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Now Playing: Laz Alonso Talks Working with Chris Brown on 'Battle of the Year' Rihanna Through The Years
2014-04-17 Chris Brown's Assault Case Going Forward
2014-04-08 Chris Brown on 4-Day Con-Air Flight to D.C. For Trial
2014-04-04 Celebs Who Should Think Before They Ink
2014-03-29 Kim Kardashian Was Once Seduced By Chris Brown?!
2014-03-26 JLo Comes to Chris Brown's Defense
2014-03-24 Chris Brown: 'Jail Is the Worst Experience of My Life'
2014-03-24 Chris Brown, Courtney Love And Chipotle Are Losing
2014-03-22 Chris Brown Attorney Launches Get Out of Jail Plan
2014-03-21 Chris Brown May Buy His Way Out of Jail
2014-03-20 Chris Brown Set to Spend a Month in Jail
2014-03-19 Kanye, Chris Brown And M.I.A. Are All In Serious Legal Trouble
2014-03-19 Chris Brown Will Be in Solitary Confinement 23 Hours a Day
2014-03-19 Chris Brown Tweets About Ariana Grande Duet... From Jail
2014-03-18 Chris Brown Has Been Arrested
2014-03-18 Drake and Rihanna Make It Official
2014-03-18 Judge Orders Chris Brown to Remain in Jail
2014-03-18 Chris Brown Ordered to Remain in Jail
2014-03-18 Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rehab for Touching Women
2014-03-18 CC Sabathia Birthday Party Catered by Oscar Winner
2014-03-18 Chris Brown's Mom Sobbed in Court When He Was Sentenced to Jail
2014-03-18 Chris Brown Returns To Court After Rehab Dismissal
2014-03-17 Chris Brown and Tyga's New Mixtape Will Cost You
2014-03-15 Chris Brown Approves Of Drake And Rihanna's Rekindled Love Romp
2014-03-04 Ariana Grande and Chris Brown Ballet Dance and Collaboration
2014-03-02 Rihanna and Chris Brown Secretly Texting Since Her Birthday
2014-02-27 Chris Brown To Release 'X' Album And A Mixtape This Year
2014-02-25 Chris Brown -- Anger Rehab Graduate ... Pursues Music Career
2014-02-23 Cee Lo Quits The Voice – Top 5 Replacements
2014-02-20 Chris Brown's Lawyer Says He's Being Extorted
2014-02-17 The Recap: Chris Brown Gets Praise
2014-02-10 Bieber Is Chased By the Law and Chris Brown Will Stay Put
2014-02-05 Justin Bieber’s Super Bowl 2014 Party
2014-02-04 Chris Brown Will Stay in Rehab
2014-02-04 Chris Brown Avoids Jail and Is 'Doing Great' in Rehab
2014-02-04 L.A. Judge Keeps Chris Brown Out of Jail and in Rehab
2014-02-04 Mark Geragos: Chris Brown Has a Superior Lawyer
2014-02-04 'What's Up With Hayley': You Shouldn't Mess with Justin Bieber's Fans
2014-01-19 Razzie Nominations Are In, 'Grown Ups 2' Worst Of Worst
2014-01-16 Singer Chris Brown Rejects Plea Deal In Assault Case
2014-01-10 Nancy Grace Sounds Off On Chris Brown & Marijuana
2014-01-10 Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Kept Their Rekindled Romance Burning With A High-Class Camping Trip!
2014-01-09 Rihanna's New Crush Look Like Chris Brown?
2014-01-07 Kid Ink Gets Personal with New Album
2014-01-06 2013's Best Celebrity Scandals
2013-12-26 Chris Brown Leaves Rehab for a Good Cause
2013-12-23 Carlito Olivero and Chris Brown Collaboration?
2013-12-22 Streets Vs. Tweets: Will Rehab Help Chris Brown?
