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The Birth Of Soul: The Complete Atlantic Rhythm & Blues Recordings, 1952-1959
Label: Rhino Atlantic
Release Date: 2013-10-15
Duration: 150:49

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Song Title       Time
1I Got A Woman    02:50
1Swanee River Rock    02:20
1The Sun's Gonna Shine Again    02:39
2Greenbacks    02:50
2That's Enough    02:45
2Roll With My Baby    2:37
3Come Back Baby    03:05
3Talkin' About You    02:50
3The Midnight Hour    03:01
4A Fool For You    03:01
4What Kind Of Man Are You    2:50
4Jumpin' In The Morning    2:47
5This Little Girl Of Mine    02:32
5I Want A Little Girl    2:56
5It Should Have Been Me    02:44
6Hard Times    2:56
6Yes Indeed    02:15
6Losing Hand    03:13
7A Bit Of Soul    02:19
7I Had A Dream    2:55
7Heartbreaker    02:52
8Mary Ann    02:47
8You Be My Baby    2:30
8Sinner's Prayer    03:24
9Mess Around    02:41
9Drown In My Own Tears    03:21
9Tell All The World About You    2:03
10Funny But I Still Love You    03:15
10Hallelujah I Love Her So    02:35
10My Bonnie    2:47
11Feelin' Sad    2:50
11What Would I Do Without You    02:36
11Early In The Morning    02:47
12I Wonder Who    02:48
12Lonely Avenue    02:35
12The Right Time    03:28
13Don't You Know    02:57
13I Want To Know    02:25
13Carryin' The Load    02:24
14Nobody Cares    02:39
14Leave My Woman Alone    2:41
14Tell Me How Do You Feel    2:43
15Ray's Blues    02:55
15It's Alright    02:17
15What'd I Say, Parts 1 & 2    06:29
16Mr. Charles Blues    02:48
16Ain't That Love    02:52
16Tell The Truth    3:05
17Blackjack    02:18
17Get On The Right Track    2:20
17I'm Movin' On    02:21
18Rockhouse Parts 1 & 2    3:52
18I Believe To My Soul    02:59
18I've Got A Woman (Single/Lp Version)    02:53
19Greenbacks (Single/Lp Version)    02:49
20Come Back Baby (Single/Lp Version)    03:06
21A Fool For You (Single/Lp Version)    03:01
22This Little Girl Of Mine (Single/Lp Version)    02:30
23Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I) (R&B Lp Version)    02:58
24A Bit Of Soul (Single/Lp Version)    02:20
25Mary Ann (Single/Lp Version)    02:48
26Drown In My Own Tears (Single/Lp Version)    03:22
27Hallelujah I Love Her So (Single/Lp Version)    02:34
28What Would I Do Without You (Single/Lp Version)    02:39
29Lonely Avenue (Single/Lp Version)    02:34
30I Want To Know (Single/Lp Version)    02:25
31Leave My Woman Alone (Single/Lp Version)    02:41
32It's Alright (Single/Lp Version)    02:19
33Ain't That Love (Single/Lp Version)    02:51
34Get On The Right Track Baby (Single/Lp Version)    02:22
35Rockhouse (Parts 1 & 2) (Single/Lp Version)    03:54
36Swanee River Rock (Talkin' 'bout That River) (Single/Lp Version)    02:23
37That's Enough (Single/Lp Version)    02:47
38Talkin' About You (Single/Lp Version)    02:52
39What Kind Of Man Are You (Single/Lp Version)    02:52
40I Want A Little Girl (Single/Lp Version)    02:58
41Yes Indeed (Single/Lp Version)    02:18
42I Had A Dream (Single/Lp Version)    02:57
43You Be My Baby (Single/Lp Version)    02:32
44Tell All The World About You (Single/Lp Version)    02:05
45My Bonnie (Single/Lp Version)    02:49
46Early In The Morning (Single/Lp Version)    02:48
47Night Time Is The Right Time (Lp Version)    03:31
48Carryin' That Load (Lp Version)    02:25
49Tell Me How Do You Feel (Lp Version)    02:43
50What'd I Say Parts I & II (Lp Version)    06:31
51Tell The Truth (Lp Version)    03:05
52I'm Movin' On (Single/Lp Version)    02:22
53I Believe To My Soul (Lp Version)    03:02