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The Funniest Quotes From Male Model Derek Zoolander

5/27/2016 3:40pm EDT
20 Hilarious Derek Zoolander Quotes From 'Zoolander' And 'Zoolan
'Zoolander' premiered during September 2001, when the world obviously had bigger things to worry about. But while its box office take was underwhelming, the film would go on to become a cult classic on DVD and YouTube thanks to its intentionally silly humor and cringe-inducing quotes.

Unfortunately, the sequel, 'Zoolander 2' also failed to live up to expectations at the theater. Most critics panned the movie and even most fans thought Derek's latest batch of one-liners left something to be desired.

But with 'Zoolander 2' now out on Blu-Ray this week, one has to wonder if the film will see...

Dallas Mavericks Players Spoof 'Zoolander' - Watch It!

1/2/2016 9:22am EST
NBA Stars Dirk Nowitzski, Chandler Parsons Spoof 'Zoolander' In
The Zoolander sequel isn't even out yet, but NBA stars Dirk Nowitzki and Chandler Parsons have made a pretty good case for their own spin-off. The two Dallas Mavericks players parodied the Ben Stiller film during Wednesday's game with a video called, appropriately, "ZooChandler."

With Parsons standing in for Stiller, Nowitzki replaces Owen Wilson in the role of Hansel McDonald, and what they've come up with is positively epic. You can watch the entire spoof below:

There are also a few other Maverick cameos, including guard-forward Wesley Matthews as ZooChandler's well-meaning best frien...

Check Out The 'Zoolander' Blu-ray SteelBook On December 1

11/28/2015 6:38am EST
The international misadventures of fashion model Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller), who is hired to stop a secret cartel of political assassins posing as male models. Derek soon discovers the horrifying secret of why no male models live past the age of 30.

While Derek tries to infiltrate the fashion/assassin clique led by the mean-spirited designer Mugatu (Will Ferrell), he must also contend with Hansel, a dense, on-the-rise male model who threatens to sabotage his mission--as well as his modeling career.

Also starring Owen Wilson, Christine Taylor, and Milla Jovovich. The release will be av...

Stiller And Wilson Ham It Up In Paris For 'Zoolander 2'

3/11/2015 5:09pm EDT
Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson hammed it up for photographers in Paris to promote their sequel to 2001's Zoolander by bouncing on trampolines and posing with models.

Scroll down for video and more pics!

The two stars hit Paris Fashion week on Tuesday and walked the runway during the Valentino fashion show, whipping the audience into a frenzy before the real models showed off the designer's 2015 Fall/Winter Women's Collection.

Stiller and Wilson showed up in character as Derek Zoolander and Hansel, respectively, creating a big buzz for Zoolander 2, which is due in theaters on Feb. 12, 2016...

Stiller & Wilson Hit The Runway During Paris Fashion Week, Confirm 'Zoolander 2' Is In The Works

3/10/2015 9:09pm EDT
Zoolander 2
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson hit the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday to tease the forthcoming sequel to their 2001 flick Zoolander.

The two stars took to the runway at the Valentino fashion show in full character as Derek Zoolander and Hansel and hammed it up for photographers.

Stiller posted the shot below to his Instagram page, writing, "Apparently Derek and Hansel have come to terms on #Zoolander2."

The Italian fashion house shared several photos of the two on the company's Instagram page, explaining the designs the two wore for the show.

"Derek wears a custom Night But...

Cruz Teams Up With Stiller For Comedy Sequel

11/22/2014 2:19pm EST
Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz will star alongside Ben Stiller in "Zoolander 2." Stiller will reprise his role as Derek Zoolander, and it's been rumored that Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson will be back as Mugatu and Hansel, respectively, according to Deadline.

In the 2001 film, fashion model Zoolander is hired to stop a group of political assassins posing as male models. He attempts to infiltrate the fashion/assassin clique led by the mean-spirited designer Mugatu, he must also contend with Hansel, a dense, on-the-rise male model who threatens to sabotage his mission.

Spanish actress Cruz is known for fil...

Ben Stiller About 'Zoolander 2': 'It's On Hold'

12/19/2013 4:20pm EST
Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller has proclaimed Zoolander 2 is "on hold".

The 46 year-old actor has been planning a sequel to his hit 2001 male model comedy for several years, but he admits the film has hit a roadblock as he wants the film to feel current.

Stiller explained: "Right now, it's on hold. There's a script we like, but I don't want to force it, because people who love that movie really love it, so I want to make sure we do the sequel the right way.

"Mike Myers did it well with the Austin Powers movies; they were all funny and very 'of their time'. And 'Zoolander' is 'of its time', too, so it's ab...

