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14 Celebrities Who Probably Shouldn't Have Kids

3/13/2013 7:01pm EDT
Michelle Bombshell McGee
Which celebrities would probably make horrible parents?

Here's our latest list of stars who aren't exactly good role models for kids now, so having their own probably isn't a good idea.

Some made the list based on their appearances (scary), trouble with the law, inability to keep their bedroom door closed, mental issues or just being too into themselves.

Our first list included such *ahem* stars as Snooki, who had just given birth to her first child, Lindsay Lohan, and two stars who are now expecting their first child together -- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Check out our latest batch...

Miley Cyrus Makes A Cameo In Brother Trace's Creepy New Video, 'Sippin' On Sunshine'

7/19/2012 2:02pm EDT
Miley and Trace Cyrus
Miley Cyrus half-brother Trace has released a new video for his single, "Sippin' On Sunshine," which features a cameo by the actress - along with someone who looks a bit like former fiancee Brenda Song.

The singer/guitarist released his single and a new album, "Geronimo," under the name Ashland HIGH, the new 'band' he formed when his former group, Metro Station, parted ways in 2010.

The video and the song are - to be blunt - pretty awful and quite a bit creepy. The girl playing Trace's love interest looks like she doesn't want to be there (or was forced to be there); and Trace's dancing i...

Trace Cyrus And Brenda Song Call Off Their Engagement

6/11/2012 9:25pm EDT
Trace Cyrus And Brenda Song
Miley Cyrus' half brother Trace and his fiancee Brenda Song have called off their engagement and gone their separate ways.

The tattooed Ashland High singer issued a statement on Monday confirming his split from The Social Network star.

"Brenda and I have decided to go our separate ways," Cyrus says in the statement. "We split up a couple of months ago. We will continue to focus on our careers. I wish Brenda the best and much success in the future. I hope everyone can respect our privacy about this situation. Thanks so much."

The couple's breakup comes on the heels of Miley's announcement...

Trace Cyrus Shaves Head To Make Room For His Native American Head Tattoo

5/10/2012 9:32am EDT
Trace Cyrus
Rocker Trace Cyrus has stunned fans by unveiling a new sprawling tattoo on the side of his head.

Miley Cyrus' half-brother took to on Wednesday to reveal his intentions for another piece of body art and told his fans that his father Billy Ray Cyrus was also going to have an inking.

He tweeted, "With my dad! He is getting his back tattooed! Gangster! Getting my head tattooed right now..."

And he returned to the site four hours later to show them a picture of the design he had inked - an American Indian complete with headdress.

He added, "Got my head tatted today! Excuse a...

Exclusive: [Video] Trace Cyrus Talks Emotional Transition From Metro Station To Ashland High

3/28/2012 4:33pm EDT
Trace Cyrus
Singer-songwriter Trace Cyrus has been through an emotional roller coaster, transitioning from his successful days in Metro Station to his solo project, Ashland High. With the support from his musically driven family and fiancé, Brenda Song, the 23-year-old made the difficult decision of choosing happiness over a fat paycheck--props Trace. For over a year now, Trace has been focused on Ashland High, showing his fans who he truly is an artist and challenging himself as a vocalist rather than a musician.

We're bringing you Trace's entire journey, exclusively here on Starpulse with our one-on...

Miley Cyrus' Managers Didn't Want Her Tattooed Brother On Tour With Her

2/23/2012 9:14pm EST
Miley Cyrus
Singer Miley Cyrus' managers tried to stop her heavily tattooed brother Trace from signing on as her musical guest during a 2009 concert tour - because they didn't like the way he looked.

The rocker's former band Metro Station opened for the Hannah Montana star on her North American tour three years ago, but Trace confesses the trek didn't go as smoothly as he planned.

He tells, "People don't expect me to make pop music. Even on the tour with Miley, her managers and people on her label didn't even want us (there). Not because of our music but because of the way I looked. ...

Brenda Song And Trace Cyrus Not Rushing To The Altar

1/31/2012 8:03pm EST
Brenda Song And Trace Cyrus
Miley Cyrus' half-brother Trace is in no rush to wed his fiancee Brenda Song - because they already feel like a married couple.

Rocker Trace Cyrus proposed to The Social Network actress in October, and although he favors a rock 'n' roll-style ceremony in Las Vegas, he reveals he's letting his bride-to-be take charge of the plans so she can have the wedding of her dreams.

