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Perry Farrell She asks me "Who do I love most? I can only hope it's me. I see the way she squeezes and kisses on those boys. She posses their love and they have an unobstructed pathway into her heart. It's them. She's very kind for saying so- but I don't fully believe her. She is their Muoa-mmy. She tells them it's me she loves most- so it must be me?...I am not sure who I love most? It's Etty for sure. I did not have a mother so I never felt that intense bond the boys have for her. What a score- having Etty for a mom.To have her cuddle you and hold you tight whenever you are blue. And that's what she does. Etty never thought she would be a good mother- but she ends up to be an incredible one. She never thought of motherhood as her destiny. Didn't really care for children the way I do. She thinks of those boys from the minute she wakes up to the moment she closes her eyes. I can't keep up with her. I scored as a husband. Can you imagine having Etty as your "MUOA-MMY?

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 12:16:55 PM
Perry Farrell She always says that "Hez looks like you". I don't quite see it- and if you have to look hard....". I think she says it so I don't feel jipped my kids don't have a great resemblance to me. It's nice to experience seeing yourself in your kids. Hez has taken to try and combing his hair like me- sort of. He and I were dapping our hair together in the mirror last night. He said he wants to learn from "the master". That made me feel good. I do see myself his smile. When he gives you that little glimpse into his happiness (picture on the right). That's how I do it. Thanks Hez!

Saturday 19th of July 2014 06:38:56 PM
Perry Farrell My version of what's beautiful is primitive. When a person is happy looking, and feeling, you don't need to smile like a clown- but become a humming spirit. When a person has confidence in themselves (I can deliver); (I am accomplished). That is something to strive for. When they take care of themselves; their health and well-being, they are magnetic. That is what I looked for in a wife. If they have a spouse- are generous enough to share their concern and time for their well-being; then beauty becomes them. I love all our different shapes. I'm not concerned about shapes- it's one's attitude and contribution that's the attraction. Can you picture someone who looks at you with encouragement? What a beauty! I came to Hawaii to get better. Hawaii's healed me up as she has done numerous times passed- I can walk with my heal to the ground and I am beginning to feel natural again. I feel the need to do something for this island in gratitude. I want to help open a new restaurant here serving super delish primitive Hawaiian cooking, hand crafted beers, humming music to go. Yes that's what I'm gonna try and do my friends.

Thursday 17th of July 2014 03:49:44 PM
Perry Farrell I have to speak out. I am completely over woman's petty jealousies toward each other. I love the company of women, and my wife Etty is one of the most gracious woman you'll ever meet she does not come with attitude- but I have seen some vicious stunts that women have pulled to make each other feel inferior. IT"S TRUE. Take for example tonight. We tried to get a rez at this restaurant Kalapawai. We walk in the manager sees Etty. I see that look fill in her eyes.She is gonna punish Etty 'cause Etty's pretty. It's gonna be 45 mins. "OK", I say (that throws her). I ordered a bottle of wine, even offer the hostess a glass, ("we're not allowed to drink at work). Ok, so I can't bribe her into being decent to us, but I have 5 kids with me. Please just let us get seated. People are being seated who came in after us. Tables are open, people who came after us by half an hour are seated and eating. I'm carrying on conversations with strangers and now I'm entertaining. We are waiting at what they are calling the bar with 5 boys ages 4 up to 12. As we wait, another woman with her date enters. The boyfriend gives Etty a nice look over; sending his girlfriend into an emotional tailspin. "Could you move your handbag over? Children shouldn't be sitting at this bar".It was not even a bar. It was seats against a wall. NOT A BAR. No bartenders. By now we are coming up on an hour. A glass gets knocked over (I blame the manager for all of this) Etty has had words now with the woman at the bar and Etty is a mother eagle- so now there's trouble in the air. I finally lost it at an hour and ten minutes- and went up to the front of the restaurant. "Give me my bill for the wine I want to get out of here".I am the most polite person you will ever meet- but I had not been seated in an hour and ten- I did not want to eat there anymore. I paid up and we exited the premisses. I saw the girl with her date laughing at us- that's ok; your date fantasizes to prettier girls than you. But the gaul of that manager. Girls, if you want to be mean to each other, I guess I see why. You all have to compete for husbands i get it but I have children with me and you all know how they melt down when their blood sugar hits the floor. Your a restaurant manager who's working to pay her rent. I need to feed these kids. That's all that's going on here. There's no beauty pageant. No one here is out to win your man. Now the restaurant manager is back pedaling. "Can I offer your children a muffin"? That was the most lucent moment of the entire evening. A muffin?...................... "NO, I don't want a muffin"! The only redeeming part to this charade was when we all got back in the car, I turned to the boys and asked strait "Anybody want a muffin"? That made us howl.
Thursday 17th of July 2014 06:03:54 AM
Perry Farrell "You can't stop to take pictures of a double rainbow when your drivin"'! Maybe that's what the car three cars up from us was doing, because they were stalled in front of it and everyone else was moving forward. The light was green- everyone moving but that car 2 in our lane- and boom! Of course car 2 that caused the crash crept off into the sunset never to be seen again. Everyone was alright in all the cars involved. A cop, who reminded us of "The Rock" came to our rescue like "the rock" does in all his movies. Showed up in a bad ass Charger cop car. Etty- being a real car enthusiast (and fan of "Le Roc") asked if she could get a pic with him. He was very helpful and it really was a beautiful double rainbow so "all's well; "alls well"

