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Backstreet Boys Heading To Vegas?

4/3/2016 12:30pm EDT
'Backstreet's Back' In A Las Vegas Residency For Pop Stars Backs
Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter confirmed that the iconic pop stars will begin a Las Vegas residency this year.

Over 20 years since the Backstreet Boys dropped their first album, the band is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Entertainment Tonight revealed that Carter spilled the news that the band has signed a nine-show deal with promoter Live Nation to test the waters for a long-term residency in Sin City.

"If it does really well, then I think that'll open that door and then in future we'll do it," Carter told ET.

"We appreciate [the fans] so much for giving us such a great life,...

90s Boy Band Members Team Up To Fight Zombies

4/1/2016 9:01am EDT
Backstreet Boys, N'Sync Fight Zombies In SyFy Movie
SyFy has recruited members of Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, 98 Degrees and O-Town to fight zombies in the network's latest original movie, Dead 7. Despite the fact that the movie premieres tonight, this is not supposed to be an April Fool's joke.

From the producing studio that brought you Sharknado, Dead 7 is one-part Western and one-part horror flick. Nick Carter (pictured above) stars as gunslinger Jack, who rounds up an eclectic crew to fight the undead. Oh, and Carter wrote the movie as well.

Co-starring in the film are his fellow BSB members A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough, N'Syncer Joey Fa...

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Speaks Out After Bar Brawl Arrest

1/23/2016 8:27pm EST
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Speaks Out After Bar Brawl Arrest
Nick Carter, who was on vacation in Key West, Florida, was arrested in a reported bar brawl in early January. He is now speaking out about the incident.

"I am human and at times it can be a struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle. I'm not perfect and for that I am sorry," Carter wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning.

The 35-year-old singer and songwriter was arrested and booked by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office on Jan. 13.

I am human and at times it can be a struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle. I'm not perfect and for that I am sorry.

— Nick Carter (@nickcarter) January 23, 20...

Backstreet Boys Singer Arrested

1/14/2016 7:50am EST
Backstreet Boys Singer Nick Carter Arrested In Florida After Inc
Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter was arrested Wednesday night at a bar in Florida.

TMZ reports that Carter was apprehended at Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West. An eyewitness told the publication that Carter was involved in a scuffle inside the bar. Carter was booked after cops eventually showed up and got things under control.

According to reports, the arrest went down at 8:13 p.m. and Carter was charged with misdemeanor battery. It's unknown if anyone else involved in the fight was arrested.

But the best part of this story, is what Carter listed as his occupation on the arrest reports,...

Nick Carter To Take Months Off To Cater To Wife During Pregnancy

11/26/2015 12:35pm EST
Nick Carter
Nick Carter may have been out of the spotlight for quite some time prior to going on Dancing With The Stars, but he has actually been busy. He has recorded his solo album and it was released this week. Even though Carter may be tired after competing on the show, he already knows what he will be spending his time doing.

According to a new report, Nick Carter is now revealing that he is planning on taking some time off to cater to his pregnant wife. The two revealed that they are expecting a little boy in April in a surprise revelation on Dancing With The Stars. On finale night, Carter revea...

Nick Carter Starts New Chapter Of His Life

11/25/2015 12:23pm EST
Nick Carter
Nick Carter has his final dance last night on Dancing With The Stars and despite getting perfect scores, he had to take a second place next to Bindi Irwin. Bindi had been a front runner for weeks, and Nick had a feeling that she would win. But one could argue that Nick is winning in other ways, as he will soon be a father. And he announced on the show that he is expecting an adorable baby boy. He will now add a boy to the Backstreet Boys family.

According to a new Instagram post, Nick Carter is now revealing that the Dancing With The Stars road may be coming to an end, but he is just start...

'DWTS' Finale: Nick Carter Says Bindi Irwin 'Deserved To Win'

11/24/2015 11:42pm EST
Nick Carter Says Bindi Irwin Deserved To Win 'DWTS' Mirrorball T
Nick Carter lost out on the Dancing with the Stars Mirrorball trophy on Monday night, but he took the news like a true champion. Calling his time on the show "a bonding experience," the Backstreet Boys singer gave kudos to Season 21 winner Bindi Irwin.

“This experience was a bonding experience, it was something I will always remember,” Carter told co-host Erin Andrew. “Bindi deserved it, she kicked butt.”

.@nickcarter's response to coming in 2nd. We ADORE #TeamSharNick

— WhatHappensOnTheBSB (@WHOTheBckstreet) November 25, 2015

Minutes before Tuesday night's s...

Nick Carter Hoping To Get Backstreet Boys' Votes!

