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Emma Stone knows the Spice Girls' autographs

April 5th, 2014 10:20am EDT
Emma Stone
Emma Stone can forge the Spice Girls' autographs.
The 'Amazing Spider-Man' star has admitted she used to copy the iconic pop group's signatures when she was growing up in the 1990s as a huge fan.
Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', she said: "I have not done this - in all fairness - since I was about 10 years old.
"I did a quick little reminder in the dressing room beforehand... but yes, when I was 10 I memorized all of their autographs on their merchandise, which makes you feel like you have their autographs but you don't because it's been copied worldwide."
The superfan actress also reveale...

Victoria Beckham gives Spice Girls 'her blessing'

March 27th, 2014 4:20pm EDT
Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham has given the Spice Girls "her blessing" to reunite without her.
The British fashion designer's former bandmate Mel C says the group, which also includes Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Mel B, may consider getting back together as a four-piece in the near future.
She told the MailOnline website: "We've talked about it. Victoria doesn't want to, which we completely understand. We are so proud of her and her incredible foray into fashion, it's incredible what she's achieved as a designer."
She added: "The four of us could consider it maybe. We have Victoria's blessing to do t...

Emma Stone weeps over Mel B

March 20th, 2014 1:20pm EDT
Emma Stone
Emma Stone cried after receiving a video message from Mel B.
The 25-year-old actress was devastated to learn she missed out on the chance to meet the former Spice Girls star during a radio interview in Australia, but her tears turned to happiness when she received a special clip to make up for her disappointment.
When 2Day FM's Merrick Watts and Sophie Monk told Emma their occasional co-host couldn't be there for the interview, the actress' eyes filled with tears and her voice cracked as she said: "Wait, Mel B, could have been here? I'm gonna cry."
The 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' star was then ...

Emma Bunton wants Las Vegas residency for Spice Girls

March 13th, 2014 7:20am EDT
Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton would be open to the Spice Girls having a Las Vegas concert residency.
The singer-turned-radio presenter says it would take more than Britney Spears' rumored $325,000-per-show in the US gambling capital to make the girl band reunite on stage again.
She told the Metro newspaper: "I'd go to Vegas - if we get paid more than Britney. After the Olympics, it was really hard to think, 'What can we do next?' We represented our country, it was huge! We like to say never say never, so we'll have to see."
However, the girls - Mel C, Mel B, Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham - are all moth...

Melanie Chisholm in competition with Spice Girls

March 1st, 2014 10:20am EST
Melanie Chisholm
Melanie Chisholm wants to prove she can party harder than the rest of the Spice Girls.
The 40-year-old star will be attending her former bandmate, Victoria Beckham's, 40th birthday party later this year, along with the rest of the Spice Girls gang, and she's looking forward to seeing who will still be standing at the end of the night.
She said: "We'll have a competition to find out who can party hardest. Emma Bunton is pretty good, although she sometimes peaks too soon."
Mel C - who was known as Sporty Spice during her time in the girl group - is hoping to reunite with Emma, Victoria, Mela...

Rapper Example lands his own radio show

February 11th, 2014 3:10am EST
British rapper Example is adding radio presenter to his resume after landing his own weekly show on popular U.K. station Capital FM.

The Midnight Run hitmaker, real name Elliot John Gleave, will take over the airwaves for three hours on Saturday nights starting this weekend (15Feb14).

He says, "To host my own show, and have the chance to play some of the freshest dance tracks to Capital's listeners across the country, goes even further in cementing the great relationship we already have. I can't wait to get stuck in!"

Example isn't the only musician-turned-radio broadcaster - former JLS ...

Skipping fan Emma Roberts

February 2nd, 2014 4:20am EST
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts carries a skipping rope everywhere she goes.
The 'American Horror Story: Coven' star always exercises during down-time on-set, although she always keeps wipes handy in case she gets a sweaty face.
Emptying the contents of her bag, she said: "I have a jump rope for exercising on location and Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Wipes for afterward, when I don't have time to wash my face. They're lifesavers."
The 23-year-old actress - who recently go engaged to her co-star Evan Peters - is also a horror fan off set, and is currently reading a Steven King classic.
She added: "I use my iPa...

