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Top Of The Pops
Label: The End Records
Release Date: 2014-01-01
Duration: 129:27

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Song Title       Time
1Formed A Band    03:01
2My Little Brother    02:24
3Emily Kane    02:44
4Modern Art    02:26
5Good Weekend    02:52
6Direct Hit    03:32
7Nag Nag Nag Nag    03:07
8St. Pauli    02:56
9Pump Up The Volume    02:53
10Dc Comics And Chocolate Milkshake    03:30
11Alcoholics Unanimous    03:38
12Summer Job    02:58
13Demons Out!    03:44
14Axl Rose    03:29
15Sexy Sometimes    03:33
16Lost Weekend    04:22
17Sealand    04:03
18Arizona Bay    02:36
19We Make Pop Music    03:17
20Formed A Band (Early Keith Top Of The Pops Version)    02:54
21Bad Weekend (Early Keith Top Of The Pops Version)    02:45
22These Animal Menswear    02:08
23Modern Art (Early Keith Top Of The Pops Version)    02:25
24Maternity Ward    03:17
25Blame It On The Trains    02:46
26Post Soothing Out    03:12
27St. Pauli    02:45
28About Time    03:13
29Ignorance Is Bliss    02:18
30Catch (The Cure)    03:25
31Modern Art (Recorded For Berlin Live)    09:04
32Just Desserts (Alternate Version)    03:17
33Moved To L.A.    03:35
34Weird Science    03:38
35Positively 5th Street    02:47
36Unprofessional Wrestling    03:33
37The Great Escape (We Are Scientists/Lynyrd Skynyrd)    03:18
38Her Majesty (Beatles Arranged By Black Francis)    02:39
39Post Soothing Out (Recorded For Berlin Live)    05:23