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Genres: Electronica/Dance, Rock, Soundtracks

Atari Teenage Riot hail from Berlin, Germany and are a digital, hardcore techno band that fuses anarchist, ant-fascist and ant-nazi views with punk vocals. The band emerged in 1992 as part of a new wave of German techno artists, including such artists as ATR's Alec Empire, EC80R, Speed Freak, and DJ Bleed, whose movement to reconnect music with political radicalism became the dominant motivation for the band. ATR'S musical experimentation incorporated everything from speed metal, to acid, and hardcore punk. The band was founded as an attack on Neo-Nazi subculture by Alec Empire, Hanin Elias, and Carl Crack who got together to record the controversial single, "Hunting for Nazis," which was released by German techno label, Force Inc. later that same year.

The attention that the controversial single drew to the group gained them fans and a record deal with Phonogram Records in the U.K., whom they signed with in 1993. A string of singles ensued but ATR never fulfilled their contact obligations with Phonogram Records and instead started their own label, Digital Hardcore Recordings in 1994, and released “Delete Yourself” and “The Future of War.” ATR hit the road and began to bring their music to wider audiences, including the U.S., and became one of the few European techno artists to achieve success in America, with alternative radio and MTV giving airplay to the band.

1999 marked the release of the album “60 Second Wipe Out,” on Elektra Records and featured New York City rappers, The Arsonists. Some band line-up changes took place over the next year and a canceled tour. The band were hit with tragedy on September 6, 2001, when Crack, who had long struggled with psychiatric issues, died from an overdose. The band took an informal hiatus and Empire began to work on solo projects. In 2010 ATR reunited and announced they would be playing shows Europe, North America and Asia. In early March 2010, Empire released the new ATR track “Activate” via SoundCloud. The band headlined London's Offset Festival in September 2010 and, their current album “Is This Hyperreal?” was released in 2011.