Wednesday 16th of July 2014 04:59:48 PM
Perry Farrell There she is- a super moon shot on the rooftop of a home built on a lava cliff overlooking the pacific, on the magic island of Oahu. I did Hatha yoga postures tonight to start putting blood flow nourishment back into my cells. I felt like the old Perry momentarily as I descended down the stairs- having finally captured a glowing beauty.

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 05:38:57 AM
Perry Farrell It is very cloudy where I am- but I want to see the super moon tonight. My priorities are changing. Instead of yearning for the latest nights, I am yearning for magic early mornings and early eves. It is not how I have lived much before this- but there is something that my soul is starting to yearn for these days; and it's got everything to do with wanting to feel healthy, so that I am around for a time more. I'm always attracted by the future- whilst feeling time and age pressing a finger on me. Some of my friends, and cronies are dead already, and more who are not well. I want to feel good. It's a subtle feeling, and you may need a quiet place to realize this but when you are down; it suddenly becomes clear and important.
Monday 14th of July 2014 11:01:00 PM
Perry Farrell As you round the corner, just missing the boys sleeping on the floor around your bed because they are scared from the movie last night- at the rental home you are staying at on Oahu, you see nothing-you feel your way around pitch black heading toward the bathroom. It's 5:00 AM. Going to bed early, rising at that natural time with the birds and roosters; your system is adapting to the island. Do you see the glass shower window that someone has left open? NO- NO you don't see it. You slide right in between it and it bonks you on your head- in the dick and on your bad knee. You spin off of it and spread your hands and fingers out What was that? SHit! Oouwe! Almost there..A pan smacks you in the face-no it's not a pan it's a close-up mirror. Gee I have to pee... Oowe!

Monday 14th of July 2014 03:52:11 PM
Perry Farrell As we were leaving the restaurant, I spotted a small surfboard shoved into a car- so I asked the question even though I can't surf right now."How was it today?" "It was 2 ft. and glassy" he replied. "That sounds great right about now"...Wish I could have hit it". Dude double takes and gives me a "Perry??" I was swinging myself on crutches to our car and the fella jumped out of his and following me to mine. He says "hey my girlfriend has a line of jewelry. She's really good- let me show you" and pulls out a big bag of jewelry. I grew up working in NYC diamond district. My father, my brother, and I all worked together at one point in time as designers .My father taught us the trade and I was designing professionally by the time I was 5. I like to wear a piece or two when I'm out. It doesn't have to be too expensive, yet it never should it look cheap.The young man handed the bag to Etty and I and said "take what ever you want. In the spirit of mahalo (he had lived in Hawaii for years."What goes around comes around" There was no hesitation at all... We were truly impressed by the baubles. I want to show you the pieces we picked. Etty chose a necklace, he suggested for me a black stud bracelet. We weren't greedy- but we could have taken 5 more things each- they were impressive.We said our goodbyes a few times, and went our separate ways. I'll never forget his generosity; and hope his girlfriend does' kill him for letting us have a free at it with her line. Her name is CCSKY

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 10:06:42 AM
Perry Farrell How is the night for you dear hearts?
Tuesday 8th of July 2014 03:05:26 AM
Perry Farrell How were the fireworks? Maybe it was the fiery pain that shot down my leg when I stand but at first- I wasn't as thrilled about watching the display as I have been in years prior. I began to question my will. Years pass, and it's sometimes hard to rise to every occasion. I watched the works from my balcony this year. I want my family first- and then everyone else to know that I appreciate their love and support. They still make me so happy. They are the ones that make me try. I am proud to be an American. I hope your 4th exploded in the end with ferocious velocity for you. I hope the ending was one that made you rise and feel thrilled to be alive....

Sunday 6th of July 2014 03:09:41 AM
Perry Farrell The leg... Howz the leg? Hurts when I stand up. Cannot straighten it. Almost twice the size of my other calf. I got to spend the entire day in bed. I see a specialist on Monday. I won't miss the parade though tomorrow. My boys are in it breaking boards with karate chops. I've been able to check out some new equipment in the meanwhile. Izzadore has a new Epiphone guitar thanks to the Lynda and Tommy Davis at Gibson. It's a real thrasher. Meanwhile; I am toying with The Kaossilator Pro. Something else to run my voice thru. I have gotten it to respond to my wishes with everything- save the vocal component.Can't get the mic to become effected. Time to go on line and get some tips. It's nice to feel like you are still evolving with music. New sounds for the upcoming party. I am looking to send the crowd into outer space. The next show being Lollapalooza Chicago...

