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''Vespertine'', released in August 2001, is an album by the Icelandic singer/songwriter/musician Björk. It sees Björk creating a quiet, introverted world of swirling microbeats and personal lyrics. On the cover she can be seen wearing the swan dress (designed by Marjan Pejoski) that caused a stir at the 2001 Academy Awards.

The album was originally released both on CD and on DVD-Audio in 2-channel (48khz/24bit) and 5.1-channel (96khz/24bit) advanced resolution.It was re-released in 2006 as a DualDisc including a lower-quality DTS 96/24 version of the original advanced resolution 5.1 mix. The DualDisc also formed part of the ''(____surrounded):'' box set.

Label: Rhino/Elektra
Release Date: 2010-11-16
Duration: 55:21

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Song Title       Time
1Hidden Place    5:26
2Cocoon    4:27
3It's Not Up To You    5:07
4Undo    5:36
5Pagan Poetry    5:13
6Frosti    1:41
7Aurora    4:40
8An Echo, A Stain    4:03
9Sun In My Mouth    2:39
10Heirloom    5:09
11Harm Of Will    4:35
12Unison    6:45