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Gay Stars We'd Like To See Hook Up

11/4/2010 3:00pm EDT
Ricky Martin Lance Bass
We know some of these guys are in happy relationships, and most of them already have kids, but we'd love to see them get a little something something from other famous somebodies.

Take Ricky Martin. The Latino pop star ended years of speculation about his sexuality in March on his official site: "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am." He has recently been making the rounds on various talk shows to talk about his decision to come out.

In a candid chat with Oprah Winfrey, which aired in on Tuesday, the singer revealed he almost took off w...

Rob Halford: 'I Saw Bullying When I Was A Kid Growing Up'

10/19/2010 4:31pm EDT
Judas Priest
Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has waded into the bullying debate - he's demanding school officials do more to educate youngsters about the dangers of taunting their peers.

Teen bullying has hit headlines in the U.S. in recent weeks following a spate of suicides among depressed gay youths who had been taunted by their classmates. And Halford, who witnessed bullying first-hand as a kid, is calling on U.S. school officials to implement more effective programs to reach out to troubled youngsters and their bullies.

He tells, "It's important to look after each other and to nurtu...

Joe Jonas Joins The Anti-Bullying Debate

10/5/2010 12:02pm EDT
Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas has become the latest star to join the fight against high school bullying by filming a new public service announcement (PSA) for his young fans.

Troubled teenagers have hit headlines across America in recent weeks following a spate of suicides among unhappy youngsters. And the Jonas Brothers star is reaching out to the band's young devotees, urging them not to tolerate bullying of any kind.

He says, "The fact that people resort to bullying is horrible...If there's any way for us to stop it, we've got to start somewhere... Everybody has insecurities, everybody has fears... Reac...

Neil Patrick Harris & Lance Bass Reach Out To Bullied Gay & Lesbians

10/3/2010 5:39pm EDT
Neil patrick Harris
Gay stars Neil Patrick Harris and Lance Bass are the latest celebrities to reach out to their homosexual fans and urge them to stand up to bullies following a string of alleged suicides in the U.S.

Lesbian comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, R&B singer Ciara and rapper Nicki Minaj have all spoken out following the death of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, who last week jumped from the George Washington Bridge between New York and New Jersey after his college roommate allegedly posted footage of him having sex with another man online.

Now actor Harris and singer Bass have called for a stop to the trage...

Lance Bass Slams Lorenzo Martone Dating Rumors

9/13/2010 12:45pm EDT
Lance Bass
Former 'N Sync singer Lance Bass has dismissed rumors he's dating designer Marc Jacobs' ex-partner Lorenzo Martone.

The star was alleged to have begun a relationship with Martone in July following his split from the celebrity fashion guru and the two men have since been spotted together at numerous events in New York and Miami, Florida.

They both attended a special dinner for designers Brian Wolf and Claude Morais of Ruffian as part of New York Fashion Week last Thursday, but Bass insists there is no romance between them.

He tells the New York Post's Page Six column, "No, we're not to...

LFO Star Rich Cronin Dies Of Cancer At Age 35

9/8/2010 9:34pm EDT
Boy band star Rich Cronin (center) has lost his battle with leukemia. The LFO star died on Wednesday, two weeks after his 35th birthday.

Cronin, who wrote LFO's 1999 hit "Summer Girls," suffered a stroke and died in hospital.

Former 'NSYNC stars Chris Kirkpatrick and Lance Bass, who were friends with Cronin, have both paid their respects online.

In a post on his page, Kirkpatrick writes, "Rip to a great friend rich c." Bass took to to write, "Sad sad day that Rich Cronin died - was a amazing guy."

Kirkpatrick and Cronin starred together in the short-lived reali...

Ricky Martin & Ellen DeGeneres Overjoyed By Gay Marriage Ruling

8/5/2010 8:38am EDT
Ellen Degeneres
Gay stars including Ricky Martin, Ellen DeGeneres and Lance Bass are celebrating after a judge branded legislation outlawing same sex marriage in California "unconstitutional."

Gay marriages were made legal in California in 2008, but state legislation Proposition 8 overturned the law and deemed the unions illegal, just six months later.

The political backtracking sparked anger among campaigners and, in a landmark ruling on Wednesday, a judge ruled the ban on same-sex marriage was "unconstitutional" because it was an infringement of the "fundamental right to marry and creates an irrational...

Eminem Supports Gay Marriage?

6/17/2010 1:00pm EDT
Eminem has thrown his support behind same-sex marriage in his home state of Michigan, following years of complaints from gay rights groups about his offensive lyrics.