Friday 4th of July 2014 05:56:33 AM
Perry Farrell Here's an update for you. I have again torn my calf muscle (torn at the start of the NINJA Tour apx. 5 yrs ago.). That unsightly leg on the right is the ER's troubling splint that must hold things together before my visit to the orthopedic specialist. I usually read the threads from yesterdays post- make a few comments and move on. Except for today. Today I will not read them because Etty was very upset at the unkind words that were said about her- over the poems I posted. Were the poems about she and I's relationship? You all know I would be lying if I said"no". I only write my life in truth- and stretch it as far as I possibly can... So for those who have read into my poems about loneliness- but have thought to point blame at Etty- let me respond: Our marriage is not in trouble (I don't think)? Nowhere in the last 2 poems do I say a single bad thing about Etty. I am only saying that I am lonely- because I do love her so- that I get slightly crazy when I can't have her undivided attention. I miss her- even when she is in the next room- if I can't speak with her that moment about something I found to be remarkable. It's true... And she is the same way. You negative comments broke her heart and that is why I will not entertain them- even though I have the time. As you can see by the photo- I could easily go through all of them- and if you are wondering how I tore my calf muscle; I will let you in on our embarrassing secret just this once. I did it screwing. We were screwing for hours. And when I finally went to bed- I woke up with this frightening tightness in my calf. So if any of you have any doubt as to how intense our love is, just remember that I love her so much- that it hurts me so. It really, really does.

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 01:48:59 AM
Perry Farrell There is no pain more severe than the pain the heart feels when it calls out for love and there is no answer. And even more intense is the pain that the heart experiences- when it posses the question 'do you love me?" and the answer is no. and the answer is no... And her answer is no. For one's own life is not validated by the heart unless it has someone who really really cares about them, who really really cares.
Tuesday 1st of July 2014 05:23:37 AM
Perry Farrell i am lonely. I am surrounded by friends and family, but I don't feel as if anyone really cares I am around. You know how people are these days. They are staring into their phone or iPad, and they think they are conversing with you- but they aren't looking at you. I feel as though their listening is arduous. I almost feel bad- for making them take the time to listen. I think I need to start performing again. The best thing about performing is that everyone is there -to listen. Maybe that's why I became a singer. Because when I am not singing. I feel lonely.
Monday 30th of June 2014 05:27:56 AM
Perry Farrell My friends at Dobel Tequila and I are giving you a chance to join me this summer at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Go to this link to enter to win some VIP Lollapalooza tickets and other prizes. I've visit the site and I have the say, that prizes that are being given away are really good! Best of luck!

Dobel 2014 Sweepstakes
When you sign-up on this website, you'll automatically be entered for a chance to win a Grand Prize trip for two to Lollapalooza including airfare, hotel and $500 cash. There's also an opportunity on the website for you to earn points that can be redeemed for a other prizes including a trip for two…
Thursday 26th of June 2014 09:08:32 PM
Perry Farrell Running the Maestro Dobel Tequila tv add for the FIFAWorldcup on ESPN brought cheers from around the bar. I am up to buying the next round. Who are you rooting for?

Friday 13th of June 2014 02:05:43 PM
Perry Farrell "Come on a safari with me..." Today's fun reveal: Young men were asking our Etty if her "front" was ok after that nasty stinging she took. She responded with this update- adding a Lightning Bolt (hat) twist to stoke J. Paskowitz who runs the company's Venice office. SO THEN... Etty gets attacked by a few more mosquitos who tried to get the pic taken down on Facebook. A few hours pass without the picture. My 9 yr old son states that Miley Cyrus showed more in her "Wrecking Ball" video. They took my photo down along with hers- causing me to question who the fuck cares enough to complain about this? Mean witches and ex bitches. Not even Facebook thinks it's bad- so hop on yer brooms and ride! Etty's (and my) pic's back up. "Let's go surfing' now- everybody's learning' how"!

Friday 13th of June 2014 12:43:09 PM
Perry Farrell Watching the surf. It can go on forever. Each set is a nubile sweeping lover. Today there is a question that must be answered sooner than later. "What is- the hurry?" To capture the silken moment that's occurring...

Thursday 12th of June 2014 12:26:26 PM
Perry Farrell Great new pool game (especially for families at large resort pools). Pool Golf. Mission: You swim underwater around the rim of the pool in the shortest amount of breaths- returning to the shallow water. Come up for air, and the next guy goes. Keep the score low. Mommy can be the referee (yes I said mommy; apparently in the Asian culture you refer to her as mommy one's entire life (and don't test this custom).

Wednesday 11th of June 2014 03:22:34 PM

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