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The Woman In Black Cast and Crew

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Daniel Radcliffe - Arthur Kipps
Ciarán Hinds - Daily
Janet McTeer - Mrs. Daily
Misha Handley - Joseph Kipps
Liz White - Jennet Humfrye
Alisa Khazanova - Mrs. Drablow
Tim McMullan - Mr. Jerome
Roger Allam - Mr. Bentley
Daniel Cerqueira - Keckwick
Shaun Dooley - Fisher
Mary Stockley - Mrs. Fisher
Cathy Sara - Mrs. Jerome
Victor McGuire - Gerald Hardy
Lucy May Barker - Nursemaid
Ashley Foster - Nathanial Drablow
Sophie Stuckey - Stella Kipps
Emma Shorey - Fisher Girl
Molly Harmon - Fisher Girl
Ellisa Walker-Reid - Fisher Girl
Jessica Raine - Nanny
Indira Ainger - Little Girl on Train
Andrew Robb - Doctor
Alexia Osborne - Victoria Hardy
Alfie Field - Tom Hardy
William Tobin - Charlie Hardy
Aoife Doherty - Lucy Jerome
Sidney Johnston - Nicholas Daily
David Burke - PC Collins
David Burke - PC Collins
James Watkins
Simon Oakes
Richard Jackson
Brian Oliver
Nigel Sinclair
Guy East
Roy Lee
Tobin Armbrust
Marc Schipper
Neil Dunn
Xavier Marchand
Tyler Thompson
Paul Ritchie
Ben Holden
Todd Thompson
Jonathan Hood
Jane Goldman
Susan Hill
Jon Croker