The Slim Shady star has previously come under fire over his controversial songs and was targeted by campaigners last year when he labeled homosexual singers Lance Bass, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken "f**gots" in his track Elevator.

However, the star insists his outlook is "more mature" than in previous years - joking that if same-sex couples wish to marry, they have every right to be as "miserable" as their 'straight' counte...

Lance Bass Wears Black Lipstick And Black Hair For Photo Shoot

6/2/2010 12:02pm EDT
Lance Bass Mike Ruiz Black
A darker side of Lance Bass appeared the other day! The former N Sync star posted photos on his Facebook page from a shoot with Mike Ruiz.

Bass is featured in black business wear, and an outfit featuring baggy military pants tucked into high socks.

Ruiz says that "This shoot of Lance Bass was inspired by Human League and early 80's New Wave." The look is already being compared to a Glam Rock movement made popular by Adam Lambert.

Bass has recently been rumored to be dating Kyan Douglas, the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy grooming expert.

So what do you think of Lance's new look?


Lance Bass Dating Reality Star Kyan Douglas?

5/10/2010 8:58am EDT
Lance Bass
Pop star Lance Bass has sparked speculation he's dating reality star Kyan Douglas, after they were spotted on a string of nights out together.

The openly-gay former N' Sync singer is said to have been single since he split from hairdresser Ben Thigpen in 2008, but he's now romancing Queer Eye grooming expert Douglas, according to the New York Post's gossip column Page Six.

A source tells the publication the pair has been spotted enjoying dates in New York and San Francisco - but their union is only recent.

The insider adds, "Lance admitted to having a bad track record with friends and...

Photos: 'Stars' At The Fox Reality Channel Really Awards

10/14/2009 9:48am EDT
2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards
Check out a slideshow of celebrities from the 2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards held at The Music Box at Fonda in Los Angeles last night. "Stars" from shows such as "The Girls Next Door," "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," and "Megan Wants A Millionaire" made red carpet appearances.

Several of these celebrities have certainly milked their 15 minutes of fame, while others have legitimately gone on to make successful "careers" for themselves, such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. We're not sure exactly what they do to make money except for promote themselves, but whatever it is, it...

Writer's Viewpoint: Is It Right For Others To Out Gay Celebrities?

6/16/2009 11:08am EDT
Lance Bass
To out or not to out, that is the question. For years Out Magazine, a gay publication, has taken to the practice of "outing" celebrities. Outing, declaring a celebrity gay when he or she has not admitted it, is controversial yet effective, for the gay rights movement. The celebrity is notified of the magazine's intent and thereby allowed the chance to come out on his/her own.

This practice, unfortunately, is due to the ignorance that is still running rampant in this country. Gay rights activists choose to emphasize that their lifestyle not only exists, but continues on a much larger ...

Funny Video: Zac Efron's Pool Party

4/8/2009 10:34am EDT
Zac Efron
Funny or Die's latest exclusive: Zac Efron's Uncle Hank and his girlfriend, Randi, crash Zac's pool party and they just cannot be cool. Appearing in this video are Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Thomas Lennon (Reno 911), Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Lance Bass, Carmen Electra, Queen Latifah, Brittany Snow, Jessica Stroup, Brody Jenner, Nicole Sullivan, Jessica Rose (lonelygirl15).

Let us know what you think of this video

Unexpected Celebrity Career Changes

4/7/2009 9:30am EDT
Joaquin Phoenix
In the celebrity world, career dabbling is a relatively common occurrence. Once a person has risen to celebrity status, they have easy access to the necessary resources, such as agents, publicists, and various other in-the-biz connections, that will allow them to change careers almost as often as they change their bed sheets - think celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff who oscillate between being actresses and singers. Career changes like these are made especially possible in today's celebrity world thanks to contraptions like auto-tune, which has lead to the replacement of talen...

Erin Go Braless (Links & Stuff)

3/17/2009 7:00pm EDT
Spongebob Squarepants
Check out some of the best links and viral videos found around the web today. And be sure to visit our On the Web section where we're constantly adding interesting links all the time.

YOU can even add links to stuff you find out there now, like interesting articles, cool YouTube videos, strange news, interesting photo galleries, and, well, just about anything!

Sexy St. Paddy's Day Sweeties - Gunaxin

Your best drink options for St. Paddy's Day - The Booze Buzz

Five things not to do on St. Patrick's Day - Holy Taco

Man walks again after 20 years after bite from Bro...

