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Birth Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Years Active: 1994 - present
Genres: Post-hardcore, Christian Rock, Hardcore Punk

Blindside is a post-hardcore band from Stockholm, Sweden. They formed in 1994 as Underfree and kept that name for two years before releasing their debut EP in 1996.

In 1996 Blindside released the “Empty Box EP” on Day-Glo Records. In 1997, Solid State Records got a hold of the EP and signed Blindside to their label. 1997 Blindside debuted in Sweden with their self-titled debut, a collection of old and new songs that were based on singer Christian Lindskog’s life at the time. The disc was released later that year in the U.S. by Tooth & Nail.

In 2000, “A Thought Crushed My Mind” was released. “A Thought Crushed My Mind” was more harsh and hardcore than the band's debut. Due to lackluster sales of the two albums, it would be Blindside's final album with Solid State. Blindside signed to Elektra Records under the imprint 3 Points.

In 2002 Blindside released “Silence.” It generated hits such as “Sleepwalking,” “Pitiful” and “Caught a Glimpse.” In 2003, the Warner Music Group was sold to private investors, leading Elektra to drop Blindside.

In 2004, “About a Burning Fire” was released. It generated a minor hit in “All of Us.” The album showed the band toying with their diversity, as they threw in techno elements in “Where The Sun Never Dies” and yodeling Swedish vocals in the ethereal “Shekina.” “Shekina” is a Jewish and Christian name for the outer presence of God's glory, and this song title expresses Blindside's spiritual side in their music. The track “Hooray, It's L.A.!” featured the guitar and backup vocals of Billy Corgan, recorded during his recession from The Smashing Pumpkins. Following in 2005, Blindside re-released their two Solid State LPs with bonus tracks and new cover art. A DVD titled “Ten Years Running Blind” was released in 2005.

“The Great Depression,” was released in August 2005. “The Great Depression” showcased Blindside experimenting with multiple new genres. Many jazzy elements were incorporated, such as “My Alibi” and “City Lights.” Guest vocalists were incorporated, namely Ilkka from Benea Reach and Selfmindead, as well as J. Jamte. Ilkka sang alongside Christian Lindskog in “Come To Rest,” while J. Jamte contributed to “You Must Be Bleeding Under Your Eyelids.”

Blindside released the EP, “The Black Rose EP,” in June 2007and toured the United States in support of it in late 2007. This album included five new songs and three live songs.

“With Shivering Hearts We Wait”