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Now Playing: Justin Bieber -- Blazin' Again ... But Not Like That Justin Bieber -- Blazin' Again ... But Not Like That
2014-12-19 Did Selena Gomez Cry Over Justin at Taylor's Birthday Party?
2014-12-18 Did Selena Gomez Cry at Taylor Swift's Birthday Party?
2014-12-18 Selena Gomez Threw a Fit Over Justin Bieber at Taylor Swift's Birthday Bash
2014-12-18 Selena Gomez Denies Drama at Taylor's Party
2014-12-18 Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Shop for Christmas Trees, Wage War With Justin Bieber!
2014-12-18 Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Reuniting for Christmas?
2014-12-17 One Night on the Street, One Night with Justin Bieber
2014-12-17 Selena Gomez Causes Scene Over Justin Bieber at Taylor Swift's Birthday Party
2014-12-17 Justin Bieber Confirms He's "Super Single,' But What About Hailey Baldwin?
2014-12-16 Justin Bieber Says He's ''Single,'' Shoots Down Rumors He's Dating ''Good Friend'' Hailey Baldwin
2014-12-16 Justin Bieber Confirms He's Single, Calls Hailey Baldwin 'His Friend'
2014-12-16 18 Biggest Fandoms of All Time
2014-12-14 Selena Gomez Drops Bombshell About Justin Bieber
2014-12-12 Selena Gomez Disappointed in Justin Bieber for Using Hailey Baldwin
2014-12-10 Inside the Glass Houses of Hollywood Stars
2014-12-10 Selena Gomez Looking For A Ring From Justin Bieber
2014-12-10 Hailey Baldwin Addresses Justin Bieber Romance
2014-12-09 13 Teens Who Need to Be Stopped Immediately
2014-12-09 Khloe Kardashian Changes Hair Colour After Split
2014-12-09 Hailey Baldwin Addresses Justin Bieber Romance Rumors
2014-12-08 10 Celeb WTF Moments of 2014
2014-12-07 10 Celeb News Stories That Almost Broke the Internet in 2014
2014-12-07 Justin Bieber Goes Platinum, Dyes His Hair Blonde
2014-12-07 Rumor Patrol: Miley & Patrick Drugged Up, Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Dating?
2014-12-07 See Justin Bieber's New Glass Mansion
2014-12-06 Khloe Kardashian and French Montana Split — Again
2014-12-05 The Best Instagram Pics of 2014
2014-12-04 Justin Bieber Moves Out of Beverly Hills Condo, Neighbors Celebrate
2014-12-04 Tom Brady -- I'm Too Old to Party With Gronk
2014-12-03 Justin Bieber Spotted With Model Hailey Baldwin
2014-12-03 6 On-Again Off-Again Hollywood Couples
2014-11-28 Kevin Hart -- I'd Crush Bieber ... On the Basketball Court
2014-11-27 Justin Bieber Tries to Go Incognito
2014-11-26 Selena Gomez Cries & Thanks Jesus During AMAs Performance
2014-11-25 Justin Bieber Has Topped The Forbes Richest Celebrities Under 30 List
2014-11-25 Ladies Rule the American Music Awards
2014-11-24 13 Celebs Who Dated Their Famous Celeb Crush
2014-11-23 Justin Bieber Thinking About Surprising Selena Gomez at AMAs
2014-11-21 Justin Bieber Has Gone Into Hiding to Study the Bible
2014-11-20 Justin Bieber's Childhood Home for Sale — Furniture Still Inside!
2014-11-19 Antoine Dodson: 'I Want to Fight Justin Bieber'
2014-11-19 Kendall Jenner On Justin Bieber Dating Rumors & Nude Marc Jacobs Show: 'I Don't Regret It'
2014-11-19 Justin Bieber's Childhood Home Listed For Affordable $279K
2014-11-18 18 Secret Celebrity Rappers
2014-11-16 How Justin Bieber’s Bad Boy Ways Could Make Him a Better Artist, According to Usher
2014-11-15 Kyle And Chris Massey Have Scars After Lil Twist Brawl
2014-11-13 Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner's Church Date
2014-11-12 Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson Release Duet 'Home to Mama'
2014-11-12 First Listen: Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson 'Home to Mama'
2014-11-12 Justin Bieber Turned Up At His Pastor's Birthday at The 40/40 Club Last Week
2014-11-11 Justin Bieber Forks Over $80,000 for Egging Neighbor's House
2014-11-11 Bieber Shells Out $80,000 for Egg Prank
2014-11-11 Monday's Showbiz News: One Direction's Big Win at the EMAs and More
2014-11-10 Ariana Grande Steals the Show at MTV’s EMAs
2014-11-10 Selena Gomez Debuts ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ Music Video
2014-11-09 Rumor Patrol: Taylor Swift Butt Job, Jelena Over for Good?
2014-11-09 Rihanna Won't Work With Calvin Harris
2014-11-08 Selena Gomez Gives Revealing Interview About Justin Bieber
2014-11-07 Selena Gomez Sings About Justin Bieber On New Album
2014-11-06 Nick Cannon Discusses His Future and Amber Rose
2014-11-06 Selena Gomez Debuts "The Heart Wants What It Wants" Music Video--Is the Song About Justin Bieber?
2014-11-06 Selena Gomez’s New Music Video Presumably About Justin Bieber
2014-11-06 Who's Really Selling Secrets About Your Favorite Celebs?
2014-11-05 Kris Jenner Cuddles Up to New Man Corey Gamble
2014-11-05 Celebrities Get Spooky for Kate Hudson's Halloween Party
2014-10-31 Justin Bieber Was Called "Blackish" by Laurence Fishburne
2014-10-29 Drama King: 'Justin Bieber Kidnapped My Friend'
2014-10-28 Rockstars Die Younger Than the Rest of Us
2014-10-28 Selena Gomez Feels She 'Overreacted' to Bieber's Date with Kendall Jenner
2014-10-27 Orlando Bloom Speaks Out About Selena Gomez Relationship
2014-10-26 12 Selfie-Obsessed Celebs
2014-10-26 Nick Cannon Gives Back to a Children's Hospital
2014-10-26 Justin Bieber Uses a Disney-Inspired Pick-Up Line on a Model!
2014-10-24 Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom Fuel Dating Rumors!