A Profile/Interview with Actor/Producer/Talk Show Host Ryan O'Connor

12/7/2008 12:13pm EST
Ryan O
Ryan O'Connor is a tough man to pin down. When I first approached O'Connor to do an exclusive one-on-one interview, it was for my "Break-Out Internet Star" piece, but his busy shooting schedule, coupled with awareness events around the election did not allow it. Still, I pursued onward because I knew I had to lock him down now, so I could say I "knew him when." And O'Connor was eager to chat and excited about his "first real piece of press," but as we got into the meat of what makes him and his show tick, I began to realize just how media savvy he must be because in rescheduling, he did no...

Who Should Be The 'Dancing With The Stars' Winner?

11/25/2008 3:42pm EST
Dancing With The Stars Finalists Who Will Win?
Tonight a winner will be crowned on 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 7. Only three remain: Lance Bass, Brooke Burke and Warren Sapp. As we saw last night it's anyone's game. Who do you think should win and who do you think will actually come out on top? Leave a comment after the pics below!

Watch the season finale on ABC tonight at 9:00-11:00 PM/ET.

UPDATE: Brooke Burke Is 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 7 Winner!

Brooker Burke:

Related: Slideshow: Brooke Burke - Hot Or Not?

Lance Bass:

More Lance Bass pictures / *NSYNC gallery


'Dancing With The Stars' Down To Final Three

11/25/2008 10:12am EST
Dancing With The Stars
And then there were three. Brooke, Lance and Warren are all anxiously awaiting their chance to win the mirror ball trophy. And even though the political season is behind us, the three finalists wanted to remind the viewers why they should receive the most votes.

Brooke Burke showcased her best two dances, the foxtrot and the paso doble. She also reminded everyone that she has been the highest scorer 80% of the competition. Lance Bass reminded everyone of his chart-topping mambo performance from last week and his Rihanna rip-off tango. Lance also pointed out that he has been the only on...

Slideshow: Brooke Burke - Hot Or Not?

11/25/2008 9:52am EST
Brooke Burke Hot pictures
Brooke Burke has made it to the finals on 'Dancing With The Stars.' The 37-year-old model, actress and mother of four is up against Lance Bass and Warren Sapp. Click through the slideshow and let us know if you think Brooke is hot or not and if she should win DWTS by leaving a comment below.

UPDATE: Brooke Burke Is 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 7 Winner!

- Click pic for next page -

More Brooke Burke pictures / Dancing With The Stars gallery

Do you think Brooke is hot or not? Should she win DWTS?

Leave a comment below!

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Slideshow: Bad Celebrity Hair This Week

11/19/2008 1:35pm EST
Bad Celebrity Hair Styles
Considering the amount of money Hollywood spends on stylists, the number of bad hairstyles stars sport is surprising. Here are some of our favorite hairdon'ts from the last week alone.

Agree or disagree? Leave a comment below!

Clifton Collins, Jr.

- Click pic for next page -

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Lauren Storm

- Click pic for next page -

More Lauren Storm pictures

Mitchel Musso

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More Mitchel Musso pictures


'Dancing With The Stars' Semifinal Round

11/18/2008 9:58am EST
Dancing With The Stars
Four contestants, eight dances, and still one person will have to go home and dance with the stars no more. It could be almost anyone considering the harsh criticism poured on the celebrities this week. It could have something to do with Len's lessons during rehearsal, or it could be because it's the semi-finals, but either way the scores and the dancers were in for a rude awakening.

Brooke Burke and partner Derek Hough danced the jive and the salsa this week. Brooke's goal for the night was to wow the crowd and perform like the three remaining men she's competing against. With her ext...

'Dancing With The Stars' November 10 Recap

11/11/2008 10:25am EST
Dancing With The Stars
Next week is the Dancing With The Stars semi-final, meaning each celebrity needed to step up their game this week. They were challenged to not only two dances, but also a 15 second solo to show of their dancing abilities without the help of their professional partner.

Cody Linley, still paired with partner Edyta Sliwinska due to Julianne Hough surgery, performed both the foxtrot and mambo this week. He was bummed due to having the lowest score and being in the bottom two last week. Some of his friends came to visit and boosted his spirits; they also got a kick out of dancing with Edyta...

'Dancing With The Stars': New Routines and Team Dancing

11/4/2008 10:27am EST
Dancing With The Stars
Dancing With The Stars is always up for trying something new. This week it was "Team Dancing" where half the couples still in the competition were put against the other half to boost their scores. But first, each couple had to perform a dance they had not done previously.

