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Lana Del Rey 'Slept With A Lot Of Guys In The Industry' While Trying To Get A Record Contract

1 hour ago
Lana Del Rey Complex magazine
Lana Del Rey has opened up about her career success in the new issue of Complex magazine, playing to all the critics and haters who have blasted her by revealing that she didn't sleep her way to the top to get famous -- although she did try.

While the singer's latest album, "Ultraviolence," features a track titled "F---ed My Way Up To The Top," Del Rey says that's not the path that took her to the top of the charts.

"It's commentary, like, 'I know what you think of me,' and I'm alluding to that," she says of the song, admitting that she did seek that kind of, er, 'help,' to land a deal.


Music Review: Weird Al's 'Mandatory Fun' Is A Blast

2 days ago
Music Review: Weird Al's 'Mandatory Fun' Is A Blast
When Weird Al Yankovic says that the ‘fun’ must be ‘mandatory’ on his latest album, he doesn’t lie. Mandatory Fun is exactly what it says it is – while and after listening, you must have fun! The parody king definitely delivers the goods across 12 tracks. There’s no ‘fails’ to be found, but some songs ring ‘golden’ from the jump.

“Handy” is a brilliant way to kick things off, with Yankovic parodying #1 hit “Fancy” (Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX). Among the most memorable lines include “I got 99 problems but a switch ain’t one” (verse two) and “Yeah check my big staple gun, my socke...