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Release Date: January 01, 1972Running Time: 95 mins.(POTY)
MPAA Rating: PG
Genre: Sci-Fi

Oliver Reed
Geraldine Chaplin
Don Gordon
Diane Cilento

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In the over-populated, horribly polluted 21st century child-bearing has become illegal. To help ease the tension and stress caused by not procreating, married couples use robot dolls to substitute for children. One couple decides to break the law and have a real baby in secret. Unfortunately, their neighbors find out and demand that the couple share the baby with them. The other couple does so, but finds that the neighbors get too attached to the infant. They stop sharing their child, and the neighbors becomes so angry that they report them to authorities. The couple and their baby are arrested and sentenced to death. Fortunately, the clever husband anticipated this and made a few plans in a... Full Summary >>