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East Coast Invasion: Previously Unreleased 1964 US Tour Interviews
Label: Thunderbolt
Release Date: 1985-01-01
Duration: 54:25

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1Melody Maker Award Presentation En Route To The East Coast On 27th August, 1964 01:57
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2John Lennon Talks About New York And The Concert At Forest Hills On 29th August, 1964 02:48
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3Paul McCartney Discusses The Fans Reaction On Arrival At New York, The Big Apple And The Forest Hills Concert On 28th August, 1964 05:03
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4Ringo Starr Gives His Reactions To New York And The Fans On 29th August, 1964 02:33
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5George Harrison Gives His Views On Press Conferences, A Hard Day's Night And The USA Compared With The UK On 28th August, 1964 04:43
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6Manager Brian Epstein Gives A Rare Interview On 28th August, 1964 06:13
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7John Lennon Discusses The Effects Of Beatlemania On Family Life, A Hard Day's Night, Touring And Concerts On 2nd September, 1964 07:40
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8Paul McCartney Talks About Acting, Folk-Rock, Miami And The Press On 29th August, 1964 05:54
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9George Harrison Discusses The Differences Between English And American Lifestyles On 9th September, 1964 03:33
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10Ringo Starr Gives His Views On Country And Western Music, Sports, Monopoly, The Beatles And Fan Clubs On 2nd September, 1964 05:03
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11Road Manager Neil Aspinall Talks About The Escape From Fans Following The Concert In Atlantic City On 1st September, 1998 02:10
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12Press Officer Derek Taylor Discusses The Atlantic City Concert And The Police Protection On 1st September, 1964 06:43
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