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Now Playing: Hawaii: Close shot of water splashing onto rocks in a waterfall with a rainbow in the foreground. Zo.. Spectre Is Tied to Crucial Story of Bond's Childhood
2015-02-27 Superfast: Official Fast and Furious Spoof Trailer
2015-02-27 Remakes Better Than the Originals
2015-02-13 First Behind the Scenes Look of James Bond: 'Spectre'
2015-02-12 Elizabeth Banks Recalls Beach Boys Childhood
2015-02-09 Game of Thrones Valentines: You Win or You Die!
2015-02-06 The Gang Fights for Survival in New Furious 7 Trailer
2015-02-05 Top 5 Sexiest Female Superheroes
2015-02-05 Sandra Bullock Is Scarlet Overkill in 'Minions' Trailer 2
2015-02-04 Kevin Costner in Love with New Film Black or White
2015-02-02 A Sneak Peek at Jon Snow as an Mi5 Agent
2015-01-29 Kevin Costner: We Have Real Problems with Race
2015-01-28 The Fantastic Four Teaser Reveals Superheroes Overhaul
2015-01-27 Kevin Hart Prepares Will Ferrell for Life Behind Bars
2015-01-16 Unexpected CIA Agent Goes Deep Undercover in 'Spy'
2015-01-15 Iron Man Vs. The Hulk in the New 'Avengers 2' Trailer
2015-01-13 Ryan Reynold Talks to Decapitated Heads in 'The Voices'
2015-01-09 Save the World as a Miniature Superhero in 'Ant-Man'
2015-01-07 Samuel L. Jackson Is the President in 'Big Game'
2015-01-06 3 Movies in 2014 We Wish Hackers Had Taken Down
2014-12-31 Will Smith and Margot Robbie's Chemistry in 'Focus'
2014-12-24 First Trailer for Entourage Big Screen Reunion
2014-12-24 Hobbit Cast Reveal Close Ties to Fans
2014-12-17 Dreamy Christian Bale in 'Knight of Cups' Trailer
2014-12-16 The World Goes Mad in New 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer
2014-12-11 Inside Out: Daily Life Through the Mind's Perspective
2014-12-11 'Annie' Cast Talk About the Importance of Black Actors
2014-12-10 'The Last Five Years': Love as a Musical Spectacle
2014-12-10 California in Ruins in the New 'San Andreas' Trailer
2014-12-10 Owen Wilson Praises 'Inherent Vice' Director
2014-12-09 'While We're Young': Troubled Couple Relives Wild Days
2014-12-08 Russell Crowe Directorial Debut with Bond Girl
2014-12-08 'Annie' Star Quvenzhane Wallis Calls Jamie Foxx a Dog
2014-12-08 'Jurassic World' Trailer Features Advanced Dinosaurs
2014-11-26 Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer: Acapella Awesome
2014-11-21 The Age of Adaline Official Trailer: Stay Forever Young
2014-11-21 First Look: Disney's Cinderella Official Trailer
2014-11-20 World Exclusive Preview: Doctor Who Christmas Special
2014-11-17 Things Heat Up in Second Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer
2014-11-14 Jennifer Aniston: 'I'm Great at Winging It'
2014-11-14 Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Official Extended Trailer
2014-11-13 The Divergent Series: Insurgent Teaser Trailer
2014-11-13 Official Trailer: Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014
2014-11-11 'Into the Woods': Modern Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales
2014-11-10 The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Official Trailer
2014-11-07 Sneak Peak: Marvel's Agent Carter
2014-11-07 Chappie: The First Robot with Feelings and Emotions
2014-11-06 First Look: Minions on Quest for Most Despicable Master
2014-11-04 First Look: Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever
2014-11-03 First Look Robin Williams in Merry Friggin' Christmas
2014-10-14 Margot Robbie Gets Intimate with Will Smith in Focus
2014-10-10 Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis Unveil New Annie Trailer
2014-09-23 Daniel Radcliffe: Platonic Relationships Are Possible
2014-09-17 Keira Knightley Defies Stormy Weather at TIFF
2014-09-12 Robert Pattinson Would Rather Be What?
2014-09-10 Denzel Washington Is Red Carpet Ready in Tornonto
2014-09-08 8-Year-Old Bedouin Youngest Star at Venice Festival
2014-09-05 James Franco and Seth Rogen in 'The Interview' Trailer
2014-07-10 Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth in The Railway Man
2013-09-12 Scarlett Johansson in Her Underwear for 'Under the Skin'
2013-09-03 Matthew McConaughey Battles HIV in Oscar-Tipped Film
2013-08-28 Scarlett Johansson Gets Saucy With Joseph Gordon-Levitt
2013-08-27 Harry Potter All Grown Up - Kill Your Darlings Teaser
2013-08-06 Clooney and Bullock in Heart Stopping Gravity Trailer
2013-07-24 Check Out the Latest 'Kick Ass 2' Trailer
2013-06-20 Burgundy Is Back: Anchorman 2's First Official Trailer
2013-06-19 The Wolf of Wall Street - First Look
2013-06-17 First Look: The Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug
2013-06-12 Unscripted: Tim Allen and Courteney Cox in Zoom - Part One
2012-12-12 Unscripted: Tim Allen and Courteney Cox in Zoom - Part Two
2012-12-12 Zoom- Trailer #1
2012-12-11 Film Fixation - Jens Men Troubles - The Break-Up