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Now Playing: Justin Bieber Ditches His Blond Hair! Justin Bieber Ditches His Blond Hair!
2015-01-25 Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Bieber Three-Way Date
2015-01-25 Selena Gomez, Zedd Double Date With Zac Efron and Girlfriend Sami Miro
2015-01-25 Emma Roberts Slams James Franco Over Kiss Criticism
2015-01-24 Exclusive: Miley Cyrus Reveals Sex Secrets
2015-01-24 Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner Are Just Friends
2015-01-23 Justin Bieber Will Get Roasted on Comedy Central
2015-01-22 Sorry Kim Kardashian! Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Campaign More Popular Than Nude ‘Paper' Magazine Cover
2015-01-22 Justin Bieber Spends Time With Kendall Jenner After Selena Gomez Reunion
2015-01-22 Justin Bieber Responds to Hilarious SNL Calvin Klein Kate McKinnon Parody
2015-01-21 Comedy Central to Roast Justin Bieber
2015-01-21 Selena Gomez Sparks Dating Rumors With New Guy
2015-01-21 Justin Bieber Is About to Get Roasted!
2015-01-21 Kim and Kanye Break Bread With Beyonce and Jay Z
2015-01-21 Justin Bieber Is Getting Roasted
2015-01-21 Justin Bieber Is Officially Getting Roasted and More
2015-01-21 Top 5 Justin Bieber Life Events Worthy of a Roast
2015-01-21 Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast
2015-01-21 Justin Bieber Is Using His Comedy Central Roast as Form of Therapy
2015-01-21 Selena Gomez Trades Justin Bieber for Music Producer
2015-01-20 Justin Bieber -- THE ROAST IS ON ... Bring On Jeff Ross!
2015-01-20 Justin Bieber Will Be Roasted by Comedy Central in March
2015-01-20 Bieber's Getting Roasted, and That's Exactly What He Needs
2015-01-20 Justin Bieber Ditches Selena Gomez Reunion to Hang With Mystery Blonde!
2015-01-17 Naya Rivera Says Justin Bieber Looks Like a "Douchebag" With His Shirtless Selfies
2015-01-17 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Steak Their Claim to Each Other ... Again.
2015-01-17 50 Cent Scared of Justin Bieber?
2015-01-15 Keith Richards Was 'Not Impressed' With Justin Bieber
2015-01-15 Justin Bieber Addresses the Photoshopped Bulge Controversy
2015-01-15 How Big Is Justin Bieber's Bulge?
2015-01-14 Justin Bieber -- Republicans Hijacked My Favorite Joint
2015-01-14 Justin Who? Selena Gomez Holds Hands With Zedd
2015-01-14 Justin Bieber Takes His Shirt Off for Karl Lagerfeld
2015-01-12 Justin Bieber Vs. Mark Wahlberg: Best Calvin Klein Photo?
2015-01-11 Justin Bieber Dissed by Mark Wahlberg's Wife
2015-01-11 Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless Yet Again in V Magazine
2015-01-10 Iggy Azalea And Drake Prepare For Their Tours
2015-01-10 Justin Bieber's Bulge and Muscles Weren't Photoshopped, Says Justin Bieber
2015-01-10 Wahlberg's Wife Throws Major Shade at Bieber
2015-01-09 Mark Wahlberg's Wife Throws Shade at Bieber's Calvin Klein Ad
2015-01-09 Justin Bieber Discusses Fashion and Movie Goals
2015-01-09 Marion Cotillard: Screen Test
2015-01-08 More Women Assuse Cosby of Assault, Writers Guild Announces Nominees
2015-01-08 Justin Bieber Reveals His Ab-Tastic Calvin Klein Workout, But Did He Stuff Those Briefs?
2015-01-08 Miley Cyrus Mocks Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ad Campaign!
2015-01-08 Justin Bieber Strips Down for Calvin Klein 2015 Campaign
2015-01-08 Miley Cyrus Parodies Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ad
2015-01-08 Justin Bieber -- Calvin Klein's Happy Trail of LIES!!!
2015-01-08 Justin Bieber Hopes Mark Wahlberg Likes His Calvin Klein Campaign
2015-01-08 Justin Bieber Is a Calvin Klein Underwear Model
2015-01-07 Justin Bieber Strips Down As the New Face (and Body) of Calvin Klein
2015-01-07 Topless Lara Stone Gets Intimate with Justin Bieber
2015-01-07 Nothing Comes Between Justin Bieber & His Calvins
2015-01-07 Justin Bieber Strips Off For Calvin Klein
2015-01-07 Justin Bieber Is New Face of Calvin Klein's Spring 2015 Campaign
2015-01-07 Justin Bieber Strips Down to His Calvins: Check Out Bieber's Bulge!
2015-01-07 Justin Bieber Broke His Foot on Vacation!
2015-01-06 Is Justin Bieber Recording New Music With Prince Jackson?
2015-01-06 Christie Brinkley Parties With Justin Bieber
2015-01-06 Weird Things We All Did in 2014
2015-01-05 Aaron Paul Stunned by 'Star Wars' Speculation
2015-01-05 Funniest Celebrity Fails In 2014
2015-01-02 Biggest Celebrity Legal Battles Of 2014?
2015-01-01 Taylor Swift V. Miley Cyrus: "Celebs Gone Good" List
2014-12-31 That's So Raven Cast - Where Are They Now?
2014-12-31 The 7 Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals of 2014, Ranked
2014-12-31 Celebs That Ruled The Internet: 2014 Edition
2014-12-31 5 Most Overrated Artists Of 2014
2014-12-31 Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber Made Calvins Happen in 2014
2014-12-30 The Feistiest Celebrity Feuds of 2014
2014-12-30 Justin Bieber Sued -- Your Goons Did the Whupping ... So You Gotta Do the Paying
2014-12-30 Justin Bieber Didn't Buy a Private Plane for Christmas After All
2014-12-30 Justin Bieber Named Worst Celeb Neighbor of 2014
2014-12-30 Celebrities Show Off Their Festive Fun On Instagram
2014-12-29 5 Artists Who Need Major Comebacks In 2015