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Now Playing: Borgia - Complete Season 1 Bieber Fever Takes Over Amsterdam
2015-09-18 Anne Hathaway Enjoys Peaceful Boat Trip In Ibiza
2015-08-14 The Top 5 Celebrities Giving Us Major Holiday Envy
2015-07-31 Paleo Convention: A Celebration of the Stone Age Diet
2015-07-29 9 Reasons You Should Pack Up And Go To Sweden
2015-07-28 EU Accuses 6 US Film Studios of Anti-Competitive Practices
2015-07-23 Guy Skis Down Mt. Etna to Escape Eruption
2015-07-16 Celebrations in Athens After Greeks Rejects Terms of Bailout Deal
2015-07-07 Anti-Austerity Marchers Clash With Police at EU Offices in Athens
2015-07-03 Baltic Sea Military Exercise Beefed Up in Tense Circumstances With Russia
2015-06-19 Taylor Swift Chic At LAX But Will Miss Her Cats While Away
2015-06-18 Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Are Planning a Destination Wedding
2015-06-16 Guided-Missile Destroyer Fires 5-Inch Gun During Baltic Sea Exercise
2015-06-13 Swiss Carpenters Open Five Beer Bottles at Once
2015-06-11 German Guitarist Strums and Plays Drums
2015-05-25 Eurovision Song Contest: The First Ten Finalists
2015-05-20 23 Signs You Studied Abroad In Europe
2015-05-16 Mount Etna Spews Lava in Latest Eruption
2015-05-15 Snoop Dogg Watches 'Game of Thrones' for 'Historic Reasons'
2015-05-11 A Royal Night Out: Princess Elizabeth Arrives In Trafalgar Square
2015-05-08 Scarlett Johansson Is A Balmain Beauty At European Avengers Premiere
2015-04-22 Percy Sledge: Essential Tracks
2015-04-15 Roof Blows Apart in Prague During Fierce Winds
2015-04-01 Pope Gifted Pizza on Naples Visit
2015-03-23 This Low Flying Plane Landed Just Feet From the Beach
2015-03-13 Cash & Rocket Trailer
2015-03-06 The Tour Begins
2015-03-06 Madonna Attacks Europe: 'It Feels Like Nazi Germany'
2015-02-27 Nantes Protest Turns Violent
2015-02-22 Perfomer Shows a Fresh Perspective of Her Juggling Feet
2015-02-11 A Rifle That Keeps Your Head Dry
2015-02-11 Ride on Prague's "Elevator of Death"
2015-02-06 Syriza Leader Tsipras Casts Vote in Athens
2015-01-25 Performer Shows Off Breathtaking Aerial Silks Skills
2015-01-23 Lucky Frog Avoids Being Eaten by Snake
2015-01-23 Citizen's Arrest in Calgary Gets Crazy
2015-01-10 Helicopters Hover Over Dammartin-En-Goele Neighborhood
2015-01-09 Time-Lapse Shows 10 Inches of Snowfall in 24 Hours
2014-12-30 Electronics Disappear From Russian Stores Amid Ruble Crash
2014-12-18 Dad Gives Baby a Beard and Moustache After Mom Leaves
2014-12-10 Doha Outlines Plans for Inaugural Qumra Festival
2014-12-08 Drunk Man Gets Out of Cop Car
2014-11-09 Taylor Swift Shines on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show
2014-10-24 Tiny Puppy Conquers Stairs
2014-10-03 Firefighters Battle Blaze at Refinery in Milazzo
2014-09-27 Race The Tube - Sprint | Faster Than A Speeding Train
2014-09-25 Silent Electrical Storm Creates Unique Natural Light Show
2014-09-22 Aerial Footage Illuminates Ireland's Eye
2014-09-13 An Irish Mammy's Take on the Ice Bucket Challenge
2014-09-12 Fishing Drone Takes to the Skies Over Lithuanian Competition
2014-09-07 Medieval Witchcraft
2014-09-03 Making an Ice Bucket the Challenging Way
2014-09-01 Aerial Video Reveals Dublin City at Sunrise
2014-08-30 'D-Day In HD': Mac Evans
2014-06-11 Austria's Conchita Wurst Wins Eurovision Song Contest
2014-05-11 European Military Observers: 'We Have Not Been Mistreated'
2014-04-27 Major Art Fair Opens in Madrid
2014-02-21 Best Foreign Language Film Nominees
2014-01-16 Tom Hiddleston Makes an Impression at Thor Premiere
2013-10-23 Kim Kardashian and Baby North West Will Join Kanye West on Tour
2013-09-19 Danny Boyle to Direct Cop Drama Plot for U.K's Channel 4
2013-08-23 Timelapses Of Famous Landmarks Around The World At Night
2013-08-15 Simon Cowell Rides a Jet Ski on the French Riviera
2013-08-13 Pregnant Katie Price Prepares For Early Caesarean Birth in European Hospital
2013-08-12 Lindsay Lohan Makes a List of Toxic Friends She Won't Invite Back Into Her Life
2013-07-29 Human Testicles For Sale!
2013-06-14 Beyonce's World Tour Stops in Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia
2013-04-23 Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Be Touring Europe in a Camper Van?
2013-03-27 Eurotrip Trailer
2012-12-03 Ashton Kutcher Arrives from Europe
2012-01-03 December 4th: The King and I