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''Family Tree'' is a boxed set of musical material by Icelandic singer Björk. The set consists of a book of lyrics entitled "Words", five 3-inch compact discs of rare and previously unreleased material, and a regular-sized compact disc of "Greatest Hits" selected by Björk herself.

''Family Tree'' was released in November 2002, concurrent with the release of Björk's ''Greatest Hits'' album, in which the tracks were selected by her fans.

The five 3-inch compact discs include: "Roots CD 1", which features songs recorded before Björk's "second solo debut" (i.e. previous to her 1993 album ''Debut''). This compact disc features songs by her previous bands: KUKL, The Elgar Sisters, and The Sugarcubes. "Roots CD 2" features b-sides and alternate versions of album tracks; "Beats", which focuses on both new and old songs with a heavier electronica influence; and finally "Strings", CDs 1 and 2, which feature live and studio recordings of Björk with the Brodsky Quartet through 1999 and 2000.

The artwork on the CD was done in collaboration with Icelandic contemporary artist Gabríela Friðriksdóttir. The cover consists of a tree with letter on the upper part.

A music video for the song Nature is Ancient, directed by LynnFox, was released in November 2002 to promote the compilation, even though the song was originally released in 1997.

Björk's notes for the project, as featured on the individual CD artworks, reveal that "Immature" and "My Spine" were initially considered to feature on the compilation, as well as track(s) recorded with British composer John Tavener.

Family Tree
Label: Elektra Records/ATG
Release Date: 2007-09-04
Duration: 148:06

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Song Title       Time
1Sidasta Eg    02:55
1Immature    02:51
1Unravel (Instrumental)    03:36
1The Modern Things    04:09
1All Neon Like (Instrumental)    05:01
1Venus As A Boy    04:42
2Glora    01:43
2Cover Me    03:05
2Cover Me (Instrumental)    02:48
2I've Seen It All (Instrumental)    05:57
2Hyperballad    05:23
2Karvel    04:28
3Fuglar    03:01
3Generous Palmstroke    04:39
3I Go Humble    04:44
3Possibly Maybe (Instrumental)    04:51
3Bachelorette (Instrumental)    05:05
3You've Been Flirting Again    02:32
4Ammaeli (A & E Joined Together)    03:57
4Nature Is Ancient    03:38
4Joga (Strings & Vocals)    04:40
4The Anchor Song (Instrumental)    03:41
4Play Dead (Instrumental)    03:25
4Isobel    05:48
5Mamma    02:55
5Mother Heroic    02:42
5Hunter (Instrumental)    04:29
5Joga    05:05
6Unravel    03:18
7Bachelorette    05:15
8All Is Full Of Love    04:47
9Scatterheart    06:38
10I've Seen It All    05:30
11Pagan Poetry    05:14
12It's Not Up To You    05:08