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Now Playing: Kevin Federline Hospitalized in Australia Britney Spears -- Laughing It Up With Kevin Federline's Pregnant Wife
2014-03-10 Britney Spears Doesn't Think Her Boyfriend is Mature Enough
2014-01-28 Jason Trawick Vows to Lose Weight After Embarrassing Fat Pics
2014-01-21 'It's In My Blood To Perform,' Britney Says
2013-12-30 Kevin Federline Having Sixth Child with Third Baby Mama
2013-12-12 Britney Spears On"Chaotic": That Was The Worst Thing I've Done!
2013-12-09 Britney Spears Reveals Worst Decisions In Her Career
2013-12-09 Kevin Federline's Thoughts on Britney's New Man
2013-11-13 Kevin Federline: Britney Spears' BF Is My New, Cool Friend
2013-11-12 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Reunite to Watch Sons Play Soccer
2013-10-28 Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Reunite To Watch Sons Play Soccer
2013-10-27 Top 4 Entertainment Stories of the Day
2013-10-27 Britney Spears Down 1 Little Dancer in Vegas
2013-10-09 Britney Spears' Son Won't Be In Vegas Show
2013-10-09 Did Brad and Angelina Secretly Tie the Knot
2013-10-02 Britney Spears Decides If Sons Will Be In 'Piece Of Me' Residency
2013-10-01 Britney Spears' New Single Is"Cute,"Sayeth Paris Hilton
2013-09-27 Today's Top 4 Celebrity Stories
2013-09-27 Today's Top 4 Movie Stories
2013-09-27 Today's Top 4 Music Stories
2013-09-27 Britney Spears' New Single Is "Cute," Sayeth Paris Hilton
2013-09-27 Kevin Federline Doesn't Want Son Sean Preston On Stage With Britney
2013-09-24 Britney Spears' Ex Refuses to Look at Her Bikini Pics
2013-09-11 Eminem Disses The Kardashians&Kevin Federline In New Song
2013-08-28 Eminem Disses The Kardashians & Kevin Federline In New Song
2013-08-28 Eminem "Berzerk" Song Calls Out Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom
2013-08-27 How Britney Spears Spent $7 Million
2013-08-13 Britney Spears Feels Nostalgic About Racy Snap
2013-06-07 Britney Spears To Get Married Again
2013-05-30 Entertainment News - Adele, Iron Man 3, Britney Spears
2013-04-17 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Chat at Sons' Soccer Game
2013-04-15 Britney Spears Joins Ex Kevin Federline to Watch Sons Play Soccer
2013-03-18 Britney Spears and Her Ex-Husband, Kevin Federline, Reunite
2013-03-05 Jamie Lynn Spears Is Engaged to Jamie Watson
2013-03-04 Federline Brother: I'm Really Britney's Baby Daddy
2012-12-27 Britney Spears&Kevin Federline Hit With Huge Tax Lien
2012-11-28 Has-Been Celebs Who Charge Ridiculous Expensive Appearance Fees
2012-11-28 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Hit with Huge Tax Lien
2012-11-28 Britney Spears: Love Triangle of Exes
2012-11-20 How Much Does It Cost to Be Britney Spears?
2012-10-18 Secret Celebrity Weddings
2012-09-11 Young Marriages in Hollywood
2012-06-07 Britney Spears' Latest X Factor Judging Role Is the Latest in Her Comeback
2012-05-15 Kevin Federline Hospitalized in Australia
2012-01-23 Kevin Federline on Britney Spears' Engagement
2011-12-25 Britney Spears and Her Many Men
2011-12-22 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2011-12-20 Britney Spears Celebrates Her engagement in Las Vegas
2011-12-19 Spears engaged, Etta James terminally ill
2011-12-16 Kevin Federline to Appear on Australian Weight Loss Show
2011-12-05 Britney Spears' Tumultous Past
2011-12-02 Baby Makes Five For Federline
2011-08-17 The Best Dads in Hollywood
2011-06-16 Lauren Conrad Lands Book Deal
2011-04-07 Baby Girl on the Way for K-Fed
2011-04-06 Kevin Federline to Be Dad Again
2011-03-30 Britney's Baseball Reunion
2011-03-15 SNTV - Celebrity couples news
2010-09-10 SNTV - Spears responds to suit
2010-09-09 SNTV - Celeb 7: Biggest stars
2010-07-24 Lavo Nightclub Owner Jason Strauss
2010-05-24 One on one with Celebrity Psychic
2010-05-12 K Fed Gets Celebrity Fit
2010-05-05 Latest Hollywood News and Gossip

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