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Foghat Biography

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Birth Place: United Kingdom
Years Active: 1971-1984, 1986-Present
Genres: Blues-rock, Boogie Rock, Hard Rock

Foghat are a British rock band who reached the height of their success in the late 1970s. Their style of music has often been described as “blues-rock,” dominated by electric and slide guitar. The band's original line-up consisted of Dave Peverett on guitar and vocals, Tony Stevens on bass, and Roger Earl on drums. Rod Price was added in 1970 on guitar and slide guitar. Foghat began in 1971 and released their self-titled debut in 1972, which was met with positive responses. The band's second offering was known as “Rock and Roll” due to the album's cover art of a rock and a bread roll; the album was popular with the fans and critics alike. Foghat's third studio album, “Energized” arrived in 1974, followed a year later by “Rock and Roll Outlaws” and “Fool for the City” in 1975, which spawned the massive hit single, “Slow Ride.” I975 also marked Stevens' departure from the band due to exhaustion from their endless touring schedule. Stevens was replaced temporarily by Nick Jameson at first, and then a year later by year Craig MacGregor.

1976 saw “Night Shift” appear, followed by a live album in 1977, which produced the hit, “I Just Want To Make Love To You.” Around this time Price became disenchanted with the group’s constant touring and their change in musical direction towards more of a new wave pop sound, so he left the band in 1980. He was replaced by Erik Cartwright by February 1981. As the 1980s kicked in the band's popularity began to dwindle, as did their record sales, and MacGregor quit in 1982. The band continued to experience numerous line-up changes with old band members returning for one record and then leaving again, and new band members joining for each new album. By 1984 the band had called it quits. However, Earl, MacGregor, and Cartwright reformed the band with a new singer, Eric Burgeson and continued touring and putting out albums as Foghat through to the 1990s.

1993 saw the original line-up of Foghat reunited, and release the album, “Return of the Boogie Men” in 1994, followed by a live album, “Road Cases” in 1998. The band had a six year run before disbanding again. 2000 marked the death of Peverett from kidney cancer, and in 2005, Price died from a heart attack. The 2010 incarnation of Foghat consists of Roger Earl, Craig MacGregor, Charlie Huhn, and Bryan Bassett.