11/24/2015 12:30pm EST
Nick Carter
Nick Carter is gearing up for the Dancing With The Stars finale. Despite going into the finale with the lowest scores of the four couples, he fought his way through the finale and knocked out Carlos PenaVega. Now, the fan votes mean everything and he is getting plenty of support from other fans. Of course, Nick has a big fanbase behind him, but he also has the support of one of the world’s biggest boybands.

According to a new tweet, Nick Carter is now practicing with Sharna in the studio to get ready for the final show. And while he is practicing, his fellow band members are promoting his ...

Nick Carter Could Get 'DWTS' Edge In Competition Finale

11/23/2015 2:33pm EST
Nick Carter
Nick Carter is gearing up for one final night of competition as the Dancing With The Stars competition is coming to an end this week. He is ready to impress the judges and it sounds like he could be working hard when it comes to one judge. If the official Dancing With The Stars Twitter feed is to be believed, it sounds like one couple may get an advantage from the judges. But no one knows what that advantage is.

According to a new tweet, Nick Carter could be working his relationship with judge, Julianne Hough, to get himself an advantage. Last week, Carter was at the bottom of the leaderbo...

Nick Carter Shows How Much He Cares About His Fans

11/16/2015 12:31pm EST
Nick Carter
Nick Carter is gearing up for another competitive week on Dancing With The Stars. Even though he has received some amazing scores and many fan votes, nothing is ever certain on the show. Last week, Alexa PenaVega was sent home, even though she had received perfect scores last week. But it sounds like Carter has massive support behind him when it comes to Backstreet Boys and their massive fan base. And this week, some of his fans showed up at his dancing studio.

According to a new tweet, Nick Carter is now revealing that he is very thankful for all of his fans who showed up to support him. ...

Nick Carter Asked To Lead Tamar On 'DWTS'!

11/10/2015 11:46am EST
Nick Carter
Nick Carter is finally finding himself on Dancing With The Stars as he is starting to understand what the judges want from him. And it was clearly an emotional week, as he was dealing with a sore hip and an ill dance partner. He was teamed up with Tamar Braxton, who was rushed to the emergency room before the show. So how did they make it through? Nick had to lead Tamar through the dance, as she was weak and tired.

According to a new report, Nick Carter is now revealing that he was asked to keep Tamar Braxton up and be the lead as they competed on last night’s episode. Tamar came straight ...

It's A Baby Backstreet Boy For Nick Carter And His Wife, Lauren

11/3/2015 7:00am EST
It's A Baby Backstreet Boy For Nick Carter And His Wife, Gender
Nick Carter received a perfect score on Dancing with the Stars on Monday night, but that wasn't the only reason the Backstreet Boy grinning ear to ear. Not only did Nick win immunity by earning the highest score on Week 8, his pregnant wife, fitness expert Lauren Kitt Carter, joined him for a live gender reveal amidst the cheers of his co-stars and the studio audience.

It was a winning night for Nick who shared a special moment with his wife on Monday night. Nick and Lauren found out that they will welcome a little boy into the world in about six months. How exciting is that? Another Backs...

Nick Carter And His Wife’s Lives Are About To Change In A Big Way

10/29/2015 8:35am EDT
'DWTS' Contestant Nick Carter And Wife Lauren Kitt Carter Expect
"Dancing with the Stars" contestant and Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter and his wife Lauren Kitt Carter are expecting their first child.

Kitt Carter, a fitness expert and Carter got engaged in 2013 and were married in 2014 at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara.

Carter is reportedly thrilled with the news, according to People Magazine.

“I said I’d never get married,” Carter revealed in an interview of the soon-to-be dad.

“We’re all family. We’re all brothers,” A.J. McLean told People Magazine shortly after Carter's wedding to Kitt Carter.

“To see our little baby brother finally make ...

Nick Carter Has Some Sweet Words To Share!

10/27/2015 1:00pm EDT
Nick Carter Offers Encouraging Words After ‘DWTS’ Elimination
Nick Carter knows a thing or two about being a young celebrity. He was barely a teenager when he joined Backstreet Boys and became a worldwide sensation. And now that he is no longer in the spotlight every day, he could be looking to offer some mentorship to someone who is now in the spot where he was many years ago. At least that’s what his recent tweets could suggest.

According to a new tweet, Nick Carter is now revealing that he thinks Hayes Grier is going to go far in his career - whatever he chooses. As many have pointed out, Hayes is only 15 years old and he has already achieved man...

Nick Carter Doesn’t Think ‘DWTS’ Backlash Is Fair

10/16/2015 3:31pm EDT
Nick Carter
Nick Carter partnered up with Witney Carson last week on Dancing With The Stars for the switch-up and fans were disappointed with the dance. Nick and Witney didn’t place last and they got mediocre scores. But on Witney Carson’s Instagram, viewers shared their thoughts and it wasn’t nice. Witney was accused of reusing choreography and not being very creative. And it sounds like Nick is furious with the treatment of his temporary dance partner and he is now sharing his thoughts.

