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C-Bo Presents: The C-Section (Special Edition…
Like I Told You: Garden Blocc Ridaz
West Coast Mafia
Mob Figaz
West Side Ryders 2
Til My Casket Drops
The Final Chapter
West Coast Mafia (Chopped & Screwed)
Money To Burn
Tales From The Crypt
The Autopsy
The Mobfather (Return Of The Bald Headed Nut)
The Greatest Hits
Gas Chamber
West Coast Mafia: Gang Affiliated
West Side Ryders 3 (The Southeast Connection)
Blocc Movement
No Time (Feat. C-Bo)
Gun Shot's
West Coast Flossin
On My Toes
Kokane They Call Me Mr. Kane
Cali Connection
C-Bo Trilogy
Life After Jive (Collector's Edition)
Life As A Rider
Feliz Navidad (3-Track Maxi-Single)
West Coast Classics (Parental Advisory)
Who Put Sac On The Map 3 (Parental Advisory)
Bulletproof (Parental Advisory)
100 Racks In My Backpack (Parental Advisory)
Trilogy (Parental Advisory)
Money To Burn (Parental Advisory)
Blocc Movement (Parental Advisory)
West Side Ryders, Vol.2 (Parental Advisory)
The Greatest Hits (Parental Advisory)
Star Wars (The Npire Strikes Bacc)
The Autopsy (Parental Advisory)
The Best Of C-Bo (Parental Advisory)
Til My Casket Drops (Parental Advisory)
C-Bo's Best Appearances '91-'99
The Mobfather (Parental Advisory)
West Side Ryders (Parental Advisory)
West Coast Mafia (Chopped And Screwed By O.G.…
Final Chapter (Parental Advisory)
Tales From The Crypt (Parental Advisory)
West Coast Mafia (Parental Advisory)
Point Blank Range Vol. 3
Gas Chamber (Parental Advisory)
One Life 2 Live (Parental Advisory)
The Best Of C-Bo
The Autopsy - EP
Autopsy (Parental Advisory)