 8:40am EDT
Iggy Pop
British rockers Genesis, The Stooges and ABBA have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the class of 2010.

The ceremony at New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Monday night opened with Phish paying tribute to Genesis by performing their rendition of "Watcher of the Skies," before frontman Trey Anastasio stepped forward to share his experiences about the band's influence on his own music career.

Introducing "the quiet rebels of Genesis" to the stage, Anastasio handed over the microphone to Phil Collins, Anthony Phillips, Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett - but former singe...

Fuse's 'Rock Monster March' Continues Genesis, David Bowie and Bob Marley

3/14/2010 1:00pm EDT
Fuse continues to be the rock music mecca this month with an extensive lineup of classic rock programming. As “Rock Monster March” rolls along, this weekend fans can view concert footage from former Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Genesis, Bob Marley and David Bowie. And all the great programming this month has been leading up to the live airing of the 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony!

For the second year in a row, Fuse is the exclusive television partner of the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, bringing viewers front and center for the big...

Genesis To Release Fourth Boxed Set, 'Genesis Live 1973-2007'

9/22/2009 10:04pm EDT
Following the reissue of the 14 Genesis studio albums in the stunning boxed sets "Genesis 1976 - 1982" and "Genesis 1983 - 1998" in 2007, and "Genesis 1970 - 1975" in 2008, on September 29, Rhino will release "Genesis Live 1973 - 2007", a boxed set gathering the four live albums recorded by the legendary British group from 1973 to 1992. Featuring brand new stereo mixes, the boxed set also includes the long-awaited release in stereo and 5.1 of "Live At The Rainbow 1973" only available with this collection.

"Genesis Live 1973 - 2007" is a sumptuously presented boxed set that includes:...

Genesis To Release Six LP Vinyl Box Set April 14; Preview It Here

4/3/2009 12:27pm EDT
In the beginning - there was vinyl.

After upgrading the Genesis catalog of studio albums with a trio of comprehensive boxed sets (1, 2, 3), Rhino brings the band's early years back to their LP origins with Genesis 1970-1975, a vinyl boxed set that contains five albums with lead singer Peter Gabriel.

Each Genesis vinyl album contains new stereo mixes done by Nick Davis. They are presented in heavyweight gatefold sleeves that feature the original covers, faithfully reproduced from their original sources. All of the albums are collected in a protective slipcase.

One of the top...

The Slammies: A Look Back At Some Of The Best Celebrity SLAMS

12/25/2008 7:00pm EST
SLAM= Verb Slang: To Criticize harshly; censure forcefully. Noun= A harsh or devastating criticism. Since the beginning of show business, in the celebrity news world actors and musicians have SLAMMED rumors, gossip, hearsay and chitchat as well as other unconfirmed reports.

However, the most interesting slams are when one star decides to MINGS from the past year:

Simon Cowell Slams Britney Spears

Music mogul Simon Cowell has blasted troubled stars Britney Spears and British star Robbie Williams for checking into rehab, insisting they have no idea of what hard ...

Genesis' '1970-1975 Box Set' Arrives Nov. 11

10/30/2008 2:01pm EDT
Since launching an upgrade of the entire Genesis catalog last year, the comprehensive series has followed Genesis' transformation from prog-rock pioneers to stadium-filling power trio. With the final installment, Rhino ends at the beginning with a set covering the band's early years with lead singer, Peter Gabriel. Genesis: 1970-1975 will be available November 11 from regular retail outlets and at

Produced by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford, Genesis: 1970-1975 presents five of the band's studio albums as CD/DVD sets featuring new stereo mixes of the origin...

Genesis Release 'When In Rome 2007'; Three DVD Set Wal-Mart Exclusive

6/10/2008 8:00pm EDT
Genesis -- Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford -- returned after 15 years with one of 2007's most successful tours. After a series of brilliant stadium performances across Europe, the tour ended with a spellbinding grand finale in Rome as the band performed in front of 500,000 fans who filled the historic Circo Massimo for this free, open-air concert. Legendary director David Mallet captured the entire 2 hour and 36 minute spectacle with multiple cameras for When In Rome 2007.

This three-DVD set includes the entire concert, plus photo galleries, deleted scenes and photographi...

Gavin Rossdale's 'Wanderlust' To Be Released June 3

5/25/2008 10:00am EDT
Gavin Rossdale
Wanderlust is the provocative title for the intriguing first solo album by Gavin Rossdale – an inspired song cycle by the former leader of Bush that turns out to be a trip in its own right.

"The wanderlust I'm talking about isn't that desire to travel and see the world, Rossdale explains with a grin. "It's my overwhelming desire to get out and play music for people. I feel like a racehorse that's been stuck in the stables a bit too long. The doors are locked and no one can find the key -- worse I'm not sure who's looking for it." With Wanderlust, the doors - and the floodgates - seem w...

Solo Artists: Most Underrated And Overrated

5/16/2008 10:52am EDT
Bob Marley
In one week, "American Idol" will add one more solo artist to the music history.

Whoever it is, they have their work cut out for them. America has a penchant for producing legendary solo artists. People like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Marvin Gaye all came from America. Britain may have the monopoly on bands with the likes of The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones, but our sense of Independence has allowed us to produce the best solo acts of all time.

Still, some of these solo artists have received glowing reviews when completely unwarranted. Others have been nearly...

Warner Bros. To Release 'Live Earth Concert' CD & DVD December 4

11/27/2007 5:15pm EST
Al Gore
On July 7, 2007, 150 musical acts performed at a series of worldwide concerts called Live Earth to raise awareness for the climate crisis and deliver a solutions-based message to a global audience. On December 4th, Warner Bros. Records will release Live Earth - The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis - a CD and 2-DVD package that brings together the most popular artists, best performances, and the solutions-based messaging showcased at this truly global musical event staged in New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and Hamburg, with special events broadcast fro...

