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''Behind the Front'' is the debut album by the Black Eyed Peas, released in 1998. Most of the tracks were demos for Grass Roots. The song "Joints & Jam" appeared on the soundtrack of ''Bulworth'', where it was billed as "Joints & Jams". On the back cover, "Skit 3" is listed after "Duet" when it is actually after "Communication". The first music video to be made from the album was for "Head Bobs"; in spite of that, the song was never released as a single and the video had no airplay,. The video was later featured in the ''Behind The Bridge To Elephunk'' DVD. A music video was also made for "What It Is", which also was never released as a single. However, the song was featured on some versions of the "Joints & Jam" single as a B-side and the music video was also featured on ''Behind The Bridge To Elephunk''. "Be Free" is played in the film, She's All That.

Behind The Front (Edited)
Label: Interscope
Release Date: 1998-08-25
Duration: 73:53

Buy AlbumPrice: $9.99

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Song Title Time Play Price Download
1Fallin' Up 5:09
$9.99 Buy Album
2Clap Your Hands 4:57
$9.99 Buy Album
3Joints & Jam 3:35
$0.99 Buy Song
4The Way U Make Me Feel 4:18
$9.99 Buy Album
5Movement 4:43
$9.99 Buy Album
6Karma 4:28
$9.99 Buy Album
7Be Free 4:08
$0.99 Buy Song
8Say Goodbye 4:01
$9.99 Buy Album
9Duet 4:21
$9.99 Buy Album
10Communication 5:41
$9.99 Buy Album
11What It Is 4:45
$9.99 Buy Album
12┬┐Que Dices? 4:00
$9.99 Buy Album
13A8 3:52
$9.99 Buy Album
14Love Won't Wait 3:35
$9.99 Buy Album
15Head Bobs 4:14
$9.99 Buy Album
16Positivity 8:06
$9.99 Buy Album
Album - Behind The Front (Edited) $9.99 Buy Album