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''Who Got The Gravy?'' is the sixth album from rap group, Digital Underground, which reached #91 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. Guests included east coasters Big Pun, Biz Markie, and KRS One; west coast newcomers Esinchill and female emcee Mystic; and introduced yet another Shock G character, "Peanut Hakeem Anafu Washington."

Who Got The Gravy? (Parental Advisory)
Label: Jake Records
Release Date: 1998-09-08
Duration: 52:44

Buy AlbumPrice: $9.99

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Song Title Time Play Price Download
1I Shall Return(featuring KRS-One)(Featuring KRS-One) 01:37
$0.99 Buy Song
2Holla Holiday(featuring Clee & John Doe)(Featuring | John Doe {Featuring Clee) 05:27
$0.99 Buy Song
3Wind Me Up(featuring Esinchill)(Featuring Esinchill) 06:56
$0.99 Buy Song
4The Mission(featuring Big Pun)(Featuring Big Pun) 05:07
$0.99 Buy Song
5The Odd Couple(featuring Biz Markie)(Featuring Biz Markie) 03:26
$0.99 Buy Song
6Blind Mice(featuring Black Ty, Rashida & Malia)(Featuring | Rashida {Featuring | Malia {Featuring Black Ty) 05:09
$0.99 Buy Song
7The Gravy(featuring Truck Turner)(Featuring TruckTurner) 04:54
$0.99 Buy Song
8Peanut Hakim 02:56
$0.99 Buy Song
9Man's Girl(featuring Clee & Gruve)(Featuring | Gruve {Featuring Clee) 08:17
$0.99 Buy Song
10April Showers(featuring Mystik)(Featuring Mystik) 05:09
$0.99 Buy Song
11Cyber Teeth Tigers(featuring KRS-One)(Featuring KRS-One) 03:46
$0.99 Buy Song
Album - Who Got The Gravy? (Parental Advisory) $9.99 Buy Album