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Now Playing: Stars React to 'Can't Buy Me Love' Actress Amanda Peterson's Death Stars React to 'Can't Buy Me Love' Actress Amanda Peterson's Death
2015-07-08 Lance Bass & Michael Turchin Are Releasing a Onesie Line
2015-06-25 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Chris Pratt's First Celebrity Sighting Was Lance Bass
2015-06-10 Lance Bass and James Corden Get Weird With Whipped Cream
2015-05-14 Lance Bass Relives His Boy Band Days With Grace Helbig
2015-05-09 Lance Bass Denies Having Sex With Andy Cohen
2015-05-08 Lance Bass Talks About the Evolving LGBT Community and Working in Hollywood
2015-05-05 FLASHBACK: 'N SYNC Members Transform Into Dolls for 'It's Gonna Be Me'
2015-03-20 7 Celebs You Forgot Were on 'Dancing With the Stars'
2015-03-15 Justin Bieber – Love And Tennis?!
2015-03-13 Lance Bass Admits He's Been Gay His Whole Life
2015-02-06 Lance Bass Reveals Why He Stayed in the Closet
2015-02-05 Lance and Michael's Bachelor Party Gets Naughty
2015-02-05 E! First To Broadcast Gay Celebrity Wedding
2015-02-02 Lance Bass and Michael Turchin Tease Wedding Details and a Memorable 'N Sync Moment
2015-01-28 Lance Bass Marries Michael Turchin
2014-12-23 Kris Jenner Spotted 'Dirty Dancing' With Boyfriend at Lance Bass' Wedding
2014-12-22 Elton John and Lance Bass Marry Respective Partners
2014-12-22 Pregnant Jessica Biel and Her Baby Bump Go Shopping in New York City
2014-12-18 Go Behind the Scenes of 'American Idol' Season 14 With Lance Bass
2014-12-17 Lance Bass -- Dong Cups and Lap Dances for Bachelor Party
2014-12-11 Matthew Morrison, Zoe Kravitz, Kate Upton & More Enjoy Freixenet On Halloween
2014-11-04 'American Idol' Returns! Behind the Scenes of Hollywood Week
2014-10-29 'Hello Ross' Talks 'Dancing with the Stars'
2014-05-10 Hollywood's Biggest Breakdowns and Comebacks
2014-04-08 Lance Bass: "There Has Definitely Been A Gay President"
2014-03-17 Lance Bass -- There Has DEFINITELY Been a Gay President
2014-03-17 Lance Bass: "Justin Bieber Should Have Gotten Jail Time"
2014-01-24 Lance Bass at Proposal Gone Wrong on 'Men at Work'
2014-01-22 New Music From Kylie Minogue, Lance Bass, Beck, & The Beatles
2014-01-21 Video: Britney Spears Makes Lance Bass Her S&M Slave
2013-12-31 NSYNC's Second Reunion of 2013
2013-11-05 NBC Reality Show Will Send Someone to Space
2013-10-08 NBC Reality Show Will Send Someone to Space
2013-10-04 See the Celeb Filled Proposal For an OKMagazine.Com Editor!
2013-10-03 *NSYNC's Anniversary
2013-10-01 Lance Bass Keeping Secrets For a Bunch of Closeted Celebs
2013-09-27 'N Sync Continues Hacky Sack Tradition Backstage At 2013 MTV VMAs
2013-09-10 *NSync's Lance Bass Had Trouble Proposing
2013-09-03 He Said YES! Lance Bass Pops the Question to Boyfriend
2013-09-02 *NSYNC'S Lance Bass Announces Engagement
2013-09-01 Prominent Entertainment Lawyer Irwin Russell Dies
2013-08-28 *NSYNC 'Upset' With Justin Timberlake For Scaling Back Songs
2013-08-27 NSYNC Bandmates Upset With Justin Timberlake Over VMA Reunion
2013-08-27 Madonna Top-Earning Celebrity, One Direction Premieres Film
2013-08-27 Madonna Top-Earning Celebrity, One Direction Premieres Film
2013-08-27 Lance Bass Says No *NSYNC Reunion Planned After VMAs Performance
2013-08-27 Lance Bass and Joey Fatone Tease VMA's *NSYNC Reunion
2013-08-26 Lance Bass Plays Coy About N*Sync VMA Reunion
2013-08-21 Justin Timberlake and 'NSync to Reunite at MTV VMAs
2013-08-20 *NSync Reuniting At VMAs
2013-08-20 Timberlake, *NSYNC Reuniting at Video Music Awards?
2013-08-20 NSYNC Reuniting at 2013 VMA Performance for Justin Timberlake
2013-08-20 Elmore Leonard Dies, 'NSync to Reunite
2013-08-20 Fans Get Homophobic After Raven Comes Out
2013-08-08 Fergie Holds Fabulous 'Gayby' Baby Shower
2013-07-29 Fergie Celebrates Pregnancy at Star-Studded Shower
2013-07-29 Courtney Love Admits Amanda Bynes' 'Ugly' Comment Might Be Accurate
2013-06-01 Amanda Bynes Gives Lance Bass the Ugly Treatment
2013-05-31 Lance Bass & Amanda Bynes Twitter Feud
2013-05-31 Lance Bass Thinks A Member Of One Direction Is 'Probably Gay'
2013-05-06 Lance Bass: 'At Least One of One Direction Is Gay'
2013-05-03 Lance Bass: Jason Collins Asked Me For Advice On Coming Out
2013-05-01 Revisit Jon Hamm's Closet Session For Sunday's 'Mad Men' Premiere
2013-04-08 Big Time Rush Gives Tribute On Fanlala 5ive
2013-04-03 Justin Timberlake Pokes Fun at N'Sync on Late Night
2013-03-14 NSYNC Upset Over Justin Timberlake's New Music
2013-01-25 I Was Once A Bully
2013-01-10 Lance Bass On Being Bullied By Gay Media
2013-01-09 Lance Bass On Hiding His Homosexuality
2013-01-09 Lance Bass On Coming Out
2013-01-09 Lance Bass: 'I Was Once A Bully'
2013-01-09 NSYNC Member Admits Justin Timberlake Wedding Snub Was Hurtful
2012-10-30 Timberlakes Hochzeit Ohne N'Sync
2012-10-25 Which 'NSync Member Didn't Get a Timberlake Wedding Invite?