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''Vulture Culture'' is an album by The Alan Parsons Project. The first side of the LP (CD tracks 1-4) consists entirely of four-minute pop songs, and the second side varies widely, from the subdued funk of the title track to the bouncing, desert-like "Hawkeye". At the beginning of 1985, the single "Let's Talk About Me" reached the Top 40 in Germany (where the album was #1) and in the Netherlands. The song features voice-over commentary from Lee Abrams, credited on the album as "Mr. Laser Beam" (an anagram of his name).

Originally, the album was intended to be the second LP of a double album, with ''Ammonia Avenue'' being the first. "Sooner or Later" was recently described by Parsons himself as, "the third attempt to try and get another hit with the "Eye in the Sky"-esque chugging guitar line - "Prime Time" from ''Ammonia Avenue'' was the second, which I thought was a little more successful in that respect."

The song "Hawkeye" is an instrumental but does contain a line from Monica, a woman working at the canteen in Abbey Road Studios. The line she says is: "Only what's on the menu".

This is the only Project album that does not feature the orchestration of Andrew Powell.

Vulture Culture
Release Date: 2009-02-10
Duration: 61:20

Buy AlbumPrice: $9.99

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1Let's Talk About Me 04:28
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2Separate Lives 04:42
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3Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) 04:52
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4Sooner Or Later 04:26
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5Vulture Culture 05:21
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6Hawkeye 03:48
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7Somebody Out There 04:56
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8The Same Old Sun 05:24
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9No Answers Only Questions (Final Version) 02:10
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10Separate Lives (Alternative Mix) 04:17
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11Hawkeye (Demo) 03:17
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12The Naked Vulture (Early Mixes) 10:42
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13No Answers Only Questions (First Attempt) 02:57
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Album - Vulture Culture $9.99 Buy Album