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Now Playing: SNTV - Kim takes the cake 'The Chew': M&M's Cream Cheese Cupcakes
2015-03-13 'The Chew': Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
2015-03-13 'The Chew': M&M's Cream Cheese Cupcakes
2015-03-11 Bridezillas Get Help at the National Wedding Show
2015-02-23 'The Chew': King Cake Pops
2015-02-19 Jennifer Aniston Shows Her Serious Side in Cake
2015-02-18 'The Chew': Flourless Chocolate Cake
2015-02-06 'The Chew': Strawberry Red Velvet Love Cakes
2015-02-06 Selena Gomez Finds a New Mentor, and It's Jennifer Aniston!
2015-01-27 Richard Roeper's Review of 'Cake' 2014
2015-01-25 A Look at Jennifer Aniston's Much-Hyped Cake Performance
2015-01-23 Jennifer Aniston Gets Booed At the Daily Show
2015-01-23 Is Jennifer Aniston Ready to Bury the Hatchet?
2015-01-19 Jennifer Aniston Praises Angelina Jolie, Ends Fued Rumors
2015-01-17 Jennifer Aniston Looks Better Than Ever at the Cake Premiere
2015-01-15 Jennifer Aniston Snubbed for Oscar, Slept Through Nominations
2015-01-15 Who Got Snubbed in the 87th Annual Academy Award Nominations?
2015-01-15 Jennifer Aniston Snubbed for Oscar, Slept Through Nominations
2015-01-15 Cake - Trailer No. 2
2015-01-13 Aniston: My Dead First Love Must Have Sent Justin
2015-01-09 Jennifer Aniston Talks Brad Pitt Divorce 10 Years Later
2015-01-05 Jennifer Aniston Doesn't Find Brad Pitt Divorce Painful
2015-01-05 Jennifer Aniston Still Talks to Brad Pitt, Says the Divorce 'Isn't Painful'
2015-01-05 Jennifer Aniston Says Her Award Nominations for 'Cake' Are 'Sexist'
2014-12-16 Cat Celebrates Her Birthday in Style
2014-12-15 Aniston and Carell Get Serious for Golden Globes
2014-12-15 Why Jennifer Aniston Feels Empathy for Her Character in 'Cake'
2014-12-08 Top 10 Songs for Running
2014-12-08 Jennifer Aniston Returns To Her Usual Glamorous Self For Jimmy Kimmel
2014-11-25 'The Chew': Applesauce Cake: Part 1
2014-11-22 'The Chew': Applesauce Cake: Part 2
2014-11-22 Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Enjoy NYC Date Night With Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long
2014-11-19 Jennifer Aniston Reveals Rewards of Starring in 'Cake' and Executive Producing It, Too
2014-11-18 'The Chew': Thanksgiving Chocolate Pecan Piecake: Part 2
2014-11-13 'The Chew': Thanksgiving Chocolate Pecan Piecake: Part 3
2014-11-13 'Selfie': Eliza Bakes a Cake for Julia
2014-11-12 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Cookin' with Auntie Fee - Halloween Dirt Cake
2014-10-29 'The Chew': Double Chocolate Bundt Cake: Part 1
2014-10-28 'The Chew': Double Chocolate Bundt Cake: Part 2
2014-10-28 Jen Aniston Talks Her 'Blessed Life' with Justin Theroux
2014-09-12 Jennifer Aniston Loved Going Into Target Store Unnoticed
2014-09-10 Slice Of Princess Diana's Wedding Cake Sold At Auction
2014-08-30 Super Mario Stop Motion Animation Cake
2014-07-09 The World's Easiest Cupcake
2014-04-24 Cupcakes in Two Easy Steps
2014-04-24 Jennifer Aniston Goes Fresh-Faced On The Set Of 'Cake'
2014-04-09 Jennifer Lawrence Was First To Scoff Elizabeth Banks' Birthday Cake On Set
2014-02-14 Kelly Osbourne Is Unimpressed With Lady Gaga's Birthday Cake Peace Offering
2013-10-28 Little Mix's Jesy Nelson Has Her Birthday Cake Ruined By Union J's George Shelley
2013-06-13 Chris Holmes' Resignation Cake
2013-04-17 Gay Coming Out Cake
2013-01-30 Turkey Cake Too Realistic To Eat
2013-01-04 Ben Affleck Bakes Some Cakes With Jennifer Garner and Kids
2012-10-29 Rihanna Gave Adele Breast Shaped Birthday Cake
2012-05-08 SNTV - Kim takes the cake