Victoria Beckham rules out Spice Girls return

January 20th, 2014 12:20pm EST
Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham won't perform with the Spice Girls ever again.
The 39-year-old fashion designer admits it was an "incredible honor" to sing with Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel B and Mel C at the London Olympics closing ceremony in 2012, but thinks it was the perfect time for the group - who separated in 2000 and undertook a reunion tour in 2008 - to call it a day for good.
She said: "I won't ever do it again. Doing the Olympics was an incredible honor. I was so proud to do it; proud to be British...
"That was a perfect time to say, 'That's great. Thank you to everybody, but no more.' So...

Mel C says Emma Bunton was best Spice Girls kiss

January 18th, 2014 10:20am EST
Emma Bunton
Mel C says Emma Bunton was the best kisser in the Spice Girls.
All five members of the iconic pop group - completed by Mel B, Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell - locked lips during their time together, and the former Sporty Spice has admitted her blonde band mate was her favourite.
Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, she said: "I've always been so drunk every time, it's hard to remember... But I would have to say Emma!"
However, Mel C explained she has only even kissed girls to be "silly" rather than because of any "sexual" feelings.
She added: "I've never dated a girl but there's oft...

Emma Bunton's Spice Girls costume

December 29th, 2013 4:50am EST
Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton and Mel C went to a fancy dress party dressed as the Spice Girls.
The 37-year-old star, who was known as Baby Spice, and her fellow bandmate, nicknamed Sporty Spice, dug out their old outfits from the 1990s to wear to their friends' event and despite being worried people would mock them for going as themselves, the blonde beauty admits they got a great reaction.
She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Me and Mel C went to a fancy dress party recently and I went as Baby Spice and she went as Sporty Spice. We got all the old dresses out and it was hilarious!
"We thought about it an...

Mel B wants Spice Girls reunion

December 28th, 2013 10:20am EST
Spice Girls
Mel B has admitted she wishes Spice Girls were "doing more as a band".

The singer would love the iconic British girl group to get back together and tour again, and she revealed she regularly chats to her old band mates.

She told the Daily Mail Weekend magazine: "The truth is I was always the one that wanted the Spice Girls to continue. I didn't want it to end and I still don't.

"Even though I've always had my own career going on, I'm always up for a reunion. Always. It's a shame we're not doing more as a band.

"There are no cogs turning right now but put it this way, there are always at...

Simon Cowell's Spice Girls regret

December 10th, 2013 10:20am EST
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell's biggest regret is failing to sign the 'Spice Girls' to his record label.
The 54-year-old music mogul admitted that he was "hurt" when the platinum-selling girl band - made up of Victoria Beckham, Mel C, Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell - found worldwide success after choosing a rival record label and has regretted missing out on the chance to work with the 'Wannabe' singers ever since.
In an interview with Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show' yesterday (9.12.12) Simon said: "What can I admit to? Spice Girls was probably my biggest mistake. I knew they were going to big and ...

David Beckham thanks Nelson Mandela

December 6th, 2013 2:20am EST
David Beckham
David Beckham paid tribute to the late Nelson Mandela last night (05.12.13) by thanking him for being such an inspiration.
The retired soccer star took to his Facebook account to post a picture of himself with the former South African President and anti-apartheid revolutionary, who died peacefully at his home in Johannesburg, South Africa, last night aged 95.
In a message accompanying the image, which featured Beckham meeting the legendary figure in 2003 before the then-England captain played in a friendly fixture against South Africa, he simply wrote: "Thank you."
Beckham also posted a l...

Mel B wants Spice Girls 20th anniversary tour

December 2nd, 2013 7:20am EST
Spice Girls
Mel B is pushing for a Spice Girls 20th anniversary reunion tour.
The 38-year-old singer is keen to gather up her former bandmates for a new project she is working on, 'Spice 20', in order to mark two decades since they started their careers in 1994.
The girl group - made up of Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham, Mel B and Mel C - reunited for a one-off performance at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony last summer, but Victoria is adamant she wont sign up for any more live work because she wants to focus on her fashion line.
A source told the Confidenti@l column in the New Y...

Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm to reunite on stage

November 3rd, 2013 8:30pm EST
Melanie Chisholm
Former Spice Girls Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm are set to reunite on stage for a Christmas special.

The pop stars will perform the group's first-ever U.K. Christmas number one, 2 Become 1, at the London Regent Street Christmas Lights Switch-On event on Saturday (09Nov13).

Chisholm says, "I'm so excited to be performing this year with my lovely friend.

"We both absolutely love this time of year and have so many wonderful Christmas memories. This will be one to cherish."