He tells, "I want to have a Vegas wedding. But she (Song) doesn't want to do that, of course. Every girl wants a big, beautiful wedding. And, at the end of the day, I'll do whatever she wants."

But that doesn'...

2011 - The Year In Review, October

1/1/2012 6:00pm EST
2011 - The Year In Review
October was a big month for celebrity weddings - funnyman Seth Rogen tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Lauren Miller, Twilight star Nikki Reed married singer/songwriter/American Idol castoff Paul McDonald, and former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Shannen Doherty walked down the aisle for the third time when she exchanged vows with celebrity photographer Kurt Iswarienko. Also hoping to make it third-time lucky was Robin Williams, who wed graphic designer Susan Schneider.

Also taking the plunge was KISS rocker Gene Simmons, who married his girlfriend of 28 years, Shannon Tweed, and Paul ...

Trace Cyrus To Give Away Album For Free

11/22/2011 8:15am EST
Trace Cyrus
Miley Cyrus' rocker brother Trace is serving up a New Year present for fans - he's writing a new album to give away for free.

The former Metro Station star is currently in the studio recording the as-yet-untitled project, which will be made available online on January 1st.

In a series of posts on his page, he writes, "Free online album is almost complete. Release date Jan 1st! Studio time. Starting track 8 for the free online album. Can't wait for you guys to hear it! 10 free songs coming your way Jan 1st!"

Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus To Wed

10/15/2011 10:00am EDT
Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus
Miley Cyrus' half-brother Trace has asked his actress girlfriend Brenda Song to marry him.

Rocker Trace Cyrus broke the news to fans on Twitter on Friday.

He writes, "I am very excited to say, last week I asked my girlfriend Brenda Song to marry me and she said YES! We are both very excited to be engaged!"

And the 22 year old isn't the only one looking forward to settling down with star.

Miley tweets, "can't wait for Brenda to be a Cyrus :) couldn't be more excited about my 'sister in law to be' yay :)"

News of the couple's engagement emerges just weeks after Song's mother denied repor...

Brenda Song's Mom Says The Disney Star Is Not Pregnant

9/14/2011 8:00pm EDT
Brenda Song
Actress Brenda Song's mother has spoken out to silence reports suggesting her daughter is pregnant with rocker Trace Cyrus' baby, insisting the rumors are false and "very upsetting."

Last month, online reports surfaced suggesting The Social Network star was expecting a child with Miley Cyrus' half-brother, sending bloggers and gossips into a flurry.

Song's publicist insisted she had no information about the baby news and now the actress' mum Mai has spoken out on behalf of her 23-year-old daughter.

She tells, "She's actually not pregnant… It's very upsetting to our family...

Trace Cyrus And Brenda Song Expecting First Child

8/24/2011 11:00am EDT
Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song
Miley Cyrus is going to be an aunt. Her brother Trace Cyrus and Social Network star Brenda Song are expecting their first child, according to Celebuzz. The couple was quietly dating for several months until they made their relationship public on the red carpet for Nylon's magazine in May.

Brenda Song, like Miley, is a Disney child star. She hit it big when she nabbed a reoccurring role on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Trace Cyrus is known for his band Metro Station - and being Miley's brother, of course!

Miley Cyrus Back With Liam Hemsworth Again?

6/16/2011 11:03pm EDT
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus has reconciled with actor boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, according to her rocker brother Trace.

The pop star/actress started dating the Aussie when they played lovers on the big screen in The Last Song in 2009. They split the following year, briefly reunited and then split again.

But now Trace Cyrus tells they're back together again: "Everything is good."

And he's a big fan of his little sister's boyfriend: "We're homies."

Fan Posts 'Sexy' Twitpic Of Miley Cyrus And Mom Tish

6/3/2011 5:30pm EDT
Miley and Tish Cyrus
Miley Cyrus fan Gypsy Heart Tour (@gypsyhearttour) posted a "random photo" of Miley backstage with mother Tish at one of Miley's concerts on her Twitter account Thursday exclaiming how sexy the mother-daughter pair looks together. They almost look like they could be sisters!

"@MileyCyrus & @TishCyrus1 more sexies than ever!" she Tweeted.

The former Hannah Montana recently added a sixth tattoo to her collection of body art, and it's pretty obvious that mom Tish is one of her big influences - sporting plenty of ink herself (see pics of her giant angel wings).

