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Now Playing: You Won't Believe Who Justin Bieber Is Babysitting! You Won't Believe Who Justin Bieber Is Babysitting!
2015-03-31 Do Justin Bieber's Eyes Look Different? He Says They've Changed--and Not Just Figuratively!
2015-03-31 Justin Bieber -- Not My Tempo ... Treats Sushi House To Drum Seshi
2015-03-31 Was Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast Apology Sincere?
2015-03-31 Martha Stewart Gets Racy During Her Roast of Justin Bieber
2015-03-31 3 Stars Who Totally Owned the Justin Bieber Roast
2015-03-31 The Best Moments from Justin Bieber's Roast
2015-03-31 Justin Bieber Gets Roasted and It's Hilarious!
2015-03-31 Martha Stewart Offers Prison Advice To Justin Bieber At Roast
2015-03-31 Justin Bieber Claims His Eyes Are Opened, Ready For Change After Roast
2015-03-31 Bieber Skewered at Roast Featuring N-Word
2015-03-31 Justin Bieber Apologizes for Antics and Promises to Change
2015-03-31 JustinBieber Apologizes for Not Remembering His Lyrics
2015-03-30 Justin Bieber Loves His Fans and Actually Has a Shirt On
2015-03-30 18 Things That Lasted Longer Than Blonde Kim Kardashian
2015-03-29 Is Justin Bieber Sad Zayn Malik Left One Direction?
2015-03-29 Justin Bieber - LOVE BITES
2015-03-28 Justin Bieber -- Zayn Left One Direction? NOOOOOOOO!!!!
2015-03-27 Salma Hayek Doesn't Understand Selfies
2015-03-27 TV Clipping Startup Whipclip Launches, Teams With Comedy Central Ahead of Justin Bieber Roast
2015-03-26 Leo DiCaprio Caught Partying With Justin Bieber?
2015-03-25 1D's Liam Payne Throws Shade at Justin Bieber
2015-03-25 Justin Bieber's Killer Bodyguard Is Just A Big Puppy
2015-03-25 Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner Pose in Only Towels for Vogue
2015-03-24 Ariana Grande Breaks Down Crying on Stage, Selena Gushes Over Zedd
2015-03-24 Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless With Kendall Jenner in Sexy 'Vogue' Shoot
2015-03-24 Scooter Braun Discusses Managing Justin Bieber
2015-03-24 Who Let Justin Bieber Adopt Another Animal So He Can Just Ignore It?
2015-03-24 Chris Massey Throws Shade At Lil Twist
2015-03-24 One Direction's Liam Payne Takes Social Media Shot at Bieber
2015-03-24 Chris Massey -- Lil Twist Is Great ... At Shining Justin Bieber's Shoes
2015-03-24 Celebrities Who Have Gone Platinum Blonde
2015-03-23 Do Beach Trips Doom Celebrity Relationships?
2015-03-23 Justin Bieber Facing $1 Million Egging Incident Lawsuit
2015-03-23 Most Brutal Quotes from the Justin Bieber Roast
2015-03-22 Rumor Patrol: Selena Gomez Sex-Shamed? Miley Cyrus Devastated?
2015-03-22 Justin Bieber Sued for Assault and Battery
2015-03-22 7 Celebs Getting Slimed at the Kids Choice Awards
2015-03-22 Emmy Rossum Describes Life as Justin Beiber's Neighbor
2015-03-21 Liza Minnelli in Rehab, Bieber Sued
2015-03-20 Malik Leaves 1D Tour, Madonna Responds to D&G
2015-03-20 Celebrities Playing Basketball in Spirit of March Madness
2015-03-20 Justin Bieber -- Neighborly Run-In With Emmy Rossum ... Not Her Cup of Sugar
2015-03-20 Justin Bieber Sued by Former Neighbor
2015-03-20 Justin Bieber Plays Sex Game With Madonna, Diplo Disses Taylor Swift Fans
2015-03-19 Madonna Takes Blame for Fall
2015-03-19 Madonna: Brit Awards Fall Was 'Nobody's Fault'
2015-03-19 Justin Bieber Referred to as 'The King Joffrey of Pop'
2015-03-18 Justin Bieber Disses Selena at Roast, Big Sean Talks Ariana Grande
2015-03-18 Justin Bieber Mocked at Roast, Celebrates Birthday in Vegas
2015-03-18 Paul Walker Jokes Pulled from Justin Bieber Roast
2015-03-18 Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Hated
2015-03-18 First Clips from the Justin Bieber Roast
2015-03-18 Kevin Hart on the Justin Bieber Roast: "It Went a Little Rough"
2015-03-18 Madonna and Justin Bieber Play the Steamiest Game of Never Have I Ever
2015-03-18 Paul Walker Jokes Cut From Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast Telecast, Network Confirms
2015-03-17 Paul Walker Jokes Cut from Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast
2015-03-17 Ludacris Offend By Paul Walker Jokes At Justin Bieber Roast
2015-03-17 David Arquette Kicked Out of Justin Bieber's 21st Birthday Party
2015-03-17 The Best Moments From Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber
2015-03-16 Justin Bieber Apologises for Bad Behaviour
2015-03-16 Justin Bieber Puts On A Brave Face For His Comedy Central Roast
2015-03-16 Dolce and Gabbana, Bieber, 'X Factor': Showbiz Round Up
2015-03-16 Justin Bieber Promises “Moment of Change” Following Comedy Central Roast
2015-03-16 Justin Bieber Faces Selena Gomez Jokes at Roast
2015-03-16 Even Justin Bieber Can't Stop Laughing at His Star-Studded Roast
2015-03-15 Justin Bieber -- Floyd's Rabbit's Foot
2015-03-13 Justin Bieber: Love And Tennis?!
2015-03-13 Justin Bieber Denies Being Floyd Mayweather's Right Hand Man
2015-03-12 Kevin Hart Takes On Justin Bieber In Charity Tennis Match
2015-03-11 Justin Bieber Vs. Austin Mahone Hair Drama!
2015-03-10 Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast Lineup Revealed!
2015-03-08 Who's Roasting Justin Bieber?
2015-03-07 Justin Bieber's Roasters Revealed, Include Snoop Dogg, Ludacris
2015-03-07 Justin Bieber Says He Is Ready to Grow Up