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Now Playing: Justin Bieber Uses a Disney-Inspired Pick-Up Line on a Model! Justin Bieber Uses a Disney-Inspired Pick-Up Line on a Model!
2014-10-24 Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom Fuel Dating Rumors!
2014-10-22 Justin Bieber -- SICK HOCKEY GOAL ... Seriously, It's Impressive
2014-10-22 Selena Gomez Is Our #WCW Woman Crush Wednesday
2014-10-22 Selena Gomez Denies Taylor Swift's Bieber Ban: "She Never Judges Me"
2014-10-20 Top 10 Famous Douchebags
2014-10-19 Justin Bieber 'All About That Bass' Maejor Remix
2014-10-19 Justin Bieber Trains With Boxer Floyd Mayweather
2014-10-19 Pink Urges Selena Gomez to Cut Off Ties With Justin Bieber
2014-10-19 11 Celebs Who Dressed as Other Celebs for Halloween
2014-10-19 Nicole Richie Spills On Whether Or Not A Simple Life Reunion With Paris Hilton Will Ever Happen
2014-10-18 Top 10 Celebrities With The Most Followers On Instagram
2014-10-18 Justin Bieber Reunites With Lil Twist
2014-10-17 Selena Gomez Reveals Her Celebrity Crush (and It's Not Justin Bieber)
2014-10-16 Selena Gomez Explains Cryptic Instagram Posts
2014-10-09 Selena Gomez Dumped Justin Bieber Over Date with Kendall Jenner
2014-10-09 Selena Gomez Takes Inspiration From Kim K
2014-10-08 Selena Gomez Unfollows Justin Bieber on Instagram
2014-10-05 9 Selena Gomez Pics Justin Bieber Posted & Deleted on Instagram
2014-10-05 Top 10 Celebrity Falls from Grace
2014-10-02 Selena Gomez Takes Kris Jenner For a Ride
2014-10-02 Celebrities Descend Into the French Capital for Paris Fashion Week
2014-10-01 Orlando Bloom Reacts to Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner
2014-10-01 10 Dumb Justin Bieber Quotes
2014-09-29 Justin Bieber's New Movie with David Hasselhoff?
2014-09-28 Lorde Is Hotter Than Justin Bieber & 5SOS?
2014-09-28 Justin Bieber Suffers Cliff Diving Injury & Might Need Surgery
2014-09-28 Lorde Named Most Influential Young Pop Star
2014-09-28 Justin Bieber Ruptures Eardrum Cliff Diving
2014-09-26 Justin Bieber Has Awkward Dinner with Selena Gomez & Chantel Jeffries
2014-09-26 Ellen DeGeneres Hilariously Scolds Jared Leto On His Beach Attire: What's With The Suitcase?!
2014-09-24 Drake Bell Explains Why He Wished Death On A Justin Bieber Fan Via Instagram
2014-09-24 Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff Join Forces in LA
2014-09-24 15 Most Shocking Nude Photo Scandals Ever
2014-09-21 Did Justin Bieber Cheat on Selena with Yovanna Ventura?
2014-09-21 Top 5 Fandoms: Directioners V. Beliebers V. KatyCats
2014-09-21 7 Celebs Who've Dissed Jelena (Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez)
2014-09-21 Justin Bieber’s Schmoney Dance Workout
2014-09-19 Justin Bieber Asked Selena Gomez to Move In, She Says Yes
2014-09-19 Justin Bieber Wants Selena Gomez to Have a Baby
2014-09-15 Taylor Swift and 5SOS Rap
2014-09-13 14 Problems Canadians Know to Be True
2014-09-10 ShowBiz Minute: U2, Beckham, Fashion Rocks
2014-09-10 Justin Bieber Strips Down to Boxers After Getting Booed Onstage
2014-09-10 Justin Bieber Strips For Booing Fans
2014-09-10 Assault Charge Against Justin Bieber Dropped In Canada
2014-09-08 Comedian Joan Rivers Dead at 81
2014-09-05 Celebs Offer Advice to Help Save Justin Bieber's Career
2014-09-03 Probation Violation Investigation Launched After Justin Bieber Arrest
2014-09-03 Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber Involved In Fist Fight
2014-09-02 Zac And Michelle Shoot Down Rumors of Ending Summer Fling
2014-09-02 Bieber and Bloom Battle Over Beauty
2014-09-02 Trouble In Paradise for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
2014-09-02 A Shirtless Justin Bieber Cuddles Bikini-Clad Selena Gomez
2014-09-02 Selena Gomez Decides on a New Tattoo
2014-09-01 Lady Gaga Rushed to Hospital
2014-09-01 Bieber Pleads Guilty But Avoids Jail Time
2014-09-01 Justin Bieber & Selena: Back Together Again … Again
2014-08-30 Surprise! Justin Bieber Is A Douche!
2014-08-30 Justin Bieber Scores a Police Investigation at Dave and Buster’s.
2014-08-30 Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Romantic Vacation Captured in Instagram Pic
2014-08-29 Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Date Ended With the Police Being Called
2014-08-27 Justin Bieber -- Rear Ended In West Hollywood
2014-08-27 Justin Bieber Shares & Deletes ANOTHER Photo Of Selena Gomez!
2014-08-27 Kate McKinnon Talks Justin Bieber Impression
2014-08-26 Seth Meyers' Hilarious Emmys 2014 Opening Monologue
2014-08-26 Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon on Her Justin Bieber Impression
2014-08-26 Bieber Investigated for Attempted Robbery and Lunging at a Fan
2014-08-26 Smosh Give Justin Bieber Advice at the 2014 MTV VMAs
2014-08-25 Tyson Beckford -- Justin Bieber Is Too Little To Handle My Ex
2014-08-22 Justin Bieber Moves Into House with a Nightclub
2014-08-20 Taylor Swift Has A Major Obsession With Cats
2014-08-20 Justin Bieber Is Getting Sued Again, Pap Alleges Attack
2014-08-20 Justin Bieber Sued for 'Enjoying' the Beating He Ordered on a Paparazzo
2014-08-20 Top Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges