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Now Playing: 'The Runner-Up': Clay Aiken Finds His Groove 'The Runner-Up': Clay Aiken Finds His Groove
2015-04-24 The Runner-Up: Voters Watch Clay Aiken Debate
2015-04-11 'The Runner-Up': The Impressive Clay Aiken
2015-04-03 'The Runner-Up': A Gay Man Can't Win in North Carolina
2015-04-03 Sony Music Claims It Overpaid 'American Idol' Stars
2015-04-02 Top 10 Stupidest Lyrics of All Time
2015-02-11 Clay Aiken Talks Failed Congressional Bid: "Districts Are Gerrymandered Beyond Recognition"
2015-01-16 Clay Aiken: Politics Is Harder Than 'American Idol'
2014-05-20 Clay Aiken Weighs In On Phil Robertson & Homophobia In America
2013-12-20 Late Night Highlight: Clay Aiken Talks 'Duck Dynasty'
2013-12-20 On This Day: November 30
2013-11-30 Ben Mulroney Looks Back at the Highs & Lows of 'Canadian Idol'
2013-06-12 Mariah Carey Leaving 'American Idol'
2013-05-31 Jennifer Hudson May Return to 'American Idol' as a Judge
2013-05-25 Jennifer Hudson Will Only Judge American Idol If Kelly Clarkson Does
2013-05-24 Jennifer Hudson Signs On As American Idol Judge
2013-05-24 Has-Been Celebs Who Charge Ridiculous Expensive Appearance Fees
2012-11-28 Anderson Cooper Joins Celebrities Who Announce They Are Gay to Stop Bullying
2012-07-02 Adam Lambert Says Its Hard Being A Gay Pop Star
2012-04-26 Clay Aiken Admits to Plastic Surgery
2012-03-29 Donald Trump Reveals New Celebrity Apprentice Cast
2012-01-05 New Celebrity Apprentice Cast Announced
2012-01-05 Clay Aiken Talks About His New Album
2010-07-05 Rosie O'Donnell vs Barbara Walters