According to a new set of tweets, Nick Carter is now defending Witney Carson over their dance last week. He doesn’...

Who Else Is Believed To Be On 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 21?

8/26/2015 4:24pm EDT
Paula Deen reportedly heading to 'Dancing With the Stars'
The Season 21 cast of "Dancing With the Stars" is slowly being revealed and there have been some big surprises so far. Three stars have been confirmed and there's plenty of buzz about who else may well be on the "DWTS" 2015 fall season. What are the latest "DWTS" spoilers about the new season?

Fans now know that the fall "DWTS" season will feature Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, jockey Victor Espinoza and "Crodile Hunter" Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi Irwin. While there had been rumors about Nick swirling for a while, Victor and Bindi were picks that had flown under the radar.

Who else...

One Direction's Niall Horan To Be In A Zombie Movie?

7/14/2015 11:01am EDT
Comic-Con 2015: Nick Carter, Joey Fatone Want One Direction's Ni
Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter is making a movie with former 'N Sync member Joey Fatone and revealed he wants current boy bander Niall Horan of One Direction involved as well!

At San Diego's 2015 Comic-Con, Carter revealed that fellow Backstreet Boy singer A.J. Mclean and 'N Sync's Joey Fatone would star in his new film "Dead 7."

Let the screaming begin!

Carter revealed in detail to E! News, "I wanted my friends in the film with me. What is more fun than riding horses and being zombies shooting things? Even as a kid I loved horror films, this was always something I wanted to do."


The Top 10 Teen Pop Stars from the 90s

12/14/2014 5:30pm EST
The Top 10 Teen Pop Stars from the 90s: Where Are They Now?
The lead single off of NSYNC's third and final album Celebrity back in 2001 was called "Pop". From the start, it seemed like even the boy band's biggest star knew the era that had made NSYNC one of the biggest powerhouses in music was coming to an end.

"Sick and tired of hearing all these people talk about," sang lead singer Justin Timberlake, "What's the deal with this pop life and when's it gonna fade out?"

While the song itself used some wishful thinking in its response to that question, the real answer was: in about a year.

NSYNC went on a "temporary hiatus" in 2002 and never returne...

Music Review: 'Nick & Knight' Is Better Than Expected

9/8/2014 6:30pm EDT
Nick & Knight
Had collaboration between boy bands/ members of boy bands occurred say 15 years ago, the buzz would’ve been ‘off the charts’ – nothing short of tremendous. Sure, there’s a following currently for Nick Carter and Jordan Knight as members of their respective boy bands, but it’s a bit more low-key. Even so, Nick & Knight actually deserves more notoriety than it’s receiving.

“One More Time” opens Nick & Knight with incredible energy. Bursting with enthusiasm, “One More Time” benefits from its sunny major key as well as a gargantuan chorus. The soulful rhythmic guitar plays a vital role i...

Nick Carter Says His Family Blames Him For His Sister Leslie's Death

9/24/2013 12:52pm EDT
Nick Carter
Nick Carter was shut out from his sister's funeral because he was "blamed by the rest of the family" for her death.

The Backstreet Boys star's younger sister Leslie died from a drug overdose in January, and he subsequently hinted at a rift in the family after he was absent from her memorial service in New York.

The 33 year-old singer, who has battled drug addiction himself in recent years, has now revealed his relatives blamed him for Leslie's death, as they thought he should have been around more to help her prior to her passing, and he is now undergoing therapy in a bid to resolve his...

Nick Carter To Publish Memoir

5/24/2013 12:11pm EDT
Nick Carter
Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter has written his first memoir. Publishers at Bird Street Books will be releasing "Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It" on September 24.

The book will feature Carter's life as a teenage heartthrob, his struggles with substance abuse, as well as his family troubles, including the death of his sister, Leslie, who passed away in 2012.

The book's release coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Backstreet Boys. In April, the band was immortalized in Hollywood, landing the 2,485th star on the Walk of Fame.

Singers Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littre...

Backstreet Boys Land A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

4/23/2013 10:02am EDT
Backstreet Boys
The Backstreet Boys have been immortalized in Hollywood, landing the 2,485th star on the Walk of Fame.

The 90s boy band unveiled their plaque on Hollywood Blvd. Monday afternoon -- which was declared "Backstreet Boys Day" in Hollywood -- cheered on by a huge crowd of screaming fans.

Singers Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ Mclean and Kevin Richardson were all on hand to mark their 20th anniversary.

"I love you guys. And aside from my wedding day and the birth of my daughter, this is hands-down the best day of my life," McLean told the crowd, according to E! News.

Dorough a...

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Engaged

2/22/2013 7:52pm EST
Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is set to marry his girlfriend of four years, fitness expert Lauren Kitt.