2013-12-19 Brown's Probation Revoked
2013-12-17 Chris Brown's Federal Probation Revoked
2013-12-17 Chris Brown's Probation Gets Revoked
2013-12-17 Kid Ink on Chris Brown: He Just Wants to Be Regular
2013-12-16 R. Kelly Thinks Chris Brown Is Just Like MLK Jr.
2013-12-07 Celebrities to Be Thankful For
2013-11-29 Chris Brown In Court: Jail Looms After Rehab Rage
2013-11-21 Brown Ordered to Complete 90-Days in Rehab
2013-11-21 Chris Brown -Booted From Rehab After Throwing Rock At Mom's Car
2013-11-21 Singer Chris Brown Ordered By Los Angeles Judge Into 90 Days Of Rehab
2013-11-21 Chris Brown Is Ordered Back to Rehab After Rock Attack
2013-11-21 ShowBiz Minute: Chris Brown and Chris Hemsworth
2013-11-21 Chris Brown Slapped with 90 Day Rehab Sentence
2013-11-21 Inside Justin Bieber's 'Gatsby' Party
2013-11-19 Inside Justin Bieber's Wild Party with Snoop Lion
2013-11-19 Drake and Rihanna Make It Rain $17K Strip Club Date
2013-11-17 Chris Brown Dines With Karrueche Tran After Checking Out of Rehab
2013-11-15 Chris Brown -- 'I've Always Had God'
2013-11-15 Chris Brown Sues Woman Who Claimed Assault
2013-11-14 Arsenio Declares A Winner In Drake And Chris Brown's Feud
2013-11-13 5 Popstar Tattoo Fails
2013-11-07 Coincidence? Rihanna and Karrueche Tran Rock Same Halloween Costume
2013-11-02 Why Is the Secret Service Working for Chris Brown
2013-11-01 Chris Brown Checks Himself Into Rehab
2013-10-31 Arsenio Is Worried That Mike Tyson Is Worried About Chris Brown
2013-10-31 Chris Brown to Spend Three Months in Rehab
2013-10-31 Chris Brown Explodes On Set Before Arrest
2013-10-31 Chris Brown Released From Jail
2013-10-30 Chris Brown Checks Into Rehab
2013-10-30 Chris Brown Enters Rehab
2013-10-30 Chris Brown Enters Rehab Ahead of Possible Jail Time
2013-10-30 Chris Brown Goes To Rehab For Anger Management
2013-10-30 Singer Brown Pleads Not Guilty in D.C. Fight
2013-10-29 Chris Brown Walks Free But Could Still Face Jail Time
2013-10-29 Chris Brown Is Released as Assault Charge Is Reduced to Misdemeanour
2013-10-29 ShowBiz Minute: Reed, Brown, Box Office
2013-10-28 Lawyer Says: 'Chris Brown Is Definitely Going to Jail'
2013-10-28 Chris Brown Charged With Felony Assault After Alleged Attack Outside Hotel
2013-10-28 What's Trending - Monday, October 28
2013-10-28 Chris Brown Arrested For Felony Assault
2013-10-28 Karrueche Tran Parties at LA Nightclub Without Chris Brown
2013-10-26 Chris Brown at War With Wendy Williams & Perez Hilton
2013-10-08 Chris Brown Admits To Losing Virginity At 8-Years-Old
2013-10-07 Chris Brown Says He Lost Virginity at 8
2013-10-07 Chris Brown and Drake Record Music For X Album
2013-10-04 Chris Brown Promotes Gay Rights Petition
2013-10-03 Chris Brown Tweets For Good Cause
2013-10-02 Laz Alonso Talks Working with Chris Brown on 'Battle of the Year'
2013-09-25 Drake And Chris Brown Ending Feud?
2013-09-25 Chris Brown Criticizes Jay Z
2013-09-24 Chris Brown Calls Out Jay Z On His Violent Past
2013-09-23 Chris Brown In One Of The Best Dancing Scenes Ever

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