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Warped Tour Does It Again - 7/14/10 – Darien Lake PAC

July 16th, 2010 11:03am EDT
live show
This year I thought I was ready. I had a full schedule and a list of preferred bands written out, and Warped still managed to swerve me, effectively tossing a monkey wrench into the works of my day as it were. The ever-rotating merry-go-round of performance times and stages that is the Warped Tour, Punk Rock venerable Summer Camp, was able to dupe me for another year, because you see, three of the bands I wanted to see the most, Reel Big Fish, All-American Rejects and Motion City Soundtrack, play VERY early on in the day, much to my dismay honestly. I had both bands near the end of the day ...

The Learning Curve: Music To End the Winter Blahs

February 10th, 2009 10:09am EST
The Vincent Black Shadow
(The Learning Curve) Well here we are again. It's a new week and with it comes five more bands to listen to and, hopefully, become a fan of. Music is stale, especially this time of the year, and I am here to help. I know about the 'winter blahs' and such, but these bands should snap you out of your funk.

If you like female rock music then this is a good week for you because the Vincent Black Shadow and Blameshift will get you smiling, and the remaining three, 32 Leaves, Spoken and Dive, all bring their take on rock music straight to your ear piece.

Enjoy this week ladies and ger...

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