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'The X Factor' Final Five Recap: It's Melanie And Everybody Else

December 8th, 2011 9:36am EST
Melanie Amaro performs in front of the judges on THE X FACTOR
In honor of ‘The X Factor’ truncating all the contestants’ performance in order to cram all ten of them into 90 minutes so there’s enough time for ‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’, I’m going to truncate this recap’s intro.

See? It’s already over! Let’s get on with it.

Melanie Amaro's First Performance: “Someone Like You” by Adele

LA Reid Said: It was really good.

Nicole Said: You looked and sounded like the rock star diva you are.

Paula Said: It was too short. That’s my only complaint.

Simon Said: It wasn’t karaoke, it was doing something different with a track.

The Verdict:

I guess thi...

'The X Factor' Recap: Drew Ryniewicz Goes Home In A Shocker

December 2nd, 2011 10:01am EST
Drew Ryniewicz Goes Home In A Shocker
It’s been a bad couple of weeks for the Molly Dewolf Swenson Scale.

One week after my favorite performer, Leroy Bell, bit the dust, my second favorite, Drew, left last night in a shocking result that didn’t even seem possible after it happened.

Why? Because Drew seemed like the clear favorite and every single step of her elimination – being in the bottom three, having to sing, having three different judges send her home – were almost dreamlike. It was like watching a heavily favored NFL team get upset. You see the touchdowns, but they don’t seem real as they’re happening. That’s what watc...

'The X Factor' Recap: Not Many Kings On Michael Jackson Night

December 1st, 2011 9:46am EST
Melanie Amaro performs in front of the judges on THE X FACTOR
I’m back again after a week off for Thanksgiving this time. Curse you, Turkey and your insufferable way of making me miss ‘The X Factor’.

Not to worry though. I will be here for the duration of this season. First, let’s get to my quick recap of last week.

I thought it was LeRoy’s best performance and I’m a bit dismayed to see him go. After all, he was this year’s winner of the Molly DeWolf Swenson Scale and I was rooting for him. I also think he greatly outperformed Marcus in the sing-off. Simon should have had the stones to keep him in there. Maybe it’s because he just hates Nicole enoug...

'The X Factor' Recap: Only A Few Really Bring It On Rock Night

November 17th, 2011 9:25am EST
THE X FACTOR: LeRoy Bell performs
I’m back after a week off for my sister’s wedding, and before we get started I should fill you in on what I thought of last week.

The three performances I really liked were LeRoy Bell, Melanie Amaro and (surprisingly) Rachel Crow who I thought flashed a voice I hadn’t heard from her yet in the competition.

The three performances I thought deserved to be voted off were Stacy Francis, Chris Rene, and The Stereo Hogzz. Stacy just picked a terrible song, Chris is still struggling with pitch and The Stereo Hogzz were just a mess. Not surprisingly, they got voted off.

And now that we’re caught...

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