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2014-04-16 Idina Menzel Admits Adele Dazeem Mishap At Oscars"Threw Me For Like Eight Seconds"
2014-04-03 'Frozen' Is The Highest-Grossing Animated Film Ever
2014-03-30 'Frozen' Soundtrack Could Best Adele For Longest-Running No. 1
2014-03-31 Adele Being Totally F'ing Awesome - Popoholics Ep. 34
2014-03-27 Adele Dazeem Is TotallyBuddies With Jan Thozomas Now
2014-03-21 Idina Menzel on John Travolta's Oscars Flub: 'I've Only Benefitted From It'
2014-03-21 Lady Gaga's New Music Video Details And Who's Planning A Beyonce Inspired Surprise Release?
2014-03-21 John Travolta Still Isn't Over Adele Dazeem Snafu
2014-03-20 Episode 43: Meghan Cavanaugh 'One and Only' (Adele)
2014-03-19 Labor Day
2014-03-19 Adele Signs Million Dollar Publishing Deal For Next Album
2014-03-14 Pint-sized Oscar style
2014-03-06 Conan O'Brien to host MTV Movie Awards - Hollywood.TV
2014-03-05 John Travolta Speaks Out about Idina Menzel Flub
2014-03-05 Lorde's 'Pure Heroine' Reaches Over 1 Million Sales
2014-03-03 Mario Lopez, Zach Braff,&MORE Celebs React To John Travolta Butchering Idina Menzel's Name At ...
2014-03-03 Top 4 Entertainment Stories of the Day
2014-03-03 Teen's Music Confiscated For Playing Adele Too Loudly
2014-02-14 Gwyneth Paltrow Loves A Good Selfie
2014-02-13 Adele Earned $20 Million Last Year by Doing Nothing
2014-02-11 How Adele Earned $20 Million without Working Last Year
2014-02-10 Adele: In Bed when She Won Her Grammy
2014-01-27 Adele Wins 10th Grammy Award But Skips Ceremony
2014-01-27 Clue Dat: How Well Do You Know Celebrities?
2014-01-21 Bradley Cooper Pranked by Infamous Journalist at SAG
2014-01-20 2014 Academy Award Nominations Announced
2014-01-16 Oscar Nominations: Snub City
2014-01-16 Hey Chica! It's Kiana Brown!
2014-01-15 Madonna And Adele Collaborate
2014-01-13 Celebrities Who No Longer Have That 'It' Factor
2014-01-10 Adele's '21' Broke Another Record, Three Years After Release
2014-01-08 Labor Day Trailer 2
2014-01-08 DiCaprio's and Scorsese's off screen honor
2014-01-07 The Most Anticipated (And Rumored) Albums Of 2014
2014-01-07 Kelly Clarkson Announces She Is Pregnant With Her First Baby
2013-11-20 Kelly Clarkson Reveals Adele Gave Her Advice on Motherhood
2013-11-14 Adele Turns Down Over $12 Million to Be Face of L'Oreal
2013-11-11 Adele Rumored To Play Dusty Springfield In Upcoming Biopic
2013-09-30 Adele to Play Music Icon in New Movie?
2013-09-27 Adele's Estranged Father Trying to Meet Her Baby
2013-09-09 Wiz Khalifa Collaborating With Adele?
2013-09-05 Adele Planning Magical First Birthday Party For Son
2013-09-03 Adele to Write Children's Book
2013-08-23 Where Adele Will Make Her Film Acting Debut
2013-08-13 Adele Rumored to Play Villain In Spy Thriller 'The Secret Service'
2013-08-12 Is Adele's Wax Figure Skinnier Than She Is?
