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Now Playing: Salman Khan KatrinaAutoRickshaw Ride London Film Fest: Opening Interrupted by Protesters
2015-10-08 Robert De Niro Stars in Powerful Eric Roth Short Film
2015-09-29 Hathaway and De Niro Premiere 'The Intern' in London
2015-09-28 Angry Birds Comes with a Moral to Being Angry
2015-09-25 The Martian Premiere: One Small Step for Matt Damon
2015-09-25 Selena Gomez Returns as a Mother of a Bloodsucker
2015-09-24 Emily Blunt Fights Drugs in Sicario
2015-09-22 A More Serious Role for Dakota Johnson?
2015-09-21 TIFF40: Keith Richards Keeps Rock 'N' Roll Alive
2015-09-18 Breaking News: Lou Reed Is Still Alive
2015-09-18 TIFF 40 Hayek and Brody The Septembers Of Shiraz
2015-09-17 Chloe Moretz Talks New Film and Gender Inequality
2015-09-16 Venice Fest: Nik De Niro Finds His Father
2015-09-15 We're Your Friends Star Zac Efron: Everyone Can Relate
2015-08-17 Meet the Bond Women of Spectre
2015-08-13 Zac Efron Latest Star to Join Baywatch Cast?
2015-08-11 Gemma Arterton Thinks Cheating Is a 'Mistake'
2015-08-07 Indie Film 'Book of Mikey' Is Heading to California
2015-08-04 Jake Gyllenhaal: I Want Fighters to Watch It
2015-07-28 Inside Out Reveals What's Going on Inside Your Mind
2015-07-20 Michael Pe?a Was a 'Nervous Wreck' for Antman
2015-07-13 Amy Winehouse Documentary Gala Premiere
2015-07-01 Mr. Holmes Delves Into the Past to Solve Final Mystery
2015-06-16 Tarantino Talks New Film as He Picks Up Awards in Italy
2015-06-15 Top 5 - Sir Christopher Lee Films
2015-06-12 Mr Holmes Continues Solving Mysteries
2015-06-11 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' Official Trailer
2015-06-10 George Clooney Gets Drunk Promoting Film in Valencia
2015-05-20 Al Pacino on Playing Rock Star: It Came from the Heart
2015-05-19 George Clooney Jealous of Tomorrowland's Young Talents
2015-05-18 Simon Pegg Expects 'Full Intercourse' After Man Up
2015-05-15 Cannes: Salma Hayek Outshines Vincent Cassel
2015-05-15 Rebel Wilson Wants to Change Genre After Pitch Perfect
2015-05-08 RebelWilson on Pitch Perfect 2: 'Beauty Is Everywhere'
2015-05-06 Original Yoda Creator Talks Star Wars and Jim Henson
2015-04-30 Monty Python Celebrates 25 Years at Tribeca Film Fest
2015-04-27 Noomi Rapace: 'I Read the Book, and I Loved It'
2015-04-22 Chewie and Han Solo Are Home in New Star Wars Trailer
2015-04-17 Bella Thorne: 'I'm the Odd Ball Out'
2015-04-16 Avengers: Age of Ultron Official Trailer
2015-04-07 First Trailer of Amy Whinehouse Documentary Released
2015-04-04 Dwayne Johnson: Exceptional Amount of Testosterone
2015-03-31 Tom Cruise Goes Full Action Man in Mission Impossible 5
2015-03-24 Lily James, Richard Madden Brings Cinderella to London
2015-03-20 'Suite Francaise' Explores Stockholm Syndrome and Love
2015-03-19 The Breakfast Club Has It's 30th Anniversary at SXSW
2015-03-18 Suite Francaise Examines the Nature of Love
2015-03-17 Khaleesi Gets Serious in New Game of Thrones S5 Trailer
2015-03-10 The Brightest People to Save the Future in Tomorrowland
2015-03-10 How to Fake Being a Movie Critic
2015-03-10 XRobots Rule! (Ex-Machina) - Trailer Time
2015-03-09 Actor Calls It Follows STD Story Line 'Completely Nuts'
2015-03-06 Sir Ian McKellen Solves His Last Mystery as Mr. Holmes
2015-03-05 Spectre Is Tied to Crucial Story of Bond's Childhood
2015-02-27 Superfast: Official Fast and Furious Spoof Trailer
2015-02-27 Remakes Better Than the Originals
2015-02-13 First Behind the Scenes Look of James Bond: 'Spectre'
2015-02-12 Elizabeth Banks Recalls Beach Boys Childhood
2015-02-09 Game of Thrones Valentines: You Win or You Die!
2015-02-06 The Gang Fights for Survival in New Furious 7 Trailer
2015-02-05 Top 5 Sexiest Female Superheroes
2015-02-05 Sandra Bullock Is Scarlet Overkill in 'Minions' Trailer 2
2015-02-04 Kevin Costner in Love with New Film Black or White
2015-02-02 A Sneak Peek at Jon Snow as an Mi5 Agent
2015-01-29 Kevin Costner: We Have Real Problems with Race
2015-01-28 The Fantastic Four Teaser Reveals Superheroes Overhaul
2015-01-27 Kevin Hart Prepares Will Ferrell for Life Behind Bars
2015-01-16 Unexpected CIA Agent Goes Deep Undercover in 'Spy'
2015-01-15 Iron Man Vs. The Hulk in the New 'Avengers 2' Trailer
2015-01-13 Ryan Reynold Talks to Decapitated Heads in 'The Voices'
2015-01-09 Save the World as a Miniature Superhero in 'Ant-Man'
2015-01-07 Samuel L. Jackson Is the President in 'Big Game'
2015-01-06 3 Movies in 2014 We Wish Hackers Had Taken Down
2014-12-31 Will Smith and Margot Robbie's Chemistry in 'Focus'
2014-12-24 First Trailer for Entourage Big Screen Reunion