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Falling Up Biography

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Birth Place: Albany, Oregon, United States
Years Active: 2002–2010
Genres: Experimental Rock, Alternative Metal, Post-grunge

Falling Up is an American experimental rock band from Albany, Oregon. The band's name is derived from the first song they wrote, which refers to how imperfect people are, but how sufficient the grace of God is to compensate for it. In harmony with their name, their lyrics are heavily grace-themed.

Falling Up debuted in February 2004 with their 12-track album, “Crashings.” Three songs from “Crashings” – “Broken Heart," “Escalates” and “Bittersweet” -- reached #1 on the Christian Rock chart at R&R.

Their second album, “Dawn Escapes,” was released in October 2005 through BEC Recordings. Produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette the album, though more melodic and hard rock-driven as a whole, did not majorly deviate from the sound of “Crashings.” Guitarist Tom Cox left the band shortly before the album's release, eventually forming his own band, Archers Rise, whose debut release was produced by Falling Up’s Jessy Ribordy.

In September 2006, Falling Up released “Exit Lights,” an album featuring remixes of the band's biggest hits and the new song “Islander.” Solomon Olds of Family Force 5, Thousand Foot Krutch's Trevor McNevan, and Randy Torres of Project 86 fame were among the artists who worked with Falling Up for the project. Guitarist Joseph Kisselburgh left the band in May 2006 to focus on his solo project, The Send, which released its debut album on Tooth & Nail Records in July 2007.

Their album, “Captiva,” followed in October 2007. After the release of “Captiva,” guitarist Micah Sannan departed Falling Up and joined the Christian hard rock band Disciple. Keyboardist Adam Taylor also departed in 2007, who then started managing the merchandise for Christian rock band Hawk Nelson.

Falling Up's fourth studio album, entitled "Fangs," was released in March 2009. After the release of “Fangs,” band members Jessy Ribordy and Josh Shroy started a side project under the name The River Empires, recording an album titled “Epilogue” with the help of The Dear Hunter's Casey Crescenzo, as well as a handful of other musicians. Ribordy also began working on a solo project titled The Gloomcatcher, with its first album being titled “Slow Chorale.” The debut albums from both projects were released in April 2010.

“Your Sparkling Death Cometh,” Falling Up’s fifth studio album, was released in 2011. The band, having left their long-time record label, BEC Recordings, decided to stay independent and produce the album completely through fundraising.

Falling Up's next project was teased as “The Machine De Ella” project. The project was eventually revealed to consist of two albums, “Hours” and “Midnight on Earthship,” as well as an audio book, also titled “Hours,” written by Jessy Ribordy. The idea for the project came when the band realized that they had two different fanbases. “Hours” was recorded as a concept album based on the book within the project, and was more rock-driven. “Midnight on Earthship” was recorded with a sound and lyrics more along the lines of their Christian roots, with its songs being more faith-based. Both of the albums and the book began their launch in October 2012, and were progressively released over the course of three months.