Leona Lewis to perform at London Christmas lights switch-on

October 31st, 2013 1:10pm EDT
Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis will perform at London's Regent Street Christmas lights switch-on.
The 28-year-old singer will take to the stage on November 9 where she is expected to be performing songs from her new album 'Christmas, With Love' which will be released on December 2.
The album contains classic Christmas tracks such as 'O Holy Night' and 'Silent Night' in addition to three original tracks including, 'One More Sleep' which the star has teased online.
The former 'X Factor' contestant will be joined by Eliza Doolittle, while Emma Bunton and Jamie Theakston will host the festive event and the iconi...

Mel B still connects with Spice Girls

October 27th, 2013 5:20am EDT
Spice Girls
Mel B insists the Spice Girls are still "very connected".
The 'For Once in my Life' singer - who is also a judge on 'America's Got Talent' - may be too busy to spend much time with her former bandmates Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Mel C and Victoria Beckham, but says they are all still very close.
She said: "We're all really good friends and supportive of what each other does. Emma's got a great radio show in the UK, Mel C just released another single, Victoria's got an amazing fashion line and Geri's in Australia doing 'Australia's Got Talent', so we're all over the place, but very connect...

Emma Bunton: Spice Girls were not 'sexual'

October 24th, 2013 4:20am EDT
Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton claims the Spice Girls were "sexy" but not "sexual".
The 'Say You'll Be There' singer claims there is a huge difference between how the pop singers of today present themselves and how she and her bandmates - Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C and Victoria Beckham - looked in their 90s heyday.
She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Back in the day the Spice Girls were fun and sexy. But we weren't sexual. Now people do take that next step and put it out there a bit more with their videos and stuff.
"If that's how someone wants to be and they're confident enough to bare themselves then t...

Emma Bunton's son likes Flexible Spice

October 18th, 2013 10:20am EDT
Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton's son thinks there is a Flexible Spice in the Spice Girls.
The 37-year-old star - who is known as Baby Spice in the group - is bemused as to why her six-year-old son Beau has made up a member of the girl band who he calls the "Spicey Girls".
Emma isn't totally sure who Beau is referring to, but assumes it must be Mel C due to her Sporty Spice nickname.
She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Beau calls us the Spicey Girls because he doesn't quite get it and he thinks there is a Flexible Spice.
"I don't know who that is supposed to be? I thought possibly Mel C as she is Sporty!"

Emma Bunton would like a girl

October 13th, 2013 4:20am EDT
Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton would love to have a daughter who could inherit her Spice Girls costumes.
The 37-year-old star - who shot to fame in the group in the 1990s - would love to have either a brother or a sister for her two sons, Beau, six, and two-year-old Tate, and admits she would love to see her little girl wearing some of her cute Baby Spice outfits.
Emma - who is engaged to Jade Jones - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I would love another child, of course, I love babies. I'm not on track at all though at the moment. I don't know if it will happen or not, I really don't know.
"I wouldn't mind ...

Spice Girls can't resist public performances

October 12th, 2013 10:21am EDT
Spice Girls
Emma Bunton and Mel C can't resist performing in public.
The former Spice Girls stars - who duetted on 'I Know Him So Well' last year - love singing even when they aren't working and are never afraid to grab a mic wherever they are.
Emma said: "Mel and I perform ['I Know Him So Well'] wherever we can. Even if we go out to a cafe, we'll have a little singing. Mel and I did karaoke at her birthday last year."
Emma is proud of the fact the Spice Girls' hits are available to sing in karaoke clubs all over the world as she knows not all artists enjoy such global success.
She said: "I was with Me...

Emma Bunton would marry to make son happy

October 11th, 2013 1:20am EDT
Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton would get married if her son wanted her to.
The 37-year-old star got engaged to fiancé Jade Jones in January 2011 and insists the pair simply don't have the time to tie the knot in the near future, but she admits if their six-year-old son Beau wanted them to get married then the couple would do it.
She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Beau is our everything so if he forced us to get married then I think we'd do it for him.
"But we don't have any marriage plans just yet, we are useless at arranging anything.
"Me and Jade talked about it the other day, actually. We are both Aqua...

Emma Bunton expects another Spice reunion

October 9th, 2013 1:20am EDT
Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton fully expects the Spice Girls to tour again.
The 37-year-old star - who shot to fame in the girl group in the 1990s alongside Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Mel B and Mel C - is confident the '2 Become 1' hitmakers will reunite again at some point in the future following their successful one-off performance at the London 2012 Olympics.
She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I'd love to do something like that again. That's the thing with us, we do love working together.
"But it's very difficult now being so busy. But I think when the right opportunity comes up then we will go,...