Roger Ebert Apologized To Ben Stiller For His Scorching 'Zoolander' Review

4/22/2013 4:39pm EDT
Renowned actor Ben Stiller received a personal apology from Roger Ebert after the legendary film critic besmirched his 2001 movie Zoolander.

The late writer, who lost his battle with cancer earlier this month, published a scathing review of the comedy, which Stiller wrote, directed and starred in as a male model, branding the comedy classic "offensive" and "tasteless."

Nevertheless, Ebert eventually changed his mind about the film, and reached out to make amends when he and Stiller both appeared as guests on The Tonight Show.

Speaking at a Tribeca Film Festival panel, Stiller recalls,...

Alexander Skarsgard 'Pitching' A Return To 'Zoolander'

8/3/2012 1:36pm EDT
Alexander Skarsgard
Actor Alexander Skarsgard is in talks with movie bosses to reprise his Zoolander role in the planned sequel despite his character's death in the first film.

The True Blood star played male model Meekus, who was killed in a freak gasoline accident, in the 2001 comedy, and he is desperate to return for the follow-up - in any form.

He tells Britain's GQ magazine, "I'm pitching it right now. I wouldn't want to miss that. Well, I'm hoping they would do something like the scene with Hamlet's father, and that Meekus will come back as a ghost - I mean, he's definitely dead."

Ben Stiller has w...

Andy Dick: 'I'm Trying To Grow Up'

12/16/2011 3:22pm EST
Andy Dick
Troubled funnyman Andy Dick has signed on for twice-weekly therapy sessions in a bid to get back on his feet following a series of potentially career-ending legal woes and personal problems.

In recent years, the beleaguered comedian has hit the headlines for a string of alcohol and drug-related issues and this year alone he was ejected from an adult entertainment awards ceremony in Las Vegas after allegedly pestering a porn star, and in May he was arrested by police in California amid allegations he was drunk and disorderly in public.

And now Dick, who's been to rehab at least 10 times,...

Lara Stone: 'I Would Love To Be In 'Zoolander 2''

7/29/2011 5:17pm EDT
Lara Stone
Supermodel Lara Stone is eager to expand her resume with a movie role, and she's named a follow-up to Ben Stiller's hit Zoolander as her dream role.

Stiller has written a script for a sequel to the hit 2001 comedy, and is hoping to release the second installment next year. And the Dutch beauty, who is married to British funnyman David Walliams, is eager to land a part in the film.

She tells Vogue magazine, "I would love to be in Zoolander 2. I'd be so good at that 'Blue Steel' pose. I think I'd enjoy doing that, it'd be funny. I'd like to try acting if the right part came along, but I'm...

Owen Wilson's Rep Slams Death Reports

12/30/2010 8:35am EST
Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson is the latest star to fall victim to fictional reports about his death, following fellow hoax victims Eddie Murphy, Aretha Franklin and Adam Sandler.

The Zoolander star was rumored to have passed away after a snowboarding accident in Zermatt, Switzerland on Wednesday.

However, a spokesperson for the funnyman has dismissed the gossip, telling the story is "absolutely false".

Murphy and Sandler, as well as Charlie Sheen, were also alleged to have died in Swiss skiing trips in online reports which circulated earlier this week, while Franklin and Aaron Carter hav...

Owen Wilson Wants Lady Gaga For 'Zoolander' Sequel

12/27/2010 11:27am EST
Owen Wilson
Lady Gaga could be set for her first big movie role - Owen Wilson is considering her for a part in the Zoolander sequel.

Wilson and Ben Stiller are eager to work on a follow-up to the hit 2001 comedy, and are hoping to release the second installment in 2012.

And Wilson, who starred opposite Stiller in the original movie, reveals the Poker Face hit-maker is in line to play a female pal of model Derek Zoolander.

He says, "Gaga has to be in it. The movie will happen soon. I just saw Ben and I think that people will be happy with some of this new stuff we have."

Justin Theroux: 'Zoolander 2 Has Not Been Scrapped'

5/6/2010 11:31am EDT
Justin Theroux
Film director Justin Theroux has brushed off reports the Zoolander sequel has been shelved after Ben Stiller posted a cryptic message on suggesting the movie had stalled.

The funnyman fuelled rumors Zoolander 2 has been axed due to bosses at movie studio Paramount reportedly refusing to fund the project, by writing on that lead character Derek Zoolander is "destitute".

However, director Theroux has rubbished the claims, insisting he is continuing to work on the script and even spent time developing the movie with Stiller earlier this week. He says, "Today and yes...

'Zoolander 2' Kaput?

5/4/2010 9:20am EDT
Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller has sparked rumors his Zoolander sequel is set to be shelved - after hinting film studio bosses are refusing to finance the follow-up.