The couple announced their engagement on Friday, with Carter telling People magazine, "I had the ring in my pocket for two weeks. I was like, 'I don't want it anymore!' It was driving me insane. I just wanted to get it out of my hands and on to hers...

"She said, 'Yes,' and I'm, like, 'I don't know what to do.' She said, 'You're supposed to put it on my finger.' So I did. I was in shock."

Carter proposed to Kitt on an island in the Florida Keys.

"I wasn't expecting it," Kitt tells People...

Guinevere Talks About Touring With Nick Carter And Being 'Crazy Crazy'

3/1/2012 4:35pm EST
Guinevere's latest single, "Crazy Crazy," is rocking the dance floors and blowing up on the Billboard Club Play chart at #22 this week with the highest debut from a previously uncharted artist. She just finished touring with former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter and is ready to release her solo album and get back on that tour bus for more anticipated tour dates. Guinevere spoke with Starpulse about her hot single "Crazy Crazy", what it was like touring with Nick and when we can expect her album.

Starpulse: Tell me about the tour you have been on with Nick Carter.

Guinevere: It was incre...

Nick Carter To Take A Break To Mourn His Late Sister

2/12/2012 1:57pm EST
Nick Carter
Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter is planning to take a hiatus from music so he can properly grieve for his late sister.

The singer has committed to perform a solo show in Ohio on Sunday night but sources tell he will then pull the plug on all commitments for two weeks.

Carter chose to continue with his tour after his sister Leslie died from a drug overdose on January 31 and he dedicated the remaining shows to her.

Initial reports suggested he was too busy to attend her funeral but the star has since spoken out to address his frustration with family members, who failed to tell him...

Nick Carter: 'I Wanted To Be At My Sister's Funeral'

2/7/2012 8:05am EST
Nick Carter-PFR-004809.jpg
Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter is upset with brother Aaron and other members of his family for not letting him know about his sister's funeral plans.

The pop star was absent as his 25-year-old sibling Leslie was laid to rest in New York state on Sunday and it was initially reported that he was too busy touring to attend - but now the Backstreet's Back singer has revealed he had no idea when the funeral was because members of his estranged family had failed to tell him.

He tells, "I wanted to be at my sister's funeral, but my family has always had a complicated dynamic."


Nick Carter Dedicates Song To His Sister Leslie

2/3/2012 3:30pm EST
Nick Carter
Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter was overcome with emotion during a performance with the band on Thursday night as he dedicated a song to his late sister.

Leslie Carter, 25, died suddenly on Tuesday at her home in upstate New York and reports suggest she suffered a prescription drug overdose and was found unconscious by her stepmother after falling down in the shower.

Pop star Nick Carter vowed to continue touring with the Backstreet Boys after the sad news and he appeared at New York's Irving Plaza on Thursday night for his first performance since his sister's death.

He marked the tr...

Leslie Carter Took Mixture Of Prescription Drugs Before Her Death

2/2/2012 2:52pm EST
Leslie Carter
Singer Nick Carter's sister Leslie suffered an overdose after taking a mixture of prescription drugs to treat depression and mental illness, according to an incident report filed by emergency service officials.

Leslie Carter died suddenly on Tuesday at her home in upstate New York. Details about the tragedy have since emerged in an incident report obtained by editors at ABC News.

According to the document, Leslie was found unconscious by her stepmother, Ginger Carter, hours after she had slipped and fallen in the shower.

The 25 year old's father, Robert Carter, then tried to perform ...

Nick Carter To Continue With Tour As A Tribute To His Late Sister

2/1/2012 10:12pm EST
Nick Carter
Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter is pressing on with an upcoming tour despite his sister's sudden death on Tuesday.

Aspiring singer Leslie Carter passed away of unknown causes in upstate New York at the age of 25, but the "Larger Than Life" hitmaker has decided to carry on with his musical commitments and dedicate the remainder of his gigs to his late sibling.

A statement released by publicist Jack Ketsoyan on the musician's behalf, reads, "Nick Carter is thankful to the many people and the fans who have shared their wishes and prayers during this tragic time."

Carter adds, "We want to l...

Nick and Aaron Carter's Sister Leslie Dead At 25

2/1/2012 8:21am EST
House of Carters
Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and his singer brother Aaron are mourning the death of their sister, who has died at the age of 25.

The pop siblings' sister Leslie Carter, who was an aspiring singer, passed away on Tuesday in New York.

A spokesperson for the Carter family confirmed the news to Access Hollywood, saying in a statement, "Our family is grieving right now and it's a private matter. We are deeply saddened for the loss of our beloved sister, daughter, and granddaughter, Leslie Carter. We request the utmost privacy during this difficult time."

It was not known what caused th...