Genesis To Release Second Box Set, '1983-1998, The Power Trio Years'

11/12/2007 8:00pm EST
Reuniting for the first time in 15 years, Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford spent the summer selling out stadiums and arenas across Europe with Genesis' Turn It On Again World Tour. The trio continues to celebrate its 40th anniversary in grand style as the band brings its tour to North America this fall for shows in 20 cities. To honor the supergroup's return, Rhino continues its complete upgrade of Genesis' catalog with the second of three historic boxed sets. Genesis: 1983-1998 will be available November 20 from regular retail outlets.

One of the top-selling recording art...

Highlights From Live Earth Concert Come To CD And 2-Disc DVD November 20

10/17/2007 5:54pm EDT
Live Earth - The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis
On July 7, 2007, 150 musical acts performed at a series of worldwide concerts called Live Earth to raise awareness for the climate crisis and deliver a solutions-based message to a global audience. On November 20th, Warner Bros. Records will release Live Earth - The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis - a CD and 2-DVD package that brings together the most popular artists, best performances, and the solutions-based messaging showcased at this truly global musical event staged in New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and Hamburg, with special events broadcast fr...

Genesis 'Turn It On Again' With Hits And Tour

9/10/2007 6:00pm EDT
-Two-CD Collection Celebrates the Historic World Tour Reuniting Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks for the First Time in 15 Years and Features Collins-Era Classics As Well As Gabriel-Era Songs Performed on the Current Tour

LOS ANGELES -- Reunited after 15 years, Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford played to sold out arenas and stadiums this summer in Europe on the group's highly anticipated Turn It On Again World Tour. The band will play 20 different cities this fall on the tour's North American leg, which begins September 7 in Toronto. Rhino Records celebrates the...

'Genesis: Chapter And Verse' Hits Bookstores Sept. 18

8/21/2007 4:53pm EDT
Following the story of Genesis from the early days at Charterhouse on up through their current sell-out worldwide tour, Genesis: Chapter and Verse is a one-of-a-kind exploration of a one-of-a-kind band.

With contributions from all former and current Genesis members along with those from road musicians, road managers, music executives, manager Tony Smith and associates like Jonathan King, this collaborative work brings you one of the most exciting and memorable stories in rock and roll history.

Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett all contribu...

Al Gore, Kevin Wall Issue Far-Reaching Live Earth Call To Action

6/28/2007 5:09pm EDT
Al Gore
July 7th Concerts to Call on Millions at Over 6,000 Live Events, Billions of Broadcast Viewers Across All 7 Continents to Commit to Bold Actions

New York City (June 28, 2007) – Live Earth Founder Kevin Wall joined with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and Alliance for Climate Protection CEO Cathy Zoi today to announce the Live Earth Call to Action – a series of commitments that Live Earth will be asking people across the globe to make to combat the climate crisis. Wall also announced that there are going to be more than 6,000 satellite Live Earth events taking place in more than 100 ...

Taking Back Sunday And Keith Urban Join Line-Up For Live Earth New York

6/26/2007 3:53pm EDT
Taking Back Sunday
LOS ANGELES – Taking Back Sunday, the New York-based melodic hardcore quintet, released Louder Now on April 25, 2006 and it skyrocketed to Number Two on Billboard's Top 200 chart a week later, scanning more than 157,000 copies. Now gold-certified, Louder Now has led to multiple sold out U.S. headlining arena tours. Taking Back Sunday has established itself as a pioneering leader and industry role model on the issue of global warming. The band has implemented a set of sustainable standards to all of its tours, such as tour bus and venue recycling programs, organic cotton merchandising altern...

Metallica, Kasabian, & Pussycat Dolls Join London Leg Of Live Earth

6/19/2007 4:16pm EDT
LONDON (June 19, 2007) – Metallica, Kasabian, Pussycat Dolls, and Terra Naomi are the final acts to be added to the Live Earth London line-up performing at Wembley Stadium as part of the 24-hour, 7-continent Live Earth concert series on 7/7/07.

With an already astounding line up that includes some of the best music acts from around the world, this monumental event will bring together more than 2 billion people to combat the climate crisis.

An exclusive download of Metallica's Live Earth performance is going to be available for a minimal fee immediately after the event finishes. ...

Musicians Pay Homage To Ahmet Ertegun On 'The House That Ahmet Built'

6/14/2007 8:00pm EDT
Bette Midler
LOS ANGELES-Rhino Entertainment will release American Masters Atlantic Records: The House That Ahmet Built on DVD June 12. The touching tribute features rare, private and classic clips, performances and studio sessions of Atlantic recording artists. The film is narrated by award-winning singer/actress Bette Midler.

For the last half-century, Ahmet Ertegun was hip-deep in R&B and Rock & Roll. American Masters Atlantic Records: The House That Ahmet Built follows Ertegun's remarkable career and its impact on the evolution of the world's most popular musical genres while offering an in...

Live Nation Announces US Summer Tour Lineup

5/18/2007 10:41am EDT
Gwen Stefani
Live Nation, the world's largest live music company, announced a preliminary slate of summer concert tours that includes artists as diverse as Alan Jackson/Brooks & Dunn, Beyonce, Brad Paisley, Chicago/America, Dave Matthews Band, Def Leppard/Styx/Foreigner, Fall Out Boy, Family Values (Korn/Evanescence), Genesis, Gwen Stefani, Jimmy Buffett, John Mayer, Kenny Chesney, Ozzfest, Poison, Projekt Revolution (Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance), The Police, Rascal Flatts, Roger Waters, Rush, Stevie Nicks/Chris Isaak, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill and Toby Keith.

The summer tour schedule is preced...