Stiller, who starred in and directed the hit 2001 movie, recently announced plans to bring the comedy back to the big screen for a second installment, eyeing a 2012 release.

But now the actor has suggested the film, in which he plays title character Derek Zoolander, is struggling to secure financing from executives at Paramount.

The news comes just days after director Adam McKay revealed that plans to revive Will Ferrell's 2004 film Anchorm...

Ben Stiller's Greatest Serious & Silly Roles

3/26/2010 10:41am EDT
Ben Stiller in Greenberg
When it comes to Ben Stiller’s comedic roles, he tends to play dimwitted characters that are either totally bumbling or overly self-assured. Most people do not realize, however, that Stiller can also convincingly portray serious characters as well as his silly ones.

In preparation for his new dramedy “Greenberg” about an unemployed New Yorker searching for a new direction in his life, check out Stiller’s three greatest serious roles and three comedic ones:


Ben Stiller is perfect as the spiritual leader Rabbi Jake Schram in this romantic dramedy. The best friend of Fa...

Jonah Hill Eager To Star In 'Zoolander 2'

3/23/2010 8:14am EDT
Jonah Hill
Funnyman Jonah Hill is hoping he will be cast in the next "Zoolander" movie after holding lengthy discussions with Ben Stiller about a possible villainous role.

Stiller, who starred in and directed the hit 2001 movie, recently announced plans to bring the film back to the big screen. And the "Superbad" comic is reportedly in the running to play a bad guy opposite Stiller and Owen Wilson in "Zoolander 2," which is slated for release in 2012.

He tells MTV News, "There is no 'officially onboard.' There is no ship. They're writing it right now. We've been talking a lot about it, and it seem...

Ben Stiller Delayed 'Zoolander' Sequel After Pal's Death

3/16/2010 1:35pm EDT
Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller has explained the 10-year delay on the "Zoolander" sequel - he found it too painful to revisit the film following the suicide of the screenwriter behind the hit character.

The actor, who starred in and directed the hit 2001 movie, recently announced plans to bring Zoolander back to the big screen nearly a decade after the first film hit cinemas.

Stiller has been eager to make a follow-up for the "last six or seven years" but admits he found it difficult to contemplate work on a sequel after his screenwriter pal Drake Sather, the scribe who created the title character, commit...

Our Favorite Movie Cameos

10/14/2009 2:20pm EDT
Our Favorite Movie Cameos
There are a lot of modern movies that love to give little winks at the audience, and one of the easiest ways to do that is through the use of cameo appearances. A cameo is when a well known celebrity or important person shows up for a brief appearance in a movie. It can be a non-speaking random role, or perhaps a whole scene that steals the show. Whatever the case may be, oftentimes in a film the cameo ends up being the most memorable part of the whole movie. Take "Zombieland" for example, out in theaters now, but there's no spoilers here. Just go see the film and you'll see. Here's a look ...

Celebrity Birthdays, September 20

9/20/2009 3:00am EDT
Sophia Loren
Happy Birthday to:

Italian actress Sophia Loren (1934)

"Marie Antoinette" actress Asia Argento (1975)

"3rd Rock From the Sun" actress Kristen Johnston (1967)

Film and TV actor Robert Rusler (1965)

"Hero" actress Maggie Cheung (1964)

"Office Space" actor Gary Cole (1956)

"Zoolander" actress Anne Meara (1929).

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Celebrity Offspring That Have Become Successful

9/16/2009 10:05am EDT
Celebrity Offspring
Most of the time when privileged sons and daughters of celebrities chose to pursue a career in entertainment, we wince at the idea and criticize their lack of talent. However

, there are some cases where famous offspring are actually thrive in the family business and probably could have succeeded without their recognizable last name. Here are the most successful spawn in the gene pool of famous parents.

Colin Hanks - As the son and look-a-like younger version of dad Tom Hanks, Colin inherited his father's acting skills. He first came onto the scene appearing in Tom's film That Thing You...

Has Will Ferrell's Comedy Gone The Way Of The Dinosaur?

6/12/2009 10:17am EDT
Will Ferrell
Once upon a time, I used to think Will Ferrell was the funniest man alive. I watched him religiously as Alex Trebek in the "Saturday Night Live" celebrity "Jeopardy" sketches, chuckling as he suffered through the shenanigans of Darrell Hammond's Sean Connery.

Ferrell's impressions on "SNL" and wacky roles in movies like "Old School" and "Anchorman" perpetually kept me laughing. His characters had this special zany quality to them that made them extremely quotable.

I personally idolized his ability to make people laugh, and I respected that a man who studied broadcast journalism...

