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Birth Place: Savannah, Georgia, United States
Years Active: 2003–present
Genres: Progressive Metal, Sludge Metal

Baroness is a band from Savannah, Georgia whose members grew up together in Lexington, Virginia. They combine elements of sludge metal, progressive metal and punk. Baroness formed in mid-2003, founded by former members of the punk/metal band Johnny Welfare and the Paychecks. They are currently made up of guitarist/vocalist John Baizley, lead guitarist Peter Adamas, bassist Matt Maggioni and drummer Allen Blickle.

From 2004 to 2007, Baroness recorded and released three EPs, named “First,” “Second” and “A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk” (aka “Third”), with the third being a split album with Unpersons. Baroness started recording their first full-length album in March 2007. The “Red Album” was released in September 2007 and was met by positive reception. Original guitarist Brian Blickle left the band in 2008 and was replaced by Peter Adams.

In May 2009 Baroness entered The Track Studio in Plano, Texas, to record their second full length album, “Blue Record,” which was produced by John Congleton. It was released via Relapse Records in October 2009.

The band’s founding bassist Summer Welch left the band in 2012 and was replaced by Matt Maggioni. Once again teaming with Congleton, the band issued their third LP, “Yellow & Green,” in July 2012. The Relapse release was preceded by the single, “Take My Bones Away,” in May 2012.