Miley's set to sing on the new...

Miley Cyrus To Sing On Brother's New Album

6/2/2011 8:20am EDT
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus is to appear as a guest vocalist on her rocker brother Trace's new album.

Singer/guitarist Trace formed new band Ashland High earlier this year after his group Metro Station split up.

He is hard at work on Ashland High's debut disc and is eyeing a special duet for fans - by teaming up with his star sister in the studio.

In a post on, Trace tells his followers, "To all of u (sic) asking. Yes me and Miley r (are) planning on doing a song for my new Ashland High album! The song is crazy! Miley will kill the chorus."

Click Here For More Miley Cyrus Pictur...

Billy Ray & Trace Cyrus Investigate Paranormal For Reality TV Show

9/7/2010 3:35pm EDT
Billy Ray Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus is returning to the small screen with another one of his offspring - he's teaming up with son Trace for a reality show about conspiracy theories involving paranormal phenomena.

The Achy Breaky Heart hit-maker co-starred on Disney's Hannah Montana alongside his daughter, Miley Cyrus, from 2006 until the series finale earlier this year. And now he's signed a deal with Syfy network to star on UFO: Unbelievably Freakin' Obvious, which will see the singer and 21-year-old Trace travelling cross-country to investigate unexplained activity.

The Cyrus patriarch tells Variety, "T...

Trace Cyrus Sued By Former Bandmates

7/14/2010 8:47am EDT
Trace Cyrus
Miley Cyrus' brother Trace is at war with his former Metro Station bandmates - they've filed a lawsuit against the star after he announced the group's split without their permission.

The 21 year old, who is president of their company Metrostation, Inc, announced in March that the band had parted ways. He is also said to have taken to his page to slam the band's music, writing in one post: "That s**t is weak."

However, Cyrus' band mates were fuming that he revealed the news without consulting them, and voted to oust him as president of Metrostation, Inc.

Cyrus allegedly ref...

Miley Cyrus' Brother Slams Ashley Tisdale

6/21/2010 11:00am EDT
Trace Cyrus
Miley Cyrus' rocker brother has taken aim at his younger sister's pal Ashley Tisdale - branding the actress the "worst person" he's ever met.

Former Metro Station singer Trace Cyrus has unleashed a vicious verbal attack on the High School Musical star, who is friends with his famous sibling. Cyrus accuses Tisdale of spreading lies about him throughout Hollywood and calls her the "worst" star he's ever had the misfortune to meet.

In a series of posts on his page, the 21 year old writes: "I've met and know a bunch of celebrities. By far the worst person I've met in my life is ...

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth At 'The Last Song' Premiere - Looks Like Someone Needs A Sandwich

3/26/2010 10:59am EDT
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus showed up to "The Last Song" world premiere in Hollywood yesterday working the red carpet in a skin-tight leather dress. She looks really thin, don't you think?

She was accompanied by her boyfriend and co-star Liam Hemsworth, whom she fell in love with while shooting the film in Georgia last year. Miley admits she enlisted the help of 12-year-old Bobby Coleman, who plays her younger brother in the movie, to woo the Australian actor.

She said, "This kid will do anything for five bucks. I paid him 10 bucks to go ask Liam if he liked me. I sent him back and forth. It was really f...

Metro Station Is Kaput!

3/25/2010 2:06pm EDT
Metro Station
Rock band Metro Station are splitting up after four years together. The group, fronted by Miley Cyrus' brother Trace, formed in 2006 and scored a worldwide hit in 2008 with Shake It. Their song, Where's My Angel, is featured on the soundtrack to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie.

Cyrus' fellow founding member Mason Musso announced earlier this year that they were working on plans to launch a reality TV show featuring the band.

However, in a brief statement issued this week, Cyrus and Musso confirmed Metro Station have now split.

The statement reads, "Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso h...

Slideshow: This Summer's Hottest Hollywood Break-Ups

8/6/2009 9:50am EDT
Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupris
Who knew love would be so hard to hold on to when you're as hot as these celebrities? From Disney sensation Miley Cyrus to Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian, check out this summer's hottest Hollywood break-ups:

Pop star Jessica Simpson and Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo had what seems to be a messy break up. Romo allegedly split with Simpson one day before her 29th birthday. Ouch! Jessica is reportedly devastated, heartbroken and depressed.

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