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AC/DC Frontman Addresses Retirement Rumors, Says The Band Is Definitely Performing In May

1 hour ago
Brian Johnson
Rumors have been circulating that AC/DC is calling it quits due to guitarist Malcolm Young's "debilitating illness," but frontman Brian Johnson insists the band has come forward to set the record straight.

The singer told The Telegraph: “We are definitely getting together in May in Vancouver. We're going to pick up some guitars, have a plonk, and see if anybody has got any tunes or ideas. If anything happens, we'll record it. I wouldn't like to say anything either way about the future. I'm not ruling anything out."

As for reports that Young, 61, is severely ill, Johnson explained: “One of...

Miley Cyrus sick again on tour

1 day ago
Miley Cyrus sick again on tour
Pop star Miley Cyrus has fallen sick again just days after a bout of influenza prompted her to cancel a concert in North Carolina.

The Wrecking Ball singer called off her show in Charlotte last week after finding she was too ill to perform, and she appeared to be recovering well until Monday when she told fans her health had taken a turn for the worse.

Cyrus tweeted, "Why is this cough coming back... sore throat... feeling no bueno (good)... I woke up like disssss (this)... sick."

She returned to Twitter later on Monday to add, "Fever fever go away."

The tweets came just 24 hours before...