Starpulse's Explosive Summer Movie Preview

5/1/2009 10:06am EDT
Star Trek
Since the dawn of the American cinematic blockbuster in the late 1970s and early 1980s, moviegoers have eagerly waited for May - the unofficial beginning of summertime. This summer is no different. Films, and most popular media, are social mirrors, and this summer season supports that. The large box office contenders all deal with very similar themes: escapism and the support of the lone, outlaw hero figure (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, Up, Transformers 2, Public Enemies, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, Inglourious Basterds, et...

Famous Celebrity Brothers

11/18/2008 12:07pm EST
Owen Wilson
Celebrity families are quickly making headlines throughout Hollywood. From the Kardashian's to the Lohan's, stargazers are reading up on celebrities, their families and their crazy antics. For decades, celebrity brothers in particular have caused a craze for fans across the world. To celebrate the familial wonders, here are three pairs of celebrity brothers that have had fans screaming for one reason or another at one point in time.

Ben and Casey Affleck: Three years Casey's senior, Ben is often known as the more famous of the two. However, both have played big parts on screen and in t...

No Costume Necessary: Stars With Freaky Everyday Looks

10/29/2008 10:05am EDT
Jocelyn Wildenstein
Marilyn Manson: Powdery white skin. Jet-black hair. No smile on his crimson lips or in his smoky, contact-lensed eyes. Proud of his freak show persona and wearing alienation like a badge of honor, musician and artist Marilyn Manson (nee Brian Warner) has an everyday look fit for a séance. Though he caused the stir when he burst onto the music scene in the 90's, his signature skinny black suits have now been co-opted by Emo kids and Pete Wentz has him beat when it comes to eyeliner. Even if his ghoulish look no longer shocks, no question the man is haunted: His 1997 autobiography was entitl...

Owen Wilson's Best & Worst Films

10/21/2008 9:21am EDT
Owen Wilson
The Frat Pack has been a powerful force in the new Millennium, and for awhile it was like we could not see a comedy without Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, and Owen Wilson. These comedic geniuses are quirky, timely, and have a lasting power that will keep them in movies for years to come. The goofy, charming Owen Wilson has proven himself not only as an actor, but as an Oscar-nominated screenwriter. There's a lot more going on beneath those blonde surfer bangs than one might expect, and with "Marley & Me" coming out this Christmas, let's take a look at some of the fine...

The World of Celebrity Swag: A Starpulse Writer Gets Inside Access

9/24/2008 1:44pm EDT
Klub Nico shoes
Awards season is making its triumphant return to Hollywood and that means the return of the "Swag Suite." For those who don't know, the term "swag" is an acronym for Stuff We All Get. There's a bit of confusion as to who this collective "we" refers to. Last time I checked I didn't have designers falling all over themselves to give me free stuff. But this year I was one of the chosen few to be included in this illusive "we" as I was invited to my very first swag suite.

Let me explain swag suite as I see it from my perspective as innocent Tinseltown bystander: From September to Febr...

Celebrity Birthdays, September 20

9/20/2008 3:00am EDT
Gary Cole
Happy Birthday to "Marie Antoinette" actress Asia Argento (1975), "3rd Rock From the Sun" actress Kristen Johnston (1967), film and tv actor Robert Rusler (1965), "Hero" actress Maggie Cheung (1964), "Office Space" actor Gary Cole (1956), glass artist Dale Chihuly (1941), Italian actress Sophia Loren (1934), and "Zoolander" actress Anne Meara (1929).

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Interview: Brandon T. Jackson of 'Tropic Thunder'

8/13/2008 9:57am EDT
Tropic Thunder
(Hollywoodchicago) – For “Tropic Thunder” star and Chris Tucker protégé Brandon T. Jackson, the fictional Booty Sweat literally is his Hollywood calling card.

The Red Bull-like energy drink is a scripted creation of writer, director, producer and star actor Ben Stiller in the new comedy. The film’s talent list, which includes both “A”-list actors and up-and-coming actors, is longer than two or three typical films today combined.

Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller, left) and Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr., right) are shooting an epic war movie and wind up in a real battle in the action...

Movie Season Is Just Heating Up: 10 More Flicks To Watch This Summer

5/27/2008 9:58am EDT
Iron Man has already grossed over $400 million worlwide. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull became the second biggest Memorial Day movie opening ever. With both of these films already in the books, what are the top 10 remaining summer movies to see? This list picks 10 films out of all the remaining movies from now until the end of August. Judging by this list, July looks like it could be one of the biggest months in years.

10. The Incredible Hulk

Release Date: June 13th

Director: Louis Leterrier (Transporter 1 & 2)

It is never a good sign when a franchise n...