U.K. Stars Pull In Record $80 Million For Sport Relief Charity

March 25th, 2012 10:57am EDT
Kate Moss
Britain's annual star-studded Sport Relief fundraiser has pulled in a record $80 million for charity with the help of Emma Bunton, Kate Moss and David Walliams.

Boyband JLS, comedienne Miranda Hart and singer Emeli Sande also took part in the TV marathon on Friday, which raised $37 million more than the amount taken in 2011.

Donations poured in as viewers watched highlights including funnyman Frank Skinner tackling his fear of water to swim a length of his local pool, and Bunton, Moss and her designer pal Stella McCartney making cameos in an Absolutely Fabulous comedy sketch.

McFly drumm...

2012 Brit Awards Fashion: Rihanna Sparkles, Nicole Scherzinger Shines & More

February 22nd, 2012 8:45am EST
They aren't on the same scale as the Grammy Awards, but the Brit Awards are very important to those on the other side of the pond. Several U.S. stars attended the event in London yesterday to hobnob with their British counterparts.

Rihanna, who just released two controversial songs with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, wore a low-cut sparkling dress accessorized with long gloves.

Former "X Factor" judge Nicole Scherzinger opted for a pretty pale yellow strapless gown. And Florence Welch picked a dress that eerily matched her skin tone.

Check out the fashion on the following pages...


Emma Bunton Sporting Neck Brace For Persistent Injury

September 25th, 2011 5:00pm EDT
Emma Bunton
British singer Emma Bunton is sporting a surgical brace in a bid to ease her aching neck.

The former Spice Girl has been suffering after waking up one morning with a painful neck, and she's now using a support device to help mend her ligaments after failing to find a solution.

She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "I've been sporting a bit of an odd fashion choice this week. It's a neck brace! And it's getting in the way of my dance moves!

"I just can't get rid of it. I've had so many emails and ideas about how to make it better."

The singer also posted a picture of the accessory on Twitter...

Spice Girls Musical 'Viva Forever' Delayed

May 8th, 2011 7:01pm EDT
Spice Girls
The Spice Girls' upcoming musical has been delayed so the pop stars can perfect the stage spectacular themselves.

The "Wannabe" hitmakers have been hands on in the creation of Viva Forever, a show inspired by the songs of the British girl group, which comprised of Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm.

But Chisholm admits the project, which is destined for London's West End, has hit a stumbling block because the former band members are so busy.

She tells Britain's Daily Star Sunday, "We were planning to open around summer time but it's likely t...

Melanie Brown Expecting Her Third Child

March 21st, 2011 7:55am EDT
Melanie Brown
Melanie Brown is the latest Spice Girl celebrating baby news - the singer has confirmed she is pregnant.

The pop star is set to welcome her first child with husband Stephen Belafonte this summer, joining her former band mates Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham in the expectant moms club.

And after marrying Belafonte in Las Vegas in 2007, Brown insists the pregnancy is "a dream come true."

She tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "We're really thrilled. We wouldn't have planned and waited for four years to have a baby if we weren't excited and ready for it... We're really happily married, an...

Celebrities Tweet Prayers & Well Wishes To Japan Earthquake Victims

March 11th, 2011 9:10am EST
Melanie Brown
Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown is terrified she will be caught up in a tsunami horror following Friday's earthquake in Japan.

The singer and her husband Stephen Belafonte are currently on a trip around the Far East and travelled to Malaysia from Singapore earlier this week.

She took to Twitter soon after the 8.9-magnitude tremor hit Japan on Friday - but her concerns turned to terror when a tsunami warning was issued for more than 20 countries and islands, including Malaysia.

In a series of posts, Brown writes, "My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Japan I can not believe ...

Spice Girl Emma Bunton Got Engaged For Her Birthday

January 23rd, 2011 5:00pm EST
Emma Bunton
Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton celebrated her 35th birthday in style on Friday - with an engagement ring.

The one-time Baby Spice announced the happy news via Twitter.com today, posting a picture of the ring longtime boyfriend Jade Jones gave her.

She wrote, "Yahooooo I'm Engaged! Love you Jade! I'm a very happy lady!"

She later confirmed the news during an appearance on British TV show Dancing on Ice.

Bunton is expecting the couple's second child in May.

They have been together for 11 years and have a three-year-old son, called Beau.

Jones, a chef, was formerly a singer in Briti...

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