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Now Playing: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrive in Japan Mystique Movie with Jennifer Lawrence, The Last of Us Movie - Beyond The Trailer
2014-04-11 Brad Pitt Tries To Hide From The Flashing Lights Behind His Aviators!
2014-04-03 Top Ten Movies of 2013 : Catching Fire, Her, The Conjuring, Anchorman 2 - Beyond The Trailer
2014-01-18 World War Z 2 hires JA Bayona, Andrew Garfield says no to Amazing Spider-Man 4 - Beyond The Trailer
2014-01-04 Top Films of 2013
2014-01-02 'Escape From Oz': 2013 Year in Movies Trailer
2013-12-22 Angelina Jolie moved by response on double mastectomy
2013-11-18 Karl Urban to TV with Almost Human, Netflix vs Movies - Beyond The Trailer
2013-11-11 How To Do 'World War Z' Zombie Makeup
2013-10-31 World War Z 2, Robocop&Godzilla to disappoint IMAX in 2014 - Beyond The Trailer
2013-10-24 World War Z (Unrated Clip Plane Attack) [FULL HD]
2013-09-28 Brad Pitt -Being The World?s Biggest Superstar Isn?t Easy.
2013-09-16 World War Z - DVD Clip No. 1
2013-09-16 Next Big Thing: Horror Films - Its A Wrap!
2013-09-12 Hugh Jackman $100 Million for Wolverine, Vin Diesel is Groot or Rocket Raccoon? - Beyond The Trailer
2013-09-02 Jay Z cheat and have an affair?
2013-08-18 Brangelina Moving Back To UK For 'World War Z' Sequel
2013-08-14 'World War Z' Is Brad Pitt's Career High Box Office Winner
2013-08-13 "World War Z"
2013-08-12 'World War Z' Becomes Brad Pitt's Top-Grossing Film
2013-08-11 Abigail Hargrove WORLD WAR Z Interview 2013 NO BULL Teen Video Awards
2013-08-10 Angelina Joins Brad at Tokyo premiere of 'World War Z'
2013-08-05 SDCC 2013 aka Comic Con, Top Ten-ish Movies 2013 to Date - Beyond The Trailer
2013-08-04 Angelina Jolie Speaks Out Against Sexual Violence, Joins Brad Pitt for World War Z Premiere in Japan
2013-07-29 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrive in Japan
2013-07-29 Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' gets domestic release by Imax
2013-07-29 Pitt, Jolie walk red carpet for 'World War Z' in Tokyo
2013-07-29 Brad Pitts Double Was Paid Less Than Minimum Wage
2013-07-18 Box Office for The Heat, White House Down, World War Z, Man of Steel and more!
2013-07-17 Entertainment News Pop: Brad Pitt Really, Really Loves His Monochromatic Outfits
2013-07-17 Jim Carrey tweets Kick Ass 2, 50 Shades of Grey lands Sam Taylor-Johnson - Beyond The Trailer
2013-07-16 Why Brad Pitt Could Finally Win An Oscar
2013-07-16 Box Office for World War Z, Monsters University, Man of Steel and more!
2013-07-15 Brad Pitt Partied Nonstop For A Week To Get Over 'Stressful Few Months'
2013-07-15 'The Lone Ranger' Star on Working With Johnny Depp
2013-07-05 'World War Z' Saved by a Pathogen and a Pitt
2013-06-22 Moviefone Live!
2013-06-21 Moviefone Live!: 'World War Z'
2013-06-21 "World War Z" Movie Trailer Review: Cornelius At The Cinema
2013-06-21 World War Z Movie Review
2013-06-20 The Muse To Perform After World War Z Premiere
2013-06-02 You Ruined My Book!
2013-05-11 'World War Z': Zombies Were the Least of the Movie's Problems
2013-05-02 World War Z - Trailer No.1

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