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Eiffel 65 Biography

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Birth Place: Turin, Italy
Years Active: 1998–2005, 2010-present
Genres: Electronic Dance Music

Eiffel 65 is a dance group that hails from Italy and was formed in 1998. The group consists of DJ, Gabry Ponte, Maurizio Lobina, and Jeffrey Jey after metting each other at Bliss Corporation. Eiffel 65 rose to prominence with their international hits, “Blue (Da Ba Dee),” “Move Your Body,” and “Too Much of Heaven.”

The trio's debut album, “Europop,” arrived in 1999. The album met with success in Italy and most of Europe's dance clubs. “Europop” peaked in the Top 5 on Billboard's 200 Albums chart with the single, “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. The trio also made a name for themselves with their remixes of other artists’ tracks, such as “The Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang, “La vita è” by Nek, “Reach” by S Club 7 and “L'ultimo testimone” by Yo Yo Mundi.

In 2005, Ponte left the group to pursue a solo career, leaving Lobina and Jey to start their own production company and part ways with the Bliss Corporation. The duo changed their name to Bloom 06, and released their fourth studio album, “Crash Test 01” in 2006. The album contained lyrics in both English and Italian. In 2009, Lobina and Jey announced that Eiffel 65 would reunite with Ponte and tour and record under their original name.