Up first, Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson dancing the foxtrot. Kym took Warren to watch a professional foxtrot class and pick up some tips for the male part. Warren didn't impress the judges, however. He received the lowest ballroom score, prior to the additional points from the team dance. Len Goodman, back from his vaca...

'Dancing With The Stars' Week Six

10/28/2008 9:57am EDT
Dancing With The Stars
It was a night filled with diversity on Dancing With The Stars. Almost everyone performed a different type of dance, Michael Flatly, the Lord of the Dance, took Len's position for the night as a guest judge, and all the stars joined together to coordinate a hip hop routine.

Maurice Greene and Cheryl Burke were the first to take the floor, performing a Viennese waltz. Maurice was skeptical on dancing a ballroom-esque number because he had not done so since week one of the competition. He claimed his mind was on overload. He didn't get too bad critiques, but he did wind up with t...

'Dancing With The Stars' Adds Four New Dances

10/21/2008 10:12am EDT
Dancing With The Stars
Last night four new dances were added to the Dancing With The Stars competition: West Coast Swing, Salsa, Hustle and the Jitterbug. While these dances aren't officially new to the dancing world, some of the professionals had to resort to the internet for their own knowledge to be able to teach their star. A male and female celebrity each took a shot at the new dances back to back for the audience and the judges' comparisons.

The West Coast Swing was performed by Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer along with Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo. Lance was up first, but most of his critiques were not ...

Recap: 'Dancing With The Stars'

10/14/2008 10:30am EDT
Dancing With The Stars
After Misty May's painful farewell, no one was eliminated last week on Dancing With The Stars. However, the competition wasn't going to take last week's votes and scores lightly. Everything carried over from last week, making people like Rocco DiSpirito work even harder for a chance to dance another day.

This week the stars were assigned to dance either the tango or the samba and were judged accordingly. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba was cracking down this week claiming that by week four of the competition, people needed to start taking critiques and the dances seriously.

Up first, Maur...

Slideshow: Lance Bass Vs. Clay Aiken

10/10/2008 10:00am EDT
Lance Bass & Clay Aiken
In a time when many gay stars still hide their sexual identity, Lance Bass and Clay Aiken are out and proud. We celebrate their bravery for coming out to their fans. So which gay musician do you prefer? Who is more talented? Who is more attractive? Click through our photo slideshow, and let us know in the comments!

Lance Bass

- Click pic for next page -

More Lance Bass Pictures

Clay Aiken

- Click pic for next page -

More Clay Aiken Pictures

Lance Bass

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More Lance Bass Picture...

Misty May-Treanor Leaves 'Dancing With The Stars;' Brooke Burke Scores Big

10/7/2008 8:29am EDT
Misty May-Treanor
Everyone got misty-eyed for Misty May-Treanor this week on Dancing With The Stars as she unexpectedly ended her run in this season's competition. During rehearsal Friday, Misty and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were practicing their jive when she tore her Achilles tendon in her ankle. She told the audience that she thought she had hit the judges' podium, but in fact it was the sound of her tendon snapping. She was rushed to the hospital, and after thorough evaluation she cannot dance again anytime soon. She was sure to be a top competitor (she was definitely a favorite of mine) and it is a re...

Slideshow: 'Dancing With The Stars' - Who Should Win?

10/6/2008 3:10pm EDT
Dancing With The Stars
Millions of people are tuning in to Dancing With The Stars (over 20 million during the first week alone!) Only a handful of stars have been eliminated thus far, but favorites are already making their way to the top. Which one of the remaining stars do you think will take home the coveted trophy? Click through our photo slideshow, and let us know in the comments!

Lance Bass

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More Dancing With The Stars Pictures

Maurice Greene

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More Dancing With The Stars Pictures


Recap: 'Dancing With The Stars': Season 7 Week 2

9/30/2008 9:52am EDT
Dancing With The Stars
After booting funny-men Jeffrey Ross and Ted McGinley from Dancing With The Stars, the remaining eleven stars only had four days to prepare this week's routine. Stars were asked to dance either the Rumba or the Pasodoble, the two most "theatrical" dances in the competition. Guess that's the consequence to suffer when you have a long, drawn-out three-night premiere event.

First up to dance was singer Toni Braxton and partner Alec Mazo. During practice this week, Alec decided to show Toni how dedicated he was to her by singing an awful rendition of her song, "Un-break My Heart." But the ...