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Lily Lane: Reaching For The Stars

31 minutes ago
Lily Lane: Reaching For The Stars
The music industry is a tough one to crack — and Lily Lane knows it. The New York-based singer-songwriter has been going after her dream of being a professional musician for years and it is finally turning into a reality after years of hard work.

22 year old Lily Lane released her four-track EP Nothin' But Trouble earlier this year to much acclaim, with the EP's lead single "Nothin' But Trouble" being featured numerous times on hit ABC Family television series "Pretty Little Liars". With her retro-licious tunes and skillful mind that turns her experiences and emotions into something so m...

9 Music Videos Once Considered Controversial

2 days ago
Fiona Apple
Entertainment boundaries change all the time and while musicians have always been provocateurs, some of their music videos end up laughably formulaic after a few years. Here are 9 music videos once considered controversial.

Criminal - Fiona Apple. The song that made Fiona a hit in 1997 was attached to a dim music video that seemed to follow heroin addicts. The frail singer drapes herself across furniture and in bathtubs in various states of undress. When it was released, critics saw it as an advertisement for drug use and even child porn thanks to Apple's slight stature.

Dirrty - Ch...