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Caribou Biography

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Birth Name: Daniel Victor Snaith
Born: 1978
Birth Place: London, Ontario, Canada
Genres: Electronica, Indietronica, Psychedelic Pop

Caribou is one of a series of stage names used by Canadian electronic musician Daniel Victor Snaith. Snaith previously recorded under the stage name Manitoba, but changed his name in 2004 under threat of an American lawsuit by Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba, the stage name of The Dictators frontman Richard Manitoba. He subsequently began releasing material under the name Caribou and later Daphni.

As Manitoba he issued the “People Eating Fruit” EP in 2000 and the LP “Start Breaking My Heart” in 2001. The EP “give’r” was released later in 2001. His second LP, “Up In Flames,” was then released in 2003. His previous full-length albums were then re-released under the new Caribou moniker, and “The Milk of Human Kindness,” his first album under the new name, was released in 2005 by Domino.

His 2007 album “Andorra” was named the winner of the 2008 Polaris Music Prize, and his DJ-influenced 2010 album “Swim” was on the 2010 Polaris Music Prize shortlist. As Daphni he released the album “Jiaolong” in 2012 on Merge Records.