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Foghat Albums

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Hot Mama
Rock And Roll Outlaws (Remastered)
Rock & Roll
Rock & Roll Outlaws
Girls To Chat And Boys To Bounce
In The Mood For Something Rude
Boogie Motel
Tight Shoes
Rhino Hi-Five: Foghat
The Word Of Rock N' Roll
Last Train Home
Slow Ride/Save Your Loving (For Me)
Slow Ride - The EP (Live & Loud Versions)
Slow Ride "Live & Loud Version"
Live II
Zig Zag Walk
Foghat (Remastered)
Boogie Motel (Remastered)
Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce (Remastered)
Tight Shoes (Remastered)
In The Mood For Something Rude (Remastered)
Zig-Zag Walk (Remastered)
The Best Of Foghat
Fool For The City
Stone Blue
Night Shift
Energized (Remastered)
Family Joules
The Essentials: Foghat
Road Cases (Live)
Foghat (Aka Rock & Roll)
Night Shift (Remastered)
The Best Of Foghat, Vol 2
Foghat Live (Remastered)
Stone Blue (Remastered)
Fool For The City (Remastered)