2013-07-08 Adele - Mini Biography
2013-07-03 Adele Gets Immortalized in Wax
2013-07-03 Adele 'Blown Away' by Magician David Blaine
2013-06-28 See Adele's New Tattoo
2013-06-28 Adele Honored By Queen Elizabeth II
2013-06-17 Adele Installed Bulletproof Windows In Her House
2013-06-17 The Rolling Stones Want Adele For London Hyde Park Gig
2013-06-04 Body Confident Adele Achieves Red Carpet Glamour With Spanx
2013-05-27 Alan Carr to Be Adele's Son's Godfather
2013-05-23 Studies Show Adele's 'Someone Like You' Is The Best Song For Nervous Flyers
2013-05-17 Adele Celebrates Her 25th Birthday at Beyoncé Concert
2013-05-08 Adele Bonds With Barbra Streisand Over Cooking
2013-04-23 Details Emerge About Adele's 50s-Themed Wedding
2013-04-17 Adele Refuses 7 Figure Book Deal
2013-04-17 Adele Is the UK's Richest Young Musician
2013-04-11 New Mom Adele 'Back in the Studio'
2013-04-08 Adele Reportedly Splashes Out on Andy Warhol Art
2013-04-02 Joan Rivers Calls Adele 'Chubby', Says She Should Lose Weight
2013-04-01 Joan Rivers Makes More Fat Insults About Adele
2013-04-01 Joan Rivers Calls Adele Fat Again- Still Not Funny
2013-04-01 Adele Reportedly Splashes Out £15k on Arcade Games
2013-03-28 Adele Planning Secret Wedding
2013-03-21 Adele Possibly May Bank $15M For Skincare Deal
2013-03-15 Adele Reportedly Set to Front Make-Up Range
2013-03-14 Millionaire Rejects Adele's Request For $150K A Minute Performance
2013-03-14 Is Adele Moving to Los Angeles?
2013-03-13 Adele Reportedly Asked to Sing at Michelle Obama's Birthday
2013-03-11 Adele Invites Jennifer Lawrence To Be Her Neighbor
2013-03-11 Adele Reportedly Asked to Perform at Jennifer Aniston's Wedding
2013-03-06 Down To Earth Adele Wanted For Next James Bond Song
2013-03-04 Adele's Aunt Reveals How The Singer Spends Her Fortune
2013-03-04 Joan Rivers Attacks Adele's Weight on the David Letterman Show
2013-03-01 Adele Documentary Sparks Bidding War
2013-03-01 Joan Rivers Makes Fat Joke About Adele
2013-02-28 Adele Celebrates Oscars Win With Burger and Fries
2013-02-27 Adele's Tearful Acceptance Speech
2013-02-26 Adele Reveals Her Adorable Good Luck Charm At 2013 Oscars
2013-02-25 Adele Breaks Down in Tears at the Oscars
2013-02-25 Oscar Winner Adele 'Ready' For Second Child
2013-02-25 Adele's Latest Therapy to Beat Stage Fright
2013-02-18 Adele In Talks For Las Vegas Show
2013-02-18 Adele And Nicki Minaj To Become Comic Book Characters
2013-02-15 Chris Brown Thanks Adele For Clearing Up Rumors
2013-02-15 Kristen Stewart Celebrates With a Costar, Adele Shoots Down Chris Brown Story, and More!
2013-02-14 Adele Responds to Rumors of a Confrontation With Chris Brown
2013-02-13 Adele Addresses Grammy Night 'Yelling' at Chris Brown Photo.
2013-02-13 Did Adele Diss Chris Brown For Dissing Frank Ocean?
2013-02-12 Will Smith's Slapped Reporter Strikes Again, Pranks Adele At 2013 Grammys
2013-02-12 Adele Takes Risk In Red Valentino At 2013 Grammys
2013-02-11 Adele: The 2013 Grammy Winner Only Sings Nursery Rhymes Now
2013-02-11 Adele Shows Off Her New 'A' Tattoo at the Grammys
2013-02-11 Rihanna, Beyonce, Adele and Taylor Swift at The Grammy Awards
2013-02-11 Adele Pulling a Beyonce For Oscars Performance

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