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Birth Place: Berlin, Germany
Years Active: 2002- Present
Genres: Electro-rock, Electroclash

Electrocute is a Los Angeles-based electro rock band. Nicole Morier, from Albuquerque New Mexico, USA, started the band with former member Mia Dime in Berlin, Germany in 2002. They formed a duo motivated by the explosive electro-pop/electroclash music scene happening in Berlin.

After releasing one EP and one LP on the now defunct Emperor Norton records, Mia left the band and Nicole continued touring, hiring Holly Doll, from Johnson City, Tennessee, to fill in. The two toured extensively throughout Europe, America, and Australia where they played the Big Day Out festival in 2005 and met Mindy, a.k.a. Legs Le Brock (who is from Sydney, Australia), who was DJ'ing an afterparty.

Morier eventually moved to Los Angeles and temporarily disbanded the project to pursue her songwriting career. She recently has had a song she co-wrote with Freescha, featured on the Britney Spears album ''Blackout'' entitled "Heaven on Earth".

It was during that time that she met up once again with Legs Le Brock who had also recently relocated to LA. The two began doing DJ nights and when Nicole was asked by Mexican arts and culture magazine ''Celeste'' to tour in Mexico with Electrocute, she invited Legs to join her.

The two have since done a tour in Europe, returned to Mexico several times and played the Infest in Santiago, Chile. They also have incorporated three other members into their live act that include Bram Inscore (keys and samples), Barbara Gruska (drums), and John Kirby (keys).

Their song "Kleiner dicker junge" was prominently featured in the 2005 film ''The Beat That My Heart Skipped''.

Recently, they released the EP "On The Beat" featuring the Dutch artist Junkie XL.

Their new album "Double Diamond" was exclusively released in Japan during the Summer of 2009. It features all the tracks from the "On The Beat" EP as well as six brand new tracks (and three